Banished to Another World

Chapter 43: The Origins of Yan Mo... Don't believe that He will tell the truth.

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Yan Mo quickly closed his mouth and made a really effective facial expression. "I didn't expect that what I did was really good for the warriors. When The Priest taught me, he only said that these methods can cure the disease and make people feel good in a sense of restoration, but also to adjust the body of the warrior. Unfortunately, I did not learn much, The Zhi/Swine People suddenly attacked our tribe, The Priest has not taught all of his skills to me..."

The boy's face showed sadness.

Yuan Meng was tempted to comfort the boy, but he was stopped by Yuan Zhan. He stared at the boy's eyes and asked: "You said that you were to be taught by The Yanshan/Salt Mountain Priest?"

Yan Mo did not answer immediately, he found Yuan Zhan question really much more difficult than it is.

Yuan Zhan waited for him to answer, and asked himself like he asked him: "If the Yanshan Priest know so much, they can help the warriors to 'tune' the bodies..." He first touched the pronunciation, but the meaning he wanted to express is not difficult to understand.

"The warriors of The Yanshan/Salt Mountain People will definitely be very strong, and there will be many high-ranking warriors. How can you be defeated by The Zhi/Swine People?"

He felt that this is a shrewd boy! Yan Mo's thoughts rolled in the brain, how can I say that I can get the best benefit for myself and not let the other side doubt?

Looking at the left, look at him, Yuan Zhan grab the head, it seems that the little slave also has his secrets.

After the silence passed Yan Mo spoke at the appropriate time: " know why I still haven't become a First Rank warrior at the age of fourteen?" He deliberately slowed down the tone in order to delay the time so he can organize his words.

"Because you are a Priest Disciple?" Meng interjected, its like their tribe's Priest Disciples who do not have to follow the warriors way of life.

Wrong, because when I was a boy, I was stupid and playful. There were two capable brothers in the family. The Yanshan/Salt Mountain People were more trade people so they never trained themselves.

Yan Mo shook his head. "Because I am physically weak, I am often sick. Because of this, I had more contact with The Priest and I ended up becoming one of his disciples, but because I am physically weak and often sick, he didn't only have me as the disciple."

Yan Mo looked at Yuan Zhan. "This is why you didn't see me around my tribe Priest. Even my family knew very little about me studying with The Priest."

Yuan Zhan's eyes were less doubtful indeed, since he saw the boy, even when the boy has not been injured or sick, he was still thin and weak body.

Very good, solved the first problem, the second is to lay the groundwork. Some of the knowledge and skills that he has leaked are no longer suitable for h to continuing to take Yanshan Priest Disciple banner.

Imagine if even his disciple was so powerful, so to what extent did The Priest who taught him be? Why is the tribe with such Priest so weak? And why is that tribe clothing, food, housing and travel are no different from other tribes?

Yan Mo intended to re-find for himself a backing that is bigger, one that is less found and verifiable that can solve all his knowledge sources at once.

Thanks to The Mountain God Jiu Feng, this gave him inspiration. He also wanted thanked Yuan Zhan for telling the legend about the blood of the gods, which makes his statement more reasonable.


"Actually, my Priest did not teach me a lot of knowledge. He focused on teaching his other disciple." The boy once again showed a pathetic sorrowful face.

Yuan Meng was puzzled and asked directly: "How come you know so much then? Who taught you? God?"

"I don't know..." There was deep confusion in the boy eyes. Everything that is silently hypnotized is true. He was forcing himself to believe, "I often dream, there is a man with wings and a face of bird in my dream. He taught me everything. I didn't understand what he said at first. When I was a child, I often had headaches. I couldn't sleep well at night, and I had no strength during the day, and my bidy getting worse."

Yuan Zhan and Meng looked at each other. They all believed the boy's rhetoric, because the boy's facial expression seemed to be like someone who had been plagued by this for

a long time. Even at this time, the memories was a bit embarrassing.

More importantly, the boy mentioned a man with wings and bird face. They also suspected that it was The Mountain God Jiu Feng .....its the reason why the bird did not kill the boy, but also anointed that the boy was its(the bird) Priest - although this is what the boy himself said and can't be verified.

But now, listening to the boy, everything had suddenly a reasonable explanation.

The boy got the knowledge from God in his dreams, and The Mountain God Jiu Feng is another part of the god in the world, so Jiu Feng will take the young boy and make the boy its Priest because The Yanshan/Salt Mountain People were nearly annihilated, The Old Priest died, making the need for a Priest present itself.

It is very likely that the god with the head of a bird is the ancestor of The Yanshan/Salt Mountain People. Although he does not know why the boy was awakened by his blood, but like Yuan Zhan himself, his ability came by sudden and no one can explain. No one knew what kind of Priesthood can explain this kind of thing. Perhaps the boy's way of getting knowledge is the origin of Yuan Priesthood.

As for why Jiu Feng did not protect the salt mountain tribe, it was probably because Yuan Priest of The Yanshan/Salt Mountain People did not get the true blood inheritance or did they master the true sacrifice and summoning methods from the tribe god.

