Chapter 4: Chapter 4

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Kitsume's POV:

So after knowing the stats of my Mom and Dad, I continued acting like a little kid.

Why? you ask me. well it will be too strange a 2 year old kid being too mature, Let's just say I will stop acting like a dumb kid when I'm around 5 years old.

After that, Mom teached me how to write and speak. after that I helped her in daily task around the house and after that, Dad came home around 1:08 Pm in the sundial. And after that Dad teached me how to use a Knife, Sword, Bow in the forest and after having a break.

I asked him, "Dad can you teach me how to make weapons?" Klein "No, your too young, and you cant even lift a hammer if I wanna teach ya." and after chatting with him for a while, we continued the training.

After I finished training with Klein, It was around 6:00 Pm already. So he told "Hurry run fast, or we won't get to eat anything for dinner." .. "Ok." I replied.

So when we returned home, Mom scolded dad. And I got to eat while, He didn't wahahaha. After that I Slept for 2 hours.

After knowing that all the people in the village are sleeping, I Transformed my Body to my original form, and took a Tier 2 Common Iron Sword, and wore a black Trench coat with a hood which I made for this body it has some cool features like self repair, and its tougher than a . and made a clone of mine which will sleep, and do my daily task while I'm Gone.

I traveled near a forest which is in the borders of lavarune and dwarfhold. The name of the forest was Amethyn. to hunt some monsters, gain some levels, get skill points, then level up some useful skills.

After searching for half an hour. I finally found some hostile creatures in my map, going to the direction of those creatures. I finally arrived and saw a pack of wolves (7 with the leader) and saw them closing in a WereBoar.

I watched the whole battle for a while, and when I saw a dying wolf, I skillfully thrown a needle in the location of it's heart and gained some Exp. and after that I Ksed around 2 wolves (kill

stealed), and when the pack leader of the wolves saw that they were losing, it joined the battle and killed the wereboar but I still gained Exp again cause I throwed another needle. only 4 wolves survive. and they ate the wereboar, while they were eating I sneaked up. but they sensed me.

And I thought, Oh s.h.i.+t I'm Done. then the pack leader commanded it's subbordinates to encircle and attack me, but I dashed and killed a wolf cutting its head off, then jumped to the other one, but the pack leader dashed and b.u.mped me to save its comrade.

But I stood up after smas.h.i.+ng on a tree and spit some blood I noticed a window which showed

Hp -15, and after that I dashed again wanting to behead another wolf, but the wolf was on guard and Dodged, after getting annoyed I used some basic wind magic 'Speed', which I learned after checking my inventory and discovering some book.

And dashed in front of the wolf beheading it. And after a series of dodging and das.h.i.+ng I slain all the minion wolves. And the pack leader who I always dodged is now looking mad and it Dashed. In front of me was a wolf who looks like who want to eat me. but I was scared by its sudden appearance suddenly I activated the magic 'Decay' and it succ.u.mmed to death.

And after Kill Stealing, and Killing I leveled up 10 times. and I got some item drops. and I skillfully removed the wolf's hide. then a series of windows popped up.


Want to make leather bags? or any other leather and coats

just level this thing up to 10 and you will become good at it.

Lv 1


Wana Jump and do it while looking cool,

upgrade me to 10 and all the people of this world will be like


Lv 1


The Resistance to the most fatal bite virus.

Lv 1

I'll max this skills then they will be useful for my adventures later.

After leveling my skills up, I sprouted angel like wings then flew to the village returned home, disabled my clone then slept for a while.


??? POV

"Let's Raid 2 Villages" Bandit 1

"Yes Let's Rob a village, were nearly out of Rations. and we nearly sold all those villagers we kidnapped" Bandit 2

"I'll think about it later let's rest first" Bandit Leader

"Ok, I can steal all their items and money. Hehe"???

Then I sneakily entered every room and took everything that is valuable, and sneakily escaped. If someone ask me why do I sneakily escape. I think I'll answer better to be safe rather than sorry.


Morning 6:00 Am Kitsume's Pov:

So I woke up, and woke up Klein and Allie, and Allie started to make breakfast. And Klein planning what will he do later.

After Allie made the breakfast, we ate the food and it was very delicious.

Then she started a topic.

"Hey little Kitzu, wanna go to school next month?" Allie

I start acting again "Momma what's a school, is it food?"

She replied calmly "No it's a place where you learn things and get a friend"

"Oh." I replied dejectedly.

But then she added more "and you can learn some magic and martial art in the school, but just the basic ones for you to get more stronger."

"Oh, Oh, yey Magic!!!" Kitsume


A Month Later 3rd Person's POV:

In the morning near the house of the village chief, Many children with their parents where walking, In a nearby building.

And it was the School of The Village. and after 20 minutes almost all the adults where leaving the building, but there was 3 silhouette of people one small and 2 big. they we're running fast that a cloud of dust was forming in a place they stepped on to.

It was Kitsume, His Father Klein, and His Mother Allie.

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