Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 829

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Chapter 749 – Nangong Yue'er at the Second Layer of the Red Realm

She was not disgusted with people who had killing intent.

But she was full of disgust towards Nangong Yue'er, a person who only knew about her own interests and completely ignored the lives of others.

It is like, just because she was born in the royal family, everything was fine, even if she trampled upon others.


When the judge's voice fell, Baili Hongzhuang and Nangong Yue'er immediately began fighting.

Nangong Yue'er's eyes were glaring at Baili Hongzhuang. “As long as you admit defeat and promise to leave Mo Yunjue, I will let you go, how about that?”

Hearing this, Baili Hongzhuang was slightly stunned. Mo Yunjue?

When she thought about what had happened before in the First Tower, and that Nangong Yujin had whispered something to Nangong Yue'er, it all made sense to her.

The person that Nangong Yue'er likes is Mo Yunjue, not Di Beichen.

The mood of Baili Hongzhuang improved a bit after understanding this, it's just… Mo Yunjue and her? It seems to be a misunderstanding?

The line of sight of Baili Hongzhuang turned slightly as she glanced at Mo Yunjue, who was standing beneath the stage, before she looked at Nangong Yue'er.

She saw that Nangong Yue'er was being arrogant, as if Baili Hongzhuang should be extremely grateful for her to offer her this option.

In fact, this was exactly what NAngong Yue'er thought.

Baili Hongzhuang immediately put away the

thought of explaining the misunderstanding to her. Since Nangong Yue'er believes so, then let her believe it.

“You think too much.” The voice of Baili Hongzhuang was very cold.

Obviously she did not pay attention to the words of Nangong Yue'er, for the arrogance of Nangong Yue'er it was simply better to just defeat her.

When she said this, Nangong Yue'er's face turned ugly. Baili Hongzhuang dared to speak to her in such a way? It was simply unforgivable!

“Since you won't listen, I will fulfill your deathwis.h.!.+”

Nangong Yue'er was gloomy, usually this kind of person, who did not know good from bad, would end up dead soon.

Baili Hongzhuang still looked calm. “Stop with all this nonsense, just begin fighting!”

She did not want to spend any more time on this boring situation, she wanted to end the fight as soon as possible.

The so-called princess was nothing in her eyes.

Seeing that Baili Hongzhuang dared to take the lead to challenge her. Nangong Yue'er was so angry she began laughing. She did not expect that Canglan College's ace was so stupid.

The people also felt the sharp atmosphere on the stage, and their excitement grew stronger and stronger.

It seemed this was a battle worth seeing.

“Baili Hongzhuang is really stupid. She still dares to provoke Yue'er at this point in time. I am afraid that it will be impossible for her to walk down the stage in the future.”

Nangong Xiujie smirked. What kind of temper Nangong Yue'er had? It was quite obvious.

From the moment she knew about the relations.h.i.+p between Mo Yunjue and Baili Hongzhuang, she had sentenced Baili Hongzhuang to death.

On the stage the battle was about to begin.

The strength within Nangong Yue'er's body surged and the power of the second layer of the Red Realm exploded outwards.

Feeling the steady breath and pulsating energy, everyone's eyes were filled with shock.

“The second layer of the Red Realm! The Third Princess has already broken through the second layer of the Red Realm!”

“Oh my, the third princess has already broken through to the second layer of the Red Realm, her talent is so strong!”

“This Baili Hongzhuang is so unfortunate, her and the third princess are not at the same rank at all.”

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