Yan Mo looked at the expressions of the two men and knew that they were successful, so he could start the third step and explain.

"When I was young, I couldn't understand what the person said. I couldn't understand a lot of what he said."

"I understand that we can't understand much when you say something." There was deep sympathy in the eyes, "If I have a man with bird head in my head. There is a god who has been talking to me with that strange pronunciation. I am afraid that it will not only be a headache, but it is possible for me to go crazy."

Yan Mo smiled. "But when I grew up, I didn't know what is going on, I could understand that it was God... I called him God, what he said to me. But I didn't know what God said to me is true or not, I had very few chances to verify until..."

Yan Mo made it all mysterious

Yuan Zhan was very upset, but he refuses to take the initiative. Anyway, there is an unstoppable fierceness.

Yuan Meng really rushed to ask the boy before Yuan Zhan

"The god wanted me go to a place to take something, he said that it was part of the legacy of the person who has his blood, he wanted me to use it, and only I can use it." Yan Mo is giving himself an excuse to use the golden needles and herbal pack.


As for the excuse, will it spread in the future, attracting some greedy people to plunder or destroy?

He thought about it carefully, unless he used it The Guide will not going to reward him for something - that's impossible, because he still has nearly 100 million points of scum value to be reduced, and the use of it will inevitably leaked someday, it is not as good if he made the source be leaked from the beginning, let everyone know that it was God's gift, and that it is useless to steal it.

Yuan Meng and Yuan Zhan eyes were all bright, and the treasure passed down by the ancient gods is just amazing.

Yan Mo went on to say: "I finally believe that all the knowledge I have learned from that God is likely to be true and useful, but when I intended to tell this to The Priest in the tribe, The Zhi/Swine People attacked and came in, and I had to follow some of the people to escape. As a result, because I did not learn much fighting strength, I was bitten by beasts on the road, abandoned by the tribes, and finally saved and brought back by Da Zhan."

"Ah... "Yuan Meng sighed, suddenly slopped his face at his friend, "Ah, war! You are so lucky, just pick up a Priest who has the inheritance of the ancestors!"

Yuan Zhan did not want to laugh, but accidentally exposed teeth, but how Look at it with a bit of pride and complacency. However, his content is very different from Yuan Meng, he is thinking: Haha! He slept a Priest! A true Priest who has been passed down from the ancestors! Hahaha!

How to do? At this moment, he seems to be hard?, but he is sitting in the water tank.

Yan Mo felt that Yuan Zhan looked at his eyes a little bit wrong, and he was still licking his lips.

What is this sloppy boy thinking about?

Yan Mo's goosebumps rose, and he seemed to understand the XX and XX implied in the boyful eyes in the tank!

How long does this guy get better? Is it really easy to be "horny" when you are young? Or is there a problem with his physiological configuration?

Yuan Zhan looked at the boy with such a sly look, but his face was serious and his mouth was speaking authentic things: "You can rest assured that we will not say anything aboutwhat you said today. I and Meng can swear with our own souls!"

Hearing that Yuan Meng immediately turned for look back: "Yes, I swear by my own soul, never tell your story, If there is a violation, my soul should be destroyed!"

Yuan Zhan made the same vow.

Is this the way of protecting him? Yan Mo was amazed and his mind was a bit blank. Did he blame the other person misunderstanding? In fact, the other person's eyes are not what he understands so Yuan Zhan was not possibly horny?

Also, as long as he is not a true homosexual, who will have nothing to look at the same sex and get drooling? Just look at Yuan Meng the little bastard is vying to touching him all day long, and the result is not to tamper with his manual feet?

Yan Mo slapped his head and didn't want to think anymore. Well, no matter what the purpose of the other party is, at least he no longer needs to cover up in front of the two, so that he will be more convenient in his future work.

The young man smiled gratefully revealing white teeth: "I told you all my things without any concealment, then can you tell me something?"

"What? What do you want to know?" Yuan Zhan Seeing the boy's gaze finally it brought a little trust, and Yuan Zhan dared to put aside his own worries about his slave until now. Of course, this is also related to the boy not only not harming him, abandoning him, but also helping him heal and helping him to become a 3rd Rank warrior.


"Because I used to live in the Clan, I don't know how to classify the warriors and how to upgrade them. Can you tell me?" Yan Mo said, habitually throwing bait, "this time I helped Da Zhan upgrade to 3rd Rank Warrior, I think it happened, but if you tell me what the warrior is going to upgrade, maybe I can find the key to help you upgrade."

"This is not a secret." Listening to the boy wants to know this, Yuan Zhan laughed at Meng. "As long as you have the heart to become a warrior, you know this you can upgrade up."

In fact, Yan Mo knew a little about warriors Ranks through the boy's memories, but because the boy was a freebird, he knew nothing except for eating and sleeping, what he can learn is only a scale and a half claw, that was not enough to let him systematically understand the upgrade of the warriors.

Listening to Yuan Zhan's intention to explain in detail, Yan Mo put on an eager gesture.

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