Banished to Another World

Chapter 32: The rewards from The Guide!

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Where there is a lot of grass eating animals?

This is the grasslands!

There are many grass eating animals, but there are also many carnivores, and primitive people from other tribes.

Yan Mo felt that the request he made was very simple, and he thinks of a face that "saw that things will not be easy to portray".

"The biggest grassland grassland in the vicinity is three days away from us. There are several tribes' common hunting grounds around there. Every time they go there, the harvest will be great, but they must go to a team of at least 100 people and it must be before winter, during this the period, people who go will get more."

Yan Mo remembered the army of thousands he had seen

"If we must go there, we must be careful." When he said this, Lie had already held himself, "I am sure we can't come back, as long as I can have a tragic mood to escape and report.

Seeing that everyone was careful to approach a heavy expression, Yan Mo looked at the situation: "we don't have to go there. If there are bigger populations nearby, I don't want to hunt them, but I want to follow them.

" Follow them? Can you find salt following those grass eating animals?" Bing asked immediately.

Yan Mo didn't nod, didn't shake his head, and kept the good mystery. He has no mining skills and can only find ways from some common sense methods that he knows. He remembers that the ancient humans of the original world began to rely on the flesh and blood of animals to supplement the salt. Later, the primitive people living on the beach probably discovered the salt first, while the inland people occasionally found salt is found in some rocks and soil.

Therefore, he decided to follow suit.

Anyway, he can't think of a better way, just try it.

According to some clues and speculations in the boy's memory he even speculated that the Yanshan priest probably found Yanshan by tracking and observing the grass eating animals.

Seeing that Yan Mo refused to answer, everyone did not feel strange. The Priests and their Disciples were always mysterious. This kind of ability to find salt through grass eating animals must also be one of thing that is handed down on the Yanshan priests.

Yuan Zhan got up and seemed to be looking for signs. Finally he pointed to a certain direction: "If you don't go to the phoenix grassland, go to the southeast, about a day away, there is a smaller sheeps flock."

"Southeast?" Lie also looked up and said, "I remember there was a large number of stingers in the vicinity who were there. Are we going to go there?"

"It's better than anything phoenix grassland is good." Yuan Zhan calmly said: "This is the last hunting period before the winter season. All the nearby big tribes are concentrated there. Most of the grassland beasts are also there. If we are accidentally discovered, if we are not eaten by the beasts, we will be captured or killed by other tribes."

"The stingers are also going to be difficult to deal with. Although they are few people, the stingers can be defended against, and they don't even talk to us. I will say that it is useless to say anything to them. The Chief always wanted to kill them, but they worry that they will lose a lot of tribal warriors in the war and the gangs have no intention of harassing nearby tribes for the time being. "


Savage? Listening to the primitive people saying that others men are savages, it felt so simple! Yan Mo suddenly became interested in the group stingers people. If it is just a group of people who are just beginning to get enlightened, maybe they will be better than the people ofYuan Jiu Tribe? Even if their language is unreasonable, there may be a big problem.

"As long as we act carefully, don't rob the group of sheeps. The stingers will not be afraid to provoke us. If they don't use the stingers on them and they are dead more."

In the latter half of Yuan Zhan's sentence, Yan Mo didn't understand much of it. Why if The Stingers tribe use more stings themselves they will die? Is it because the toxicity of the stinger is too great, even if the skin is directly exposed to too much of the toxin and a long time will allow the toxin to enter the body?

Yan Mo is more itchy, and I can't wait to get some of the stinger's stingers right away. If you can solve the antidote to its toxicity, this is a weapon for self-defense and life-saving.

"Well, then we better go there. The sun is setting. We must hurry to find a place to stay overnight, to the southeast... The nearest place to camp is still very far, we have to hurry!" Lie looked up at the sun location, immediately greet everyone to leave.

Everyone stood up, no more words were said they took up their luggage and left. Because of the quicksand incident, they spent a lot of time here, and now the sun has fallen to a position two feet high from the top of Hasas hill

There was nothing to say, everyone was just rushing to the road. On the way, after a rush of drinking water through a water source, Yan Mo had no time to see the nearby plants, and was urged by Yuan Zhan to walk faster. At this time, Yan Mo has not realized how dangerous it will be after going deep into the grassland.

