Banished to Another World

Chapter 49: The consequence of the lack of communication is... The dog's blood is white?

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Yan Mo actually wanted to spit out the things in his mouth because he was blind. Who knows what Jiu Feng is feeding him.

Whats good for birds, is not necessarily good for people.

But as soon as the thing went to his mouth, it slipped into the throat. The more he wanted to vomit it out, the faster the thing slipped, and it was like a living thing. He could even feel that the thing seemed to have countless tentacles in his mouth moving down in the throat.

"Evil!" It's taste was disgusting, and Yan Mo, who accidentally let the thing slide down his throat, he couldn't stop vomiting.

But he tried to vomit a few times and did not manage to spit it out.

Yan Mo had no choice but to wait for the body to naturally excrete the thing. If it is a poison or something that affects the body, The Guide probably won't allow it to continue to exist inside him.

When the disgusting feeling passed, Yan Mo suddenly found that the taste that came out of his mouth was not bad, just like the lingering taste of the mouth after eating good things.

The taste is a bit like a fried Pecan, with a touch of mint.

Thinking about what he was eating, Yan Mo drilled into Jiu Feng's warm and soft belly and made a big yawn. He felt a strange sense of eating and wanting to sleeping.

"桀-!" Jiu Feng around him suddenly made a loud cry.

They're coming! They even found it!

What is it? Yan Mo fell asleep, and he felt Jiu Feng standing up again and walked out of the nest.

"Hey!" Hide and hide inside!

"What happened? What's outside?" Yan Mo couldn't see it. He wanted to touch Jiu Feng's head, but only touched its thick claws.

Jiu Feng saw the little Two Legged Monster actually touched the hole opening and angrily pushed him with his claws. "Hey! Hey!" Go! Run to the back!

Yan Mo was pushed down by Jiu Feng's claws and rolled on the ground.

Helpless, he can only crawl on the ground and touch the back hole, while whispering and yelling for Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan's figure flashed from the depth of the hole and came over to grab the boy.

Yan Mo grabbed him. "What happened? What's outside?"

Yuan Zhan looked at the hole, and it turned pale in a while. "The Cannibal Bees! A lot of The Cannibal Bees!"

"What The Cannibal Bees? Fuck! The Cannibal Bees!" Yan Mo just asked, and the boy's memory flashed in his head quickly told him what it was.

In the teenager's memory, The Cannibal Bees impressed him, but just hearing the name made him instinctive fear.

This thing is seen in one or two times in three or five years, but once you see it, it is a nightmare!

The teenager did not know whether it was fortunate or unfortunate. He once experienced the terrible sight of The Cannibal Bees attacking the tribal residence.

The teenager didn't even see The Cannibal Bees at that time. He was led by Priest with many children and people who didn't have combat power. He escaped into the caves used for the winter before. In order to prevent The Cannibal Bees from coming in, they also tried to block while they stayed in the hole.

That time, many warriors died in the Tribe.

It was also because of the attack on The Cannibal Bees that the lack of tribal warriors made The Zhi/Swine People sneak easily in the third year.

“The Cannibal Bees won't let go of the prey until all of them die. These Cannibal Bees will never give up the attack! It's too open here, there's no way to escape, we have to walk deep into the cave!" Yuan Zhan pulled him and he was going to run inside.


"Wait! What about Jiu Feng?" Can it deal with those Cannibal Bees?

Yuan Zhan didn't answer. The Cannibal Bees, who were like big fists buzzing outside, were densely packed. Jiu Feng was killing the bees with a wind blade, but there were too many enemies. When he killed one, several others immediately rushed up.

Even if Jiu Feng was a mountain god, he couldn't support fighting for a while, and when The Cannibal Bees came in, they couldn't escape.

“Jiu Feng flew out."

“What?" Yan Mo turned his head and he heard Jiu Feng's painful screams.

"Let's go! Jiu Feng wing is wounded. It wanted to fan the wind to blow away those The Cannibal Bees, but the wings doesn't work, they trap it."


Yan Mo also knows about this. The most correct way to do this is to follow Yuan Zhan to the depths of the cave.

