Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 25: [God Devourer Ant]

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Chapter 25: [God Devourer Ant]

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The sky seemed to tear apart, and a meteor-like light fell from the sky.


A huge gust of air swept outwards, and the people around Link could hardly open their eyes. They could only vaguely see a tall figure suddenly appearing amidst the smoke.

[Ding! Congratulations on summoning God Devourer Ant (Super God)!]

[God Devourer Ant]

Grade: Super God (Advanceable)

Race: God Devourer Ant Race

Description: A wild, primordial species known for their invincible power. At its peak, it can tear the sky apart and touch the forbidden.

Level: Stage One, Level 1

Strength: 130

Intelligence: 53

Constitution: 104

Agility: 78

Skill 1: [Heavenly Power] (Active Skill): God Devourer Ant can execute a powerful attack that results in damage ten-fold the [Strength] attribute. Cooldown time: 3 seconds.

Skill 2: [Demonic Frenzy] (Active Skill): God Devourer Ant bloodline ability. All attributes +300% for a short period. Body mutation. Effect lasts for 30 seconds. God Devourer Ant becomes weak for 30 minutes after the effect ends.

Skill 3: [Supreme Zerg] (Passive Skill): The God Devourer Ant’s bloodline can weaken the attributes of enemies against the Zerg. When facing low-level Zerg, there is a chance that they will become fully obedient.

Status: Aura of the Gods (All attributes +30%)

If Holy Angel Yuna was a summoned creature with comprehensive abilities—healing, purifying, attacking, and protecting others—then the God Devourer Ant’s existence was solely for battles.

The God Devourer Ant’s basic [Strength] attribute was outrageously high. All of its initial skills were biased towards power outbursts and could kill people with one blow. The most important thing was its passive skill, which had an absolute suppressing effect on Zergs.

This skill didn’t seem useful at first glance, but Link knew that their main enemies would no longer be dark creatures after the first siege on the cities.

It would be an endless Zerg swarm. That would be the time when the real Doomsday began.

If human beings didn’t rely on the main cities’ protection, they would have no chance of living once they encountered the Zerg swarm in the wild!

Now that he owned this God Devourer Ant, Link gained the ability to be invincible when the Zerg swarm arrived in advance.

“Zhi zhi!” The light faded, and an insect half the height of a human slowly appeared. Its entire body was covered with a black-colored carapace. Through the partially exposed areas, blood could clearly be seen flowing inside.

The insect had a pair of black and gold wings, which were thin as cicada wings but full of coldness. They could easily tear through any metal in the world.

Its body surface was full of complex and mysterious blue-purple lines, which easily made one immersed in it

after one glance. It seemed to be filled with the purest truth between heaven and earth.

On its cold compound eyes were plain, simple-looking, and thin feelers. Below was a pair of small but hard and sharp mouthparts.

This part of the body was what the God Devourer Ant used to attack. It was its most powerful body part. It could shred and swallow even God.

All things aside, its appearance alone was very cool. Its body shone as it came to Link, humming in a low tone as if surrendering to please him.


The people around looked at each other and saw the complexity and horror in each other’s eyes.

This terrifying creature—which appeared like the world was breaking apart—actually obeyed Link like the angel?

For an instant, everyone’s thoughts about how they had seen a small fraction of Link’s strength disappeared completely.

Their growing respect replaced those thoughts.

Angel Yuna couldn’t help but take another look at her new companion, and strong feelings of jealousy flashed in her beautiful eyes. She could sense its fierce and hostile aura.

Its icy eyes seemed like they wouldn’t flutter even if it slaughtered the whole world. Its mouthpiece made her heart go especially cold.

If it weren’t for the unspoken agreement they both had with Link, she wouldn’t be able to stay so close to it so peacefully.

They would likely fight each other to their deaths at first glance.

“Let me see your real strength!” Link looked at the God Devourer Ant and commanded it indifferently.


The God Devourer Ant fluttered its wings then disappeared almost instantly.

It was so fast!

Everyone was dumbfounded.


A loud noise could be heard not too far away. A dark shadow flashed and directly charged through several walls, reaching the depths of the building.


Suddenly, an eerie howling sounded in the darkness before dawn.

[Ding! Congratulations on killing a Skeleton Swordsman. Gained EXP +10!]


[Ding! Congratulations on killing an Undead Knight. Gained EXP +100!]

[Ding! Cross-level kill detected. Gained 100% additional EXP!]


[Ding! Detected that you have killed an Undead Archer. Gained EXP +50!]

Link nodded slightly upon hearing the multiple notifications in his mind.

In terms of combat, the God Devourer Ant was indeed slightly better than a Holy Angel.

In less than a minute, the God Devourer Ant killed more than 30 dark creatures.

The heads of those dark creatures exploded with just the flash of a dark shadow. Its actions could not be seen by the naked eye.

Simple yet harsh!

Even the Stage Two Undead knights were instantly killed by [Heavenly Power]’s ten-fold damage.

It was terrifying!

At the same time, the God Devourer Ant directly leveled up twice and reached Stage One, Level 3, thanks to the dark creatures, increasing its basic attributes.

Of course, Link also saw his attributes increase by 30% of the God Devourer Ant’s attributes via his passive skill, [Godhood Ladder].

Although it was only tens of points, it was equivalent to the attribute increase that other Doomsday players received when they leveled up more than ten times.

The God Devourer Ant soon appeared before Link again. It hummed nonstop as if it were asking for recognition and showing off.

“Not bad! I’ll call you God Devourer in the future!” said Link, satisfied.

“Zhi zhi!” The God Devourer fluttered its wings, seemingly very happy.

Link nodded, looked around, and raised his brows slightly. He ordered coolly, “The dark creatures around are too far apart. It’ll take time even if we want to attract them.”

“The few of you split up into two groups and clear the dark creatures around. God Devourer, Yuna, both of you too!”

“Yes, Lord!”

“Yes, Master!”

Everyone nodded except Xue Linglong, who raised her head and hesitated. “Lord, if we’re all gone, won’t it be dangerous for you to stay here alone?”


Link was stunned, then the corners of his mouth curved up.

Before Link could say anything, Yuna looked at Link, then decisively replied, “Master is very powerful. Nothing will be able to threaten him!”

She was well aware of how powerful her seemingly weak master was.

The God Devourer Ant buzzed in agreement as well.

“Did you hear that? Go along...” Link said coolly. Then, he suddenly thought of something. “If you encounter a high-level boss, let God Devourer and Yuna handle it. If they are not able to take care of it, wait for me!”

God Devourer and Yuna were Link’s summoned creatures. Their kills would count towards Link’s EXP. Moreover, they could communicate telepathically. No matter how far apart they were, they could communicate, which allowed Link to know what was happening at the first moment.

“All of you must clear the dark creatures along these two streets before dawn! Only then can we ensure that nothing will go wrong when we move the supplies!”

“Understood!” Everyone nodded, then left separately.

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