Finally, when the red sky appeared on the horizon, the group of people rushed to the place where the Lie said. This place is far from the water source, and it is backed by a small mound. There are many fire pits or bones on the ground. It must be one of the daily camps where the warriors ofYuan Jiu Tribe came out to hunt would rest in between hunts

The day has not yet fell and Yuan Zhan handed the boy to Cao Ting to take care of. Then he together with Bing, Yuan Diao and Shan, the four people took the wooden spears and left to hunt.

Two flints were handed, and a hay was placed in a fire pit, and two stones were given to Wen Sheng.

Wen Sheng was holding two stones on top of the hay and hitting each other for a long time, and there was not enough flint to ignite the hay below. It really took a long time, and people tried it in the middle, but Yuan Zhan and Bing came back with the prey that was being processed at the water source. The fire still wasn't set alight

Finally, Lie announced: "Fire God is not in a good mood tonight, everyone squeeze and sleep."

Ha? ! Yan Mo stared at Lie and couldn't believe it. It's a hard reason why you don't make a fire in the wild. Because the fire is all by random luck of some god?

"Do not start a fire, so as not to be caught by the beasts. At night, everyone is squeezing and sleeping." Lie face that looked like this is a normal expression, completely unconcerned.

When Yuan Zhan said this last time, he wanted to refute it. This time it was about his life safety and camping comfort. Yan Mo couldn't help but again: "The beasts are afraid of fire, if we have a fire, Even if we can't barbecue, we don't have to worry about them rushing over. And the fire can also dispel the mosquitos. At night, sleeping the fire pit is also warm, and the benefits of it are piled up."


"That we also need fire we are not in the tribe here. There is not a long preserved fire that we can just go to take it." Meng was very helpless.

If you dare to say that you have no fire and you can ask for a beast, you are completely self-comforted because of the fire.

It's no wonder that the warriors will be so embarrassed. The ancient humans in his original world did not like to travel long distances for a long time. Generally, hunting and collecting stuff will be near the door of the house, and they would rarely stay in the wild for the night. Even in the evening, you can take the fire, flint and velvet in the wild, and more people dare to go out.

Yuan Ji Tribe dare to leave their homes, probably relying on people to be courageous, and if there are more people, the fire can be handed over to the slaves, let them separate one by one, as long as there is a success, then there is no loss of fire.

But if there are few people and there are few tools, it is a big problem to want to make a fire, just like now. It's dark, no one wants to go to the time and effort to get up and do it just want to fill up and sleep.

Yan Mo grabbed his scalp and felt like there must be a bug in his hair.

It is not impossible to make fire with stones, but if you want to have good results, you should also look at the texture of the stones, such as stones with sulphur iron ore, or those containing phosphorus-containing copper ore, and vermiculite.

In addition to the stone, as far as the current conditions are concerned, the way he can still think of how to make fire even if the thing may seem to be simple, but there are certain requirements for the it to happen. It's late and the sky is dark, if you want to find suitable dry planks, hard branches, flammable velvet that's not easy, and if you want to drill a fire quickly, it is best to make a bow with a string.

"Can you show me the two stones?" Yan Mo asked.

Lie did not care, he threw stones directly to

him, this stone maybe more the what these primitives thought

In addition to the minerals that can be used as medicines, Yan Mo doesn't know much about the ore. He just wants to take it and see it. The result is really a problem for him.

The two stones seem to have been used for a long time, and the corners have become a little smoother.

Yan Mo immediately asked: "The two stones, when you just got the hand, was the edge sharper?"

"Yes, got them in the rubble field, there are many such gravel."

"When you used these two stones at the beginning, it was easier to create a flint?"

Lie looked at his brother, he thought about it and nodded.

"In this way, you can try to see if you can brush the stone and make a sharp edge, and then use the sharp side to hit and scrape another stone. Maybe this time you will get the flints faster. In addition, when a person hits a stone, the other person better be ready to blow the hay on one side...etc., and give the the hay to me."

At the fastest speed, Yuan Meng immediately grabbed the hay and handed it to Yan Mo.

Yan Mo touched the hay and felt that even if it was dry, but it did not reach the flammable effect needed

So Yan Mo took two stones and clamped the hay to the middle and started rubbing.