But he doesn't know what happened. He actually felt that his feet were heavy to walk.

“Why did Jiu Feng get from The Cannibal Bees? Why did they hurt his wings?" Yan Mo whispered.

"Maybe it took away something important from The Cannibal Bees, or it accidentally hit them on the road. They're flying fast! Jiu Feng can't hold on, it is waiting for The Cannibal Bees to fly to it, poking the stingers in its body, it can not escape even if it is The Mountain God! Now the bees are only staring at Jiu Feng, we have to hurry!" Yuan Zhan no longer wanted to stay here he picked up Yan Mo and left.


Yan Mo had already left the ground - he told himself that he didn't want to leave, it was Yuan Zhan who pulled him away, but Jiu Feng screamed and made him feel stressed.. he didn't care what it was. Only caught what was it, he caught the rock and fixed his body.

“Is there any way to help Jiu Feng?" He heard himself say this.

Yuan Zhan turned his head to look at him incredulously. "We have no way to help Jiu Feng, those are The Cannibal Bees! A lot of The Cannibal Bees!"



Yan Mo turned his face to Yuan Zhan direction, begged him: "We can't leave like this, Jiu Feng is important for me... damn! That stupid bird!" For the first time, Yuan Zhan and Meng came to the end, this time they even provoked The Cannibal Bees Although the other party is important for him, but he does not want to owe this bird!

“Push Jiu Feng into the stone house and block the doors and windows. We can use the torch to deal with those The Cannibal Bees."

“There is no torch! I didn't bring in the fire!"

Yan Mo was more and more eager to calm down, “You said those The Cannibal Bees attention is on Jiu Feng?"

"Yes." Yuan Zhan already understood Yan Mo, but at this time he was climbing from the cliff, it is not just a test on his already tested courage.

"You carry me up, yell at Meng and tell him to bring a few torches to pick us up. When I flee, I will use the whistle to summon Jiu Feng to the stone house." The Cannibal Bees can't kill him, as long as he can escape to the stone house. Everything has a turning point. As for Yuan Zhan, compared

to Jiu Feng...Yan Mo was glad that he doesn't have to look at Yuan Zhan's expression at the moment, and there will be sacrifices in everything. He just weighs the best end to himself.


He is the Priest recognized by The Mountain God Jiu Feng, he can't lose Jiu Feng now!

He thought that if Yuan Zhan was killed by The Cannibal Bees on the way to the stone house, and Meng, Meng with a torch to pick up would not be so easily killed by The Cannibal Bees.

The only thing he feared and the most dangerous was the way Yuan Zhan climbed from the nest to the top of the cliff. Now he can only ask Jiu Feng to bring those Cannibal Bees far enough away that the Cannibal Bees will not notice them.

"If you don't want to, I will climb out by myself. It is The Mountain God Jiu Feng, I am the Priest it selected, at this time, I will never escape alone!" Yan Mo sighed with a defeated tone, "If you leave, I won't blame you, you let me down... I will run away."

If it was half a month ago, Yuan Zhan will let go of the teenager and go, Jiu Feng or Yao Mo, he would not want to die protecting either one of them even among tribal warriors, when encountering the irresistible The Cannibal Bees, is also the opportunity to give more people a chance to live by sacrificing human life.

"Fast! Let me down! Jiu Feng can't support himself." He only knows its anxious and angry cry.

“What can you do if you go out?" Yuan Zhan took a deep breath and looked coldly outside the hole. “I used a straw rope to slap you on me. You hold me tight. When I climb up, I can't take care of you. . "

Yuan Zhan, also weigh in, on the outside Jiu Feng is likely to know the Cannibal Bees are directed to it, and it is working hard to bring those the Cannibal Bees farther, let them close to the nest, and those the Cannibal Bees are also attracted to Jiu Feng, all around it. If Jiu Feng's wings were not injured, those The Cannibal Bees couldn't get close to it, but it had a wounded wing and it was very painful and hard every time the wing was fanned.

