Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 993: Chapter 993

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Right now, Qin Wentian appeared at a cultivation platform in Princess Changping's estate.

This cultivation platform was situated atop a lonely mountain peak out in the open, allowing the cultivator to see the starry skies. This was a most suitable place for cultivation, and as for Qing`er, she returned to her own residence in the Emperor Palace. Since she was also going into closed-door seclusion to break through to the Immortal Foundation realm, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor himself would naturally act as her protector.

On the cultivation platform, there were three divine inscription diagrams engraved by Qin Wentian that were akin to altars. They sparkled with resplendent astral light as the runic lines interweaved in an intricate network, channeling the astral energy to the center of each diagram.

He, Little Rascal and Purgatory each headed to the diagrams respectively.

After Qin Wentian inscribed the formations, a mountain of Yuan Meteor Stones appeared on the formations with a wave of his hand. The amount was so astronomical that it was shocking. And not only so, there were many sparkling objects that exuded a fearsome aura as well. These were all immortal crystals and was a necessity for establis.h.i.+ng an Immortal Foundations.

The amount of resources a stellar martial cultivator needs to establish their Immortal Foundation, can only be described with the words 'extremely terrifying.' Qin Wentian traded numerous immortal weapons with Princess Changping all for the purpose of gathering these treasures that could aid one in establis.h.i.+ng their Immortal Foundation.

These few days, Qin Wentian browsed through many ancient scrolls and books. In addition, to that, the information he knew from hearing the experiences of those who were already immortals, it can be said that he was very familiar with the process. He also knew that establis.h.i.+ng one's Immortal Foundation would take quite a long time.

Mo Xie, Yang An and Mu Feng. These were the Immortal Foundation experts Qin Wentian fought against before. However Qin Wentian knew that although the three of them had immortal might, they hadn't completely solidified their step into the Immortal Foundation realm and couldn't be considered a complete Immortal Foundation expert.

At the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, one's astral soul evolved into the constellations in the skies. And as for Immortal Foundation, a complete Immortal Foundation expert had to use his astral souls as the base for the Immortal Foundation. Mo Xie, Yang An and Mu Feng may have established their Immortal Foundation but they only infused one of their astral souls in the process. These Immortal Foundations couldn't be considered complete and in fact, these existences weren't even comparable to a true immortal with the lowest grade of Immortal Foundation.

However, the success still stood for something as establis.h.i.+ng Immortal Foundations couldn't be done all at one go. As long as the first step succeeds, the embryonic form of the Immortal Foundation would be there. This indicated that you already have one foot in the Immortal Foundation realm and if there are no unexpected accidents, their Immortal Foundation would gradually become more complete as time pa.s.sed by.

To many people, establis.h.i.+ng an Immortal Foundation was a lengthy process that required a lot of time. If one wanted to establish a higher grade foundation, the more difficult it would be.

For Immortal Foundation experts with incomplete foundations, even a monstrous existence like Qin Wentian had to use the entirety of his power to defend against them. For Immortal Foundation experts with complete foundations, regardless of how low the grades of the Immortal Foundations were, it would simply be impossible for Qin Wentian to even fight them. That was the difference in power divided by cultivation realms.

"Hu…" Qin Wentian drew in a deep breath as he stared at the sky. He walked to the center of his runic diagram and sat down cross-legged. A tyrannical aura gushed forth from him and in an instant, the light from his constellations illuminated this entire s.p.a.ce.

Little Rascal and Purgatory were both respectively in the two other runic diagrams. They were demonic beasts and had their own methods of cultivation. There was naturally no need for Qin Wentian to worry about them.

In the boundless astral s.p.a.ce above the Nine Heavenly Layers, beams of light cascaded down onto Qin Wentian. The five original constellations Qin Wentian condensed his astral souls from - Heavenly Hammer, Dreamsleep, Demon Sovereign, King Sword, Towering Giant - shone brilliantly, strengthening the connection between them and Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian's perception gushed out, following that connection and arriving in the astral s.p.a.ce where he saw the five original constellations. His eyes landed on his fifth constellation, the golden gigantic figure of suppression from the 7th Heavenly Layer. The body of the towering giant was like that of a divinity, its entire body was s.h.i.+mmering with incomparably terrifying law energy and every mote of that energy contained a fearsome suppressive force which he could sense even clearer now.

"The law energy circulating around the constellation from the 7th Heavenly Layer actually feels so clear. So it seems that the higher the heavenly layer one's constellation was condensed from, the easier it would be for them to establish their Immortal Foundations using that." Qin Wentian then prepared to use his towering giant astral soul as the first step to build the base for his Immortal Foundation. Most probably, it wouldn't take too long."

Qin Wentian started to enter a state of self-immersion.

Beside Qin Wentian, Little Rascal was sitting within a runic diagram formation as well. He inclined his head and stared at the sky. After which, as he closed his eyes, beams of light fell from the sky, cascading down onto him. Demonic beasts were different from humans. For powerful demonic beasts, they innately already had a connection to particular constellations where they can absorb energy from.

Right now at an extremely faraway place, within a particle world...there was a towering building so tall that it almost touched the sky. It felt like an altar of the heavens and there was currently a figure sitting there. This figure exuded an extraordinary aura and was actually a young man. Not only that, his appearance totally resembled Qin Wentian.

Di Tian as well, was preparing to establish his Immortal Foundation, planning on ascending to immortality at the same time with his original self.

In another faraway particle world, this world seemed to be a stretch of desolation. The stellar martial cultivators in this world all wore ancient clothing and right now in front of a great hall, countless people gathered here like they were going to pay homage to a G.o.d. They were all now staring at the highest point of the sky where currently, a young man could be seen sitting cross-legged.