"What are you doing?" Meng asked curiously.

Not only is he curious, but almost everyone who can see at night is watching him. Yuan Zhan took out the coarse salt, mixed it with water from the wooden scoop, and slowly applied it to the prairie rats that had already been deskinned and through internal organs.


Yan Mo didn't lift his head and answered: "Making a fire."

"Fire?" Everyone raised their ears together.

"It's something that is easy to burn with dry moss, hay, dried feathers, etc. It's best to take a look at these things before, and make their structure looser... Make sure they're lighter and softer." Yan Mo patiently explained: "When you are making a fire, put these flammable under the flint, and the flint will fall on it. You can burn it with a light breath blow, wait for the velvet to ignite and then you can add more hay, etc. If you add too much, you will be able to give start to the fire slowly." Meng eyes were shining. "Little slave, you know so much."

"...I am a Priest Disciple."

Sorry, I just summed up the knowledge of my predecessors for many years. Even if I don't say it now, when you develop for a long time, you will naturally improve the method of lighting a fire.

"But I think that The Priest Disciple of our tribe, Qiu Ning, doesn't know much as you. He should be older than you. Zhan said that you are already fourteen years old, but I have counted the knots that Qiu Ning has attached to his tent he is sixteen " Yuan Meng was very proud of the number that he can count below twenty. Although he can't even figure out how much older his brother Lie is, the people here rarely seldom remember their age, like It is a different kind of thing that Zhan can remember that he has lived for seventeen years.

After Yuan Meng finished, he reached out and pinched the boy's face. "Are all The Priest Disciples all thin? There is no meat on your face."

When my nutrition catches up, you would see that whether I am still thin or not. Yan Mo grabbed his hand and pushed him away. "Don't make trouble, you have to do nothing, just help me with a handful of velvet."

"Yes! Give it to me." Meng was an unstoppable person, now he was just sitting on the ground, then he grabbed a handful of hay with both hands and pulled it.

Lie watched the young man bit his lower lip. As a other ethnic group, he began to worry that the child would reveal so many secret of Yanshan tribe that his soul would be cursed by the souls of the past priests of the Yanshan people.

Yuan Zhan prepared the prairie mouse on his hand while he was staring at the boy with suspicion. A Priest Disciple of his family will be so kind?

Yan Mo originally wanted to find something for other slaves, but he found that Yang Wei and Xia Fei had not moved since the sun set, and then he watched Wen Sheng and Cao Ting Wen Sheng were not affected by the night. Cao Ting is also a little touched by the feeling of doing things.

Is night blindness caused by lack of nutrition? It is said that many people in ancient times had such problems, even in the modern times, many people in mountain villages became blind at night.

But why are all the original tribal warriors seeing just fine in the dark? Is it because they eat better than slaves?

Then why are Wen Sheng and Yang Wei able to see?

Huh? Whats wrong! How can even he see it so clearly?

Yan Mo turned over and looked at his palm, looked up at the people and the scenery around him, and finally found he was the same.

In the past, almost all of the tribes slept in the dark, sleeping, and there was torch lighting. He had not found any changes in vision, but this time he went to the wild, although there were stars in the sky, but according to common sense, there was no fire next to them he can see the fingers that are near his eyes just fine how can it be as clear as in the daytime at the nearest 20 or 30 meters? A little further and he can still see the outline.


He is a doctor. He knows clear about how normal vision range of human beings is. However, his visual ability is absolutely abnormal.

How is this happening? Yan Mo hasn't found out that his night vision is so good in the last few days. At what point did his eyes see the surroundings at night?

He has heard that people who have lived on the prairie or in certain special circumstances have their visions several times better than ordinary people because of the adaption to environment and food. These people will also be able to adapt to the environment at night. I can see the surrounding scenes roughly - as if we couldn't see it in the dark, but it will become more and more clear when we adapt to some kind of light.

But now he has a more realistic vision effect like a night vision goggle, but it is not the same as what he knows. Because it is too clear, he can even see a small bug crawling in the grass few meters away.

Is The Guide transforming his body? Just like his growing self-healing ability?

Or... On that day, was it Yuan Zhan's bird eyeball that was stuffed into his mouth caused a change in his vision?