"Your mountain god is very good to you." Yuan Zhan unloaded the straw from his shoulder and let Yan Mo tie himself to him on the back and use a straw rope to slap him on his body. "You are right, you are Priest, you can't give up your god, and I am your Chief, and I can't give up my Priest and the patron saint of my tribe."

Yuan Zhan walked out of the cave with Yan Mo and put his hands in the cliff.

Jiu Feng's eye were sharp, and he saw the little Two Legged Monster ran away from the cave without listening to it. He even ran out with the big one.

Jiu Feng was so angry that it had a way to get rid of these nasty bugs that would use their tail to poke the bird, sting the bird, and make him paralyzed. It had originally thought of waiting for the little Two Legged Monster to escape deep enough so it can try to rush to the heights of the sky, where the cold winds are blowing. The Cannibal Bees can't catch up. It can escape from the sky to the most hateful peaks of fire and smoke, and wait to recover in the foothills, even if the wings are damaged, only use the power of the wind, it can also kill those bugs.

But now, if it flies to the sky, those bugs have no target, they will notice the little Two Legged Monster, the scent of the little Two Legged Monster could not scattered!

"Hey-!" Raising a baby is such a hassle! The chicks don't know how to obey!

"Hey-!" Stupid fool! It is almost impossible to hold on! Wings hurt! My head is also hurting! The claws hurt too! I'm hurts all over the body!


Yan Mo's expression is sluggish, Jiu Feng is scolding him? Blaming him? Is he still confused?

I am trying to save you stupid bird, okay? Who is more stupid?

Yan Mo was indignant, I'm also in danger it is rare that my character to be noble. For you, I even intend to sacrifice my own kind and myself, and even risking The Guide to add me +200 scum points you still call me stupid?

Wait for me to save you, and let you regret it!

Yuan Zhan couldn't understand Jiu Feng's cry. He only heard Jiu Feng's voice full of eagerness. For this reason, he accelerated the speed of climbing. Fortunately, during the day, he could see more clearly, and the climbing action would not be needed.

The Cannibal Bees seemed to smell Yan Mo, and one or two of The Cannibal Bees from the outer side separated from the big forces and flew to Yan Mo.

Jiu Feng saw it and immediately spurted the wind blade to kill the two The Cannibal Bees. But the two The Cannibal Bees which were meant to be hit on the back they sensed the attack and evade it they still rushed to Yan Mo.

The wind blade slipped over the needs and landed on Yan Mo's back and opened two holes behind his back.

Yan Mo was hurt and screamed, and the scent of blood has attracted more of The Cannibal Bees.

"Hey-!" Stupid, run!

Yan Mo didn't know that Jiu Feng's wind blade hurt him. He thought he was attacked by The Cannibal Bees and immediately urged Yuan Zhan, "Climb!"

Yuan Zhan thought that The Cannibal Bees had started attacking them, he was moving his hands and feet faster, even regardless of the power of the mountain wind, it is hard to climb up against the wind.

The man's two arms and wrist fingers bearing the weight of two people, but had to also resist the mountain wind. It is not difficult to insert a finger into the hard rock, but it takes a lot of physical strength for the man to climb to the top.

When Yuan Zhan finally climbed to the top of the cliff, he refused to kneel on the ground to recover, and when he stepped on the ground, he ran wildly. While running, he inserted his finger into the mouth and blew a loud whistle.

Meng, who was anxiously waiting in the stone house, heard the whistle from afar and immediately ran from the house to the outside.

"Hot! Bring enough torches! Fast!" There was a shout from Yuan Zhan's voice in the wind.

Meng turned back into the stone house and hurriedly pointed two torches.

The Awu Child was drying the animal skin outside the house and after seeing Meng coming out and he didn't know what he is going to do.

Meng grabbed the torch and took the torch to the stone house. He screamed at the child: "Go in!"

Yan Mo asked Yuan Zhan how far he ran, and Yuan Zhan crossed the path they had left in the mouth of Leishen bush he answered: " Go through the stone house!"

