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Trinity - Changes To The Marks (VOLUME 3)

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I woke up the morning after the battle wrapped in Reece's arms. I could tell that he had held me all night and refused to let me go. I didn't know how he kept his arms from hurting when he did this, but he managed it somehow. And I have to admit, I loved when he held me, it made me feel so safe and secure. And right now, I needed that.

What I needed most of all right now was to know that I was still me. I needed to know that despite ascending to my new role as a Goddess I was still me, and that no one was going to be afraid of me or leave me.

That was obviously something that both Reece and I were afraid of. He thought that with my newly received powers I wouldn't need him or that I wouldn't have a place for him in my life anymore. That was just ridiculous. I couldn't leave him now, not ever. I needed him, I needed everyone that had been with me on my way to where I am now. I needed Reece, I needed Talia, Reagan and Rika, I needed them all. Vincent, Shane, Shawn, David, Dietrich, Mom, Dad, Grandfather, Lila, Noah, Nikki, Carter, Emmalee, Juniper, Paul, Cedar, all of them and still even more.

I may have just woken up, but I was already feeling anxious and nervous. I didn't know what I should do. From now on, I wasn't just Queen Trinity anymore. From here on out, I was supposed to be Goddess Trinity. Not that everyone knew about that just yet.

The first thing that I was going to need to do was talk about all of this with my guards, my family, the goddess guards, the people in the castle, everyone that would be directly affected by me and what this new 'title' of mine might affect. 

There was a lot to think about, a lot to deal with, and a lot of talks that I had to prepare for. That sounded oh so fun. Oh, no, that is not sarcasm dripping from every single thought in my head right now, I am really, truly looking forward to that headache, I mean wonderful time.

I decided it was actually time to wake up now. I had been sitting in Reece's arms, feigning sleep for long enough. He was still asleep though, so I had no reason for me to really want to get up.

The moment that I stretched and started to move so that I could get up, Reece called out to me and squeezed me closer to him.

"Don't leave me." His words came out on a mumble. He was still worried about that? Was this going to last a long time? I hope not, because I have got to pee.

"Reece, I am just getting up

for the day." I put my hand on his arm and patted it soothingly.

"Please, don't leave me." He grumbled again, holding me a little bit tighter.

"If you squeeze me any tighter then I am going to piss all over you. I need to get up, Reece." That at least made him loosen his arms from around me and stretch his muscles a little, which by the way he did without taking his arms from around me.

"I don't want to be alone." He blinked and looked at me like he was saying a casual hello.

"And I don't want to piss my bed. I think you can be alone for the time it takes me to go to the bathroom."

I pushed him away and this time he let me go. I was up and rushing to the bathroom within seconds. He was also getting up and following me. Ugh, stupid Fido.

"I need to go as well, when you're done." He smirked at me while standing there naked. We had gone straight to bed after our bath so neither of us had gotten dressed last night. It did make it easier for me to use the bathroom, I didn't have to pull anything down first.


"Is this going to become a regular occurrence?" I asked him as I tried to hide myself. I didn't need him watching me go to the bathroom.

"I don't know what you're even talking about." I sighed and just rolled my eyes. I had scared the hell out of him yesterday, I guess I needed to give him time.

After I used the facilities, I went to wash my hands. Reece did indeed go after I did and went to wash his hands as well. I was glad that we had a double sink, because I was taking the opportunity to brush my teeth while he used the other sink.

I was thinking about the marks that were missing from my body. The necklace of trinity symbols that connected them all over my shoulders, neck, and back. They were all gone now. All I had was the mate mark that Reece had given me, though it was different now. And apparently a large mark on my back that was just a trinity knot.

I had grown used to all of my marks and I actually missed them. I had once complained about them, but that was when they were so new to me. Now, though, not seeing them there, it felt like something was wrong with me.

"Hey, I didn't notice that last night." Reece was looking at my back while he dried his hands.

"Didn't notice what?" I asked him after I spat the toothpaste into the sink. He answered me while I started to rinse my mouth out.

"These little lines." He was tracing the mark on my back with his finger as he spoke. "There are thin little lines of color on them."

"Really?" I was curious as to what it meant, but I didn't know at the moment.

"Yeah, this one in the middle is the same sapphire blue as your wolf has. The one on the top outer side is the same color purple as the magic you used yesterday. And this other outer line is like the golden colored flecks that were in your magic. I guess it's combining all the colors that make up you."

"Where did the purple and gold come from, though? The blue has always been part of me, but the others haven't." I was still confused right now, it was way too early to think.

"I am guessing it's from the others. Thoth had red light, and Nehalennia had blue, those make purple. And Danu was gold, I remember that. So, they just became a part of you, that's all.

"Huh. That makes sense." I smiled a little. They really were still part of me. I was thinking about that as I turned to look at Reece. I saw that he still had all the same marks that he did before. None of them disappeared. I was about to sigh and look a little sad before I saw that there was one mark that did change.

He had the paw and crescent moon mark that so many others had. It meant that he was goddess blessed. Well, the coloring of it changed a little bit. Before it was a sapphire blue paw print and a silver moon. Well, the paw stayed the same, but the moon was now a light purple color and both marks were outlines in gold. They looked pretty but it was interesting to see that they were different.

As I looked closely, checking for other differences, I saw that his mate mark had also changed. It was now an elegantly written letter 'T' in a circle. They were simple and easy to tell that we matched. To a normal person, it would look like we just got each other's initials tattooed on us.. We knew the real meaning behind it though and that was all that mattered.

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