Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 26: Dark Magus

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Chapter 26: Dark Magus

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Somewhere in the villa.

Tang Ye looked back angrily, his expression complicated. There was fear, wonder, and disbelief on his face...

“Could it be that a meteorite fell on Dragon City?” he guessed.

“Master Tang, it doesn’t look like it. Shouldn’t a meteorite’s impact be very powerful? If the disturbance just now really is a meteorite, I’m afraid it wouldn’t affect Dragon City only. The entire Blue Star will feel its effects!”

“But look at the city now! It’s peaceful!” commented one of his subordinates.

When Tang Ye heard his subordinate say that, he realized that it was true. “What could it be then?”

“I know! It must be an adventure!” a subordinate suddenly cried out.

Everyone looked at him.

“Haven’t you read novels? If something strange drops from the sky, something exciting will happen! Now that the world has become like this, nothing is strange anymore. Perhaps a godly artifact or something has appeared!”

A glint of greed flashed in Tang Ye’s eyes upon hearing this. If he managed to get his hands on a godly artifact, he would be able to accomplish so much more in this apocalyptic world. Thus, he immediately licked his lips and said coldly, “Call everyone. Let’s go and have a look!”

“Yes. Master Tang, then... what about those chicks?”

Tang Ye icily glared at the subordinate who had just spoken and disdainfully said, “They’ll just be a burden to bring along. Just kill them all!”

“Kill them?” His subordinate looked a little unwilling.

“Lust-driven idiot, you can have any woman you want if we really get the godly artifact!”



Link brought out an antique Chinese chair from an abandoned house along the roadside, then put it in the middle of the road before comfortably settling down on it.

He closed his eyes and hummed a tune, totally ignoring all the corpses around him. Suddenly, he stopped swaying and slowly got up.

The corners of his mouth curved up into a smile. “Found the big guy. That was fast!” He then stood up and rushed off in a specific direction.

Through their spiritual connection, Yuna had informed him that they had accidentally awakened a Dark Magus while hunting dark creatures earlier.

Dark Magus, Stage Three boss! It possessed powerful dark magic attacks, soul attacks, and large-scale explosive magic. It could even control other dark creatures and make them explode, causing a lot of damage.

They were very difficult to deal with!

Even among all the dark creatures, Dark Magi were relatively high-leveled existences.

The first time Link saw a Dark Magus in his previous life was during a siege. It was practically a mobile turret.

He was surprised because he didn’t expect to encounter one so early this time.


After walking for about five minutes, he heard a series of loud roars.

The corners of Link’s mouth curved up. He knew he had reached

his destination.

Sure enough, he saw a black figure, shrouded in a magic robe, standing on a small three-story building’s roof after going round the next corner.

The figure held a two-meter-long staff in its hand. At the end of the staff was a purple crystal in the shape of a skull. It was surrounded by black and purple energy rays.

On the street below, the figures of Xue Linglong and Yuna were moving quickly.



The Dark Magus pointed with its staff, and the surrounding night seemed to become darker.

The surrounding air was stained with ink-like power, turning and circling as it wildly swept around the two.


The next moment, a dark vortex with a five-meter diameter enveloped the entire narrow street.

A strong suction force from the center of the vortex caught and tightly held on to the duo.

This was a method commonly used by Dark Magi. Once their targets were devoured by the vortex, they would turn into powder and become an ingredient Dark Magi could use to upgrade themselves.


Xue Linglong frowned as she stabbed the [Spear of the Frosty Moon] into the ground, trying to stabilize herself. However, the suction force was too strong. Her actions only offered her temporary relief.

She was still being pulled towards the center of the vortex quickly.

A long, thin crack appeared on the ground!

Yuna’s situation was much better. She fluttered her wings and managed to escape from the vortex’s effective range before the suction reached critical power.

When the Dark Magus saw this, it slowly raised its staff again.

The purple-black light suddenly bloomed, and countless black shadows seeped out of the skull at the top of the staff. Evil spirits filled the sky and began to swarm towards Yuna.

The essence of these evil spirits was the power of darkness, which was innately opposed to the power of light. Although light restrained darkness, darkness could also swallow light.

Especially now, since the difference between a Stage three Dark Magus and a Stage one Holy Angel was just too big.

In [Doomsday Online], a Stage Two, Level 1 had twice the amount of attributes compared to a Stage One, Level 9. However, the overall difference in power was about ten times.

They were on a completely different level!

Stage Three existences were nearly 100 times more powerful than Stage One existences. Stage Three existences had powerful abilities and could not be judged simply based on their attributes.

Holy Angel Yuna was a Super God-grade summon—far more powerful than other summons of the same level. However, her current skill level was simply not high enough to fight a Dark Magus head-on.

Once her body of holy light was corroded by the power of darkness, it would be fatal.

For now, Yuna could only frantically use the Holy Light to protect herself so as not to let the evil spirits break through her defense.


The Dark Magus’s staff fiercely pounded the ground, and the number of evil spirits in the surrounding area suddenly doubled out of thin air.

The evil spirits were everywhere as they swarmed toward Yuna.

“Damn it!” Yuna tried her best to hold on as helplessness flashed in her eyes.


At this moment, a burst of extremely hot flames rose from below.

A sea of flames enveloped the night sky!

Red Sky God Flame!

Yuna was slightly startled, then a happy expression appeared on her face. “Master!”

The sea of fire grew larger, turning into a tornado made of wind and fire. It then transformed into a roaring fire dragon.

In what seemed like just an instant, it had completely devoured the black evil spirits in the sky.

Oh? The Dark Magus’s expression changed, and it subconsciously looked down. All it saw was a young man, wearing a moon-white robe, calmly standing still.


One hand was behind the young man’s back, and the other pointed a sword to the ground diagonally.

The red light on the sword tip remained. One felt hot just by looking at it. Even one’s eyes would burn just by looking at it.

Link’s face was calm as he looked straight at the Dark Magus.

“Human...” said the Dark Magus hoarsely.

Stage Three dark creatures could speak in human tongue. The Dark Magus gripped its staff tightly and began chanting loudly.

Dark Explosion!


The pressure in the surroundings suddenly increased, and Link felt as if his body had been shackled. A cloud of highly compressed purple-black dark energy gushed out from the Dark Magus’s staff.

It turned into a beam of light, which shot straight at Link.


The next moment, an extremely violent explosion occurred where Link stood.

The ground cracked, buildings collapsed, and smoke billowed out.


The Dark Magus let out a contemptuous snort as if mocking the incapable human beings.

At this moment, a very strong sense of danger emerged in its consciousness. The Dark Magus jerked its head up and saw a figure leaping high from the collapsed building on the opposite side.

Then, the figure turned around and charged towards the Dark Magus from above.

Holy Charge!

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