Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 2053: Chapter 2053

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The five immortal generals were all fierce immortal generals. In metal wings, they were fighting fiercely.

There were three male immortal generals and two female immortal generals. In dark yellow clothes, the male immortal generals were st.u.r.dy. With machetes in hands, apparently, they were of the same gang. By contrast, the two female immortal generals in white skirt looked much weaker. 

It reminded Zhang Tie of the scene in which three jackals and wolves besieged two cute rabbits. 

The five people descended and blocked Zhang Tie's way.

"Younger sister, hurry, go, I will stop them..." a female immortal general shouted as she waved her long sword, involving the three men into her sword light at a stroke.

"Catch them..." the three men roared in unison.

"Elder sister..." the woman being called younger sister wailed.

"Leave me alone. Hurry, go..." Elder sister tried her best to wave her sword. Pitifully, elder sister was not more powerful than any of the three men, not to mention that she had to fight three men at the same time. Therefore, in a split second, a machete had already shattered her protective battle qi, leaving a 30-cm longer scar on her arm, turning her white skirt to scarlet.

The escaping younger sister directly rushed towards Zhang Tie. One of the three men also broke out of her sword light and chased closely after the younger sister. 

"Help..." At the sight of Zhang Tie in water, the younger sister immediately rushed towards him while asking for his help. 

To be honest, the younger sister was not as beautiful as Tang Mei; however, she was at least as beautiful as Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin. Especially at this moment, she was chased by a fierce man pitifully with panic and grief. 

As a powerful man with great righteousness, shouldn't he help her at this moment? Even if he couldn't help her, wouldn't he stop them to ask the reason out of curiosity?

Watching the beauty rus.h.i.+ng towards him, Zhang Tie's face turned weird.

In the blink of an eye, the younger sister had come nearer to Zhang Tie. 

"Go die..." the tough man roared as his battle qi turned into an iron fist and hit the younger sister's back from dozens of meters away. 

The younger sister spurted out blood. Closely after that, she rushed to the front of Zhang Tie and uttered "help" before spurting out blood as if she was heavily hurt; she almost pa.s.sed out.

Zhang Tie reached out his hand and quickly held this younger sister.

"Brat, mind your own business. Give that woman back to me; otherwise, you will have to try this grandpa's machete..." The fierce tough man had already arrived in front of Zhang Tie as he started to threaten Zhang Tie.

As a man, who could not help her at this moment?

Of course, Zhang Tie took action. Before the younger sister said anything else, Zhang Tie had reached out his hand and hit her back as fast as a lightning bolt.

With a bang, the younger sister spurted out blood heavily as most of her bones on her back were broken, especially her spine, causing her to utter a shrill cry. At the same time, her protective battle qi dissipated as she pa.s.sed out. 

F*ck, who could imagine that Zhang Tie would hit the younger sister; instead of that tough man?

The fierce tough man was petrified as he didn't know what to say. 'What the h.e.l.l...'

After hearing the younger sister's shrill cry, all the other three people stopped out of shock...

"Look, your punch was too light. You should hit her in this way!" Zhang Tie said with a smile as he threw the younger sister towards that fierce tough man, adding, "Take her if you want..."

The grim tough man took the younger sister in a daze. Closely after that, Zhang Tie's punch arrived as the tough man's protective battle qi was broken in an instant. At the same time, his chest sunk as he spurted out pieces of his guts, pa.s.sing out due to heavy injuries.

In the next second, Zhang Tie punched towards the three people over 1,000 m away, causing them to pa.s.s out at once with a rumble of thunder in water. 

Zhang Tie reached out his hand as he teleported the grim tough man and the younger sister beside him into Castle of Black Iron at once. Closely after that, Zhang Tie flashed away, increasing his speed by dozens of times in a split second. When he pa.s.sed by the other three people, he teleported them into Castle of Black Iron too.

Closely after that, Zhang Tie became transparent in water.

The entire process lasted even less than 5 seconds...

Nothing seemed to have happened in the tranquil water. 

However, after Zhang Tie disappeared here for 10 minutes, all of a sudden, the seawater within thousands of meters became still as if it was frozen. In such an extremely weird scene, Versatile Demon Emperor appeared in the water where Zhang Tie was just now. 

Eyes s.h.i.+ning, Versatile Demon Emperor watched the surroundings as he turned gloomy and uttered a hoa.r.s.e voice, "Good-for-nothing..."

Closely after the word 'nothing', Versatile Demon Emperor looked up at the Emperor NvWa City. In an instant, his eyes sparkled as he disappeared. The seawater within thousands of meters then started to surge again. 

After a few minutes, with a bang, as two battle qis entered the ocean, two immortal generals in the armor of Emperor NvWa City descended and came to the same waters with strong fierce qi. 

"Just now, the spiritual tower on the city wall has already sensed demonic qi here..." An immortal general took a look at the surroundings with wide eyes as he said.

"It's not strange at all. As this place is close to the periphery of the induction field of the spiritual tower, I'm afraid that those demons were sounding out our intentions. Those sons of b*tches would always come here once in a few days. We only need to pay a tour inspection in the surroundings. If there's no problem, we will go back..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After a brief talk, the two immortal generals paid a tour inspection in the waters before flying out of water. 


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