Behind the two, a dozen Cannibal Bees who escaped from attacking Jiu Feng wind blade and were much smaller than the ordinary The Cannibal Bees followed the two, but they did not immediately rush to attack, they were only flying behind Yan Mo but the way they were flying over, like they were determined.

Yuan Zhan heard the buzzing from The Cannibal Bees and rushed forward his forehead dripping with sweat.

When he heard the buzz but couldn't see The Cannibal Bees, Yan Mo, who was close behind him, shouted: "I am calling Jiu Feng now, yo run faster!"


Yuan Zhan turned into a horse, and one can only saw the shadows interlaced.

Yan Mo's finger inserted a mouth to whistle a call to Jiu Feng, and he was afraid that it couldn't be heard. He blew it again and again.

Jiu Feng heard it, thinking that the Little Two Legged Monster was in danger and calling it to save him.

The stupid bird had a fever, and even gave up the last chance to escape to the sky. The wing blow was a force, and it fanned the Cannibal Bees, then flew in the direction of the whistle.

Meng met Yuan Zhan and saw him running forward with Yao Mo. He immediately asked: "What's wrong?"

"The Cannibal Bees!"

Only these three words, Meng asked no more, put a torch on Yuan Zhan hand, the two men rushed to the stone house.

Meng didn't run far and the dozens of small ones, The Cannibal Bees, who had followed Yuan Zhan, all stopped on Yan Mo's back.

"Are you there?" Yan Mo couldn't help but ask.

"Come on!" Yuan Zhan pulled the straw rope and put down Yan Mo, he and Meng quickly quickly used all the things they could use to block the stone door and window.

The child didn't dare to get close to the corner. Because of the angle, he first saw The Cannibal Bees on Yan Mo's back. The child's eyes widened and his scream was blocked in the throat.

"Leave the door! You remove the stone from the door and let it go. Wait a minute till Jiu Feng to come in. After Jiu Feng comes in, you get the stone back up. Meng, you move the fire in the house to the corner. Don't burn Jiu Feng!" Yan Mo doesn't care if the two are willing or not.

Meng looked at Yuan Zhan and had doubts in his eyes.

"I will tell you later, do as he said!" Yuan Zhan had no time to explain.

"When you're done, remember to take the torch out and guard, don't let those Cannibal Bees fly into the house!" Yan Mo told me that he was not bothered by the two reluctant men and he touched the door along the wall and drummed his strength against the sky. A special whistle was blown.

Soon, Jiu Feng's buttocks rushed behind the stone house with a large group of The Cannibal Bees behind him.

Yan Mo heard Jiu Feng screaming and immediately shouted and shouted: "This side! Here!" At this moment, he prayed that Jiu Feng could understand his shouts.

Jiu Feng didn't understand Yan Mo's shouts, but it was pleasantly surprised to find that the biggest hole in the nasty stone house was already open enough to let it in, and the Little Two Legged Monster stood at the door.

But the two big Two Legged Monster who actually ran out of their hats with their front paws trying to evict it?

Jiu Feng was furious! Subconsciously he wanted release the wind blade to shoot the two big ones.

But Two Legged Monster was beckoning him and shouting.

"Hey-!" You stupido go in and hide! Those nasty bugs are coming!

Jiu Feng hovered over the stone house and refused to deal with the two big Two Legged Monsters. The intact wing once again forced a wind blow to push the nearby bee colony back.

"Let's fall! Fall!" Yan Mo yelled at the door.

Yuan Zhan and Meng, did it according to Yan Mo's instructions, they ran to the door with a torch on their hands, guarding the Cannibal Bees.

Yan Mo originally thought his plan was very well, let Jiu Feng come in, Yuan Zhan and Meng then come in, close the door, block all the gaps, opened a small hole in the window, seduce The Cannibal Bees and only flew in, and they just can only kill those The Cannibal Bees in the house.


In fact, the development of many things is always counterproductive to the plans. Sometimes you think better, even if you don't consider emergencies, but in fact, as long as a few casual omissions in the plans will shoot your plan down!

Yan Mo, who was carrying a dozen small The Cannibal Bees behind him, doesn't even know...

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