Yan Mo's mood is more complicated and he turned to look at the busy Yuan Zhan. If this is the case, it will be able to explain the expression of envy and jealousy from Yang Wei and Cao Ting on that day.

The most powerful stones used to make a flint and he used a large stone in the camp to crack a small piece of flint, making a sharp edge.

According to Yan Mo's instructions, he was responsible for hitting the flint, and Wen Shang was responsible for blowing on the fire. Meng was responsible for adding the hay and was busy for a little while, and actually gave birth to the fire.

After the flames apparently appeared, a small cheer was heard in the camp.

Perhaps it is because they were too excited, perhaps to better scare the beast, perhaps to warm, in addition to pretending to be unable to walk Yan Mo, the other eleven people huddled together, and made three fires.

No one said that they would eat raw meat and dried meat. He just can't stand the hungry people who have already licked some dried bacon. They all regret it at this time eating raw meat, but they have eat less and have more fresh meat. They also do not mind eating more.

Yuan Zhan went out, because they were afraid of being attacked by the night action, he caught four prairie rats and two rex rabbits.

But with the dry cured meat that other people carried, the twelve people still barely ate a full meal tonight.

At the time of the barbecue, Yan Mo, who had nothing to do, he took a free call to see if the scum value was reduced.

The Guide lighted up and, according to his instructions, showed his current and total reduced scum values.

Making a piece of animal skin, -10 points.

Teaching others to make animal skins, the complexity of the process reaches one level, -1 point.

Make a set of animal skin armor, -20 points.

Teaching others to make animal skin armor, the complexity of the process reaches two levels, -2 points.

Make a backpack, -10 points.

Teaching others to make backpacks, the complexity of the process reached three levels, -3 points.

The above three articles, including the direct and indirect, the scum points were reduced by 79 points.

And saving people, as he expected, it was reduced by a full 400 points.

In addition, the method of saving people in quicksand also reduced him by 20 points.


Before, the method of lighting a fire was awarded 20 points.

Yan Mo saw the last one, it was little bit strange, and later thought that this method of using a stone to fire has already appeared. He only slightly summed up the experience. It is reasonable to only subtract 20 points.

The most ridiculous and strange thing is that in all the projects that have reduced the scum value, there is even one inclusion: - feeding three starved Iron Back Dragons once, with dry meat and scum value reduced by -1 point.

When he saw this, Yan Mo was almost paralyzed and later laughed. Can this also reduce the slag value? Then if he kills the Iron Back Dragon, will it add scum value?

This can only be temporarily reserved for later verification, and Yan Mo has now completely captured the mind with another message from The Guide.

-- Congratulations to the banished for their cumulative scum reduction of more than 500 points, and now the total scum reduction is 638 points. In order to reward the enthusiasm of the banished, and also to make the banished life better, I would like to reward one of the herbal packs with a volume of 5 cubic meters. Please pick it up in the reward list of this guide.

Special Note: This herbal pack can only contain things related to herbs and drugs. Items that can be loaded in the herbal bag will remain in the loaded state until they are removed. Loss does not make up, please banished use it a lot, in order to be clear and righteous.

Yan Mo almost couldn't wait to open the rewards list, and the original one-line bonus list turned out to be two lines.

Yan Mo was not stupid enough to take out the prizes now, but his fingers crossed the three words of the herbal pack, and his heart was excited.

What is the most wanted thing by the herb collector? In addition to the skills of identifying, digging and roasting herbs, who doesn't want a treasure like a immortal satchel bag that can keep fresh and doesn't take up the weight?

With this stuff, although the volume of 5 cubic meters is not large, but he does not need to see the roadside herbs and have no place to store them! The most important thing is that it also guarantees the freshness of herbs and medicines, which is a god-given function!

With such a reward, Yan Mo felt that the four people who he saved were worthy it. Even if the four people were all ungrateful, even if the original tribal warriors did not speak a word of gratitude, he felt that it did not matter.

Oh, I am coming to reduce the scum value and earn rewards. Now the guide want to thank me for doing this? Someone is psychologically distorted.

About the heart is too excited, Yan Mo did not say anything, he can only vent his excitement in a different way: "I will make a fire carrier." He quietly sat on the side of Yuan Zhan.