"Is our King finally going to become an immortal?!" A senile-looking old man waved a scepter around in a great hall. He knelt on the ground, his old eyes flickered with hope. Behind him, numerous figures also knelt down, staring at that clean-looking young man sitting in the air.

And now, there was also an old-looking powerful immortal expert standing there. He stared at the crowd below as well as the young man with a calm expression on his face.

"Mengchen, you are an innate king. To you, establis.h.i.+ng an Immortal Foundation would be a transformation. Once you complete this transformation, you will surpa.s.s countless Immortal Foundation characters. Your evolution will be much more terrifying compared to the others of your generation. I truly hope you can establish a saint-grade Immortal Foundation." That old man stared at Jun Mengchen as he prayed for success in his heart.

To many people, establis.h.i.+ng an Immortal Foundation was like a transformation, an evolution. However, they understood that to Jun Mengchen, establis.h.i.+ng his Immortal Foundation was more important compared to any other. It wasn't simply an increase in cultivation level. It could be said that he would totally be born anew.

This similar scene also occurred to Zi Qingxuan and Hua Taixu. They were all at various locations in the immortal realms, preparing to ascend to immortality.

In the blink of an eye, two months past. During these two months, Qin Wentian's silhouette suddenly disappeared from the royal palace of the Evergreen Immortal Empire. Princess Qing`er seemed to have vanished as well and there was news from the emperor palace saying that she was currently in seclusion to prepare for breaking through to Immortal Foundation. After which, people soon drew the connection. Qin Wentian must also be preparing for his break through.

Back then, both Yang An whose throat was sealed with a single sword strike, and Mu Feng whom Qin Wentian fought against, has entered seclusion as well. And reality was just as Qin Wentian suspected, these two weren't complete Immortal Foundation experts. This was especially so for Yang An, right now his second astral soul has just infused into his Immortal Foundation and the him right now couldn't even be considered half-step Immortal Foundation. Mu Feng was better off in comparison, after spending several years, he finally achieved 50% of a complete Immortal Foundation. He just needed a few more years for his foundation to achieve completion.

At this moment, at the cultivation platform of Princess Changping's estate, Qin Wentian's entire perception was still on the golden towering giant divinity. Motes of flowing astral light unceasingly cascaded down onto Qin Wentian's astral soul as a terrifying vortex appeared in Qin Wentian's surroundings. The endlessly cascading light was no longer merely astral light but was a light that contained the almighty force of law energy. As his astral soul absorbed it, his body was entirely baptized as the force circulated within him, flus.h.i.+ng out all impurities and finally, moving towards his Yuanfus.

This was the advantage of having a constellation condensed from the 7th Heavenly Layer. The law energy fluctuations around it could be clearly sensed, and it needn't take too long to accomplish the first step for an Immortal Foundation. At this moment, the energy within the sparkling immortal crystals and Yuan Meteor Stones were all consumed at an alarming rate, flowing into Qin Wentian, forming the embryonic form of an Immortal Foundation.

And as time flowed by, the resources prepared were all used up. In the air, law energy continuously flowed as the outline of the embryonic form grew clearer and clearer. Immortal light flashed, radiating from Qin Wentian's body, forming a multi-colored radiance. His constellation in the air also shone resplendently, containing the power of law energy.

Qin Wentian's body was s.h.i.+mmering with immortal light. He sent his perception into another astral soul. That terrifying gigantic king sword still didn't have any law energy within it, but Qin Wentian had already comprehended a trace of sword law energy. Next, he needed to do his best to comprehend, a.n.a.lysing the law energy fluctuations from the original constellation in the starry s.p.a.ce and drawing it down, infusing it into himself. One can only accomplish this by having an extremely strong comprehension ability.

Qin Wentian knew that if he wanted to establish a complete Immortal Foundation in one go, it would require a very long time. Breaking through to immortality wasn't something that could be done in a single leap. He continued his seclusion, immersed in his comprehension and was unaware of the time pa.s.sing.

Cultivation at the immortal-level would take a lot of time. The higher your level is, the slower your cultivation would be. Becoming an immortal within a hundred years was already incredibly tough for genius-level characters. However, if one could become an immortal king within 10,000 years, that person is already considered very impressive. Once your Immortal Foundation is established, one needed to invest even more in order to advance to the next level.

In the royal palace of the Evergreen Immortal Empire, there was a gigantic mansion adjacent to the Emperor Palace. In this mansion, a figure in white robes, exuding a transcendent demeanor was staring up at the sky. The gaze of this figure seemed immeasurably deep and abstruse, as though able to see through the secrets of heaven.

From a far, the cry of a blue luan could be heard. The white-robed figure retracted his gaze, s.h.i.+fting his eyes onto the beautiful figure mounted on the blue luan.

"Father." That beautiful figure was actually none other than Princess Glaze, the princess from the Evergreen Immortal Empire whom Qin Wentian met during the hundred-year immortal banquet recruitment event of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.

"You are back." The eyes of the white-robed figure flashed with gentleness and warmth.

"I heard that Qin Wentian is here in the royal palace?" Princess Glaze asked.

"Mhm. He has been here for quite some time already. He came back with Qing`er and I suppose that was all thanks to you telling him Qing`er's location then."

"Is he the one we are looking for?" Princess Glaze asked.

The White Emperor inclined his head and stared at the sky before smiling, "Seems so."

"Should we tell his Majesty?" Princess Glaze inquired.

The White Emperor shook his head. "We will comply with the heavenly fate written in the stars. If we tell him, the involvement of human factors might change things. You have no need to interfere as well, just let nature take its course."

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