"Fire carrier?" Yuan Zhan reluctantly swallowed the last bite of the tender bone, and laboriously pronounced the words through the belching

"A tool that can store fires so that it can be carried around, and it will be much easier to use it when it is born outside."

Yuan Zhan's finger stopped and his expression becomes dignified. "How would you do it?"

"I need a bamboo tube... Well, you may not even see the bamboo. This wood and stone are the only things that can not be burned, so its thick and the inside of the tube is hollow, one end must be sealed, the other one open, usually plugged with a plug, the fire is stored inside, and it can be used anytime."


"When the fire is stored in such a tube won't it be extinguished?" Yuan Zhan has never heard of the bamboo, but he is more concerned about the preservation method of the fire.

"Through incomplete combustion... I don't know what to say to you, you will know it later."

Yuan Zhan, who despised not understanding, was not angry. For him, this is The Priest's ability. The young man then whispered indecently. "What is bamboo?"

Yan Mo tore the meat. "That's a good thing!" Then he began to give Yuan Zhan a variety of knowledge and benefits about bamboo.

"I haven't seen such plants nearby." Yuan Zhan's face was full of regrets. "A wood that can not be burned by fire... I don't know about that one, the stone I may let the slave polish one. You should have told me earlier." Earlier, let's say have you handed me over to your priests? Yan Mo resisted the desire to turn his eyes, tearing off a large piece of meat and handing it to the young man's mouth while self-hypnosis: just as a sly mother feeding the eldest son!

Yuan Zhan, who was seen by his eldest son, opened his mouth and swallowed the meat in his mouth. He lifted his hand and patted the little slave back.

Yan Mo felt a goose bump, but looking at the rest of the team, the only real thing that can protect him now is this fierce young man who saw him as his half-wife. If he wants to conquer these people, he must first recover "The Man".

And if you want a person who is strong in character, alive and rude, and who is ruthless, he will have to soften and be soft and skillful in handling him.

Of course, Yan Mo definitely does not admit that he is seducing Zhan, he thinks he is just taming a wild person!

In the evening, Yuan Zhan, who was swayed by the little slave did not care if anyone was listening to the corner, he hugged Yan Mo for most of the night.

Fortunately, tomorrow, we have to hurry, Yuan Zhan was afraid that Yan Mo will be injured again, and did not really do him on this night .

Yan Mo listened to the screams of various unknown beasts coming from afar, and then listened to the undisguised XX sounds in the camp. By the way, he felt the movement of various small bugs around, while scolding him Yan Mo began to recite the outline of the herb in his heart.

When he got up in the morning, Lie and Missing Teeth who were responsible for the first shift of the night watch were not praised, saying that it was rare to sleep so well outside. There is a warm fire, not to mention, there is also a cover for the use of animal skin coats.

Yang Wei climbed from the edge but was hit by his master's Bing and almost fell. When Cao Ting got up, he was hugged by his master.

Yan Mo's gaze from the side of Xia Fei's side was a bit strange. She hesitated for a while and jumped to him. "One more time."

"What else?" Yan Mo didn't react.

She wanted Yan Mo to explain, Yuan Zhan, who was in charge of fire he last night, pushed her away. "Yan Mo pick up, it's time to go!"

The author has something to say:

Small Theater No. 01:

Yan Mo held a grass root to grind teeth while sneering.

Yuan Zhan walked over and poked him: "Whoever offended you now? Look at your thick and murderous face!"

Yan Mo pulled out the grass roots and continued to sneer: "You know, today we almost can't show up. We still have to stay in the sand bunker."


Yuan Zhan: "What's wrong?"

Yan Mo: "Just my Guide God told me that the person who helped me make observations last night saw the novel would be uploaded at seven o'clock and when he saw it at twelve o'clock! At that time, she had not written a word yet! The most hateful thing is that she also spent more than half an hour trying to find out if a character appeared in the text because she was crazy about that character!"

Yuan Zhan: "...what are you talking about? I don't understand! The Guide God who is that? Is that The Priest who told you to look for the sea in the south?"

Yan Mo... Put the grass roots into Yuan Zhan mouth, "Go brush your teeth!"

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