Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 28: Survivors

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Chapter 28: Survivors

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Link brought Xue Linglong and Yuna back to the spot where the group split up.

Luo Xingyao and the others were already waiting for them there.

Luo Xingyao’s team had more people, and the God Devourer Ant was also in their team. They didn’t encounter any powerful elite creatures either. The other common dark creatures they encountered were too weak to even escape from them.

“We have finished clearing the dark creatures nearby. We gained an item and a skill book!” Luo Xingyao walked up, holding an Iron-grade item in her hand.

Link glanced down to take a look. It was a light armor that probably dropped from an Undead Archer.

He didn’t bother to check its attributes. Instead, he directly took it and blessed it.

[Ding! Blessing succeeded!]

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining Hunter’s Light Armor (Silver)!]

A light flashed, and the greyish-black light armor became silver. Carvings densely covered the armor, making it look much more beautiful than before.

A Silver-grade light armor that gave 20 or so points of Constitution and Agility. It had no special effect or skill.

Link naturally wasn’t interested in it and directly tossed it to Luo Xingyao, making the others nearby full of envy.

At this current period—where [Doomsday Online] players didn’t even have one piece of equipment on average—a Silver-grade item was equivalent to the attributes gained after leveling four to five times.

Luo Xingyao directly wore it. Her originally tall and slim figure looked even more handsome and cool with this silver armor on her, adding a bit of special charm to her.

Archers required Agility and Constitution to increase their mobility and durability in battle. With this light armor, her combat power had almost doubled!

Luo Xingyao’s slightly cold face couldn’t help but smile slightly upon sensing her body become even lighter, and the strength that filled her body.

She instantly bowed and thanked Link. “Thank you, Lord!”

Link waved his hand and didn’t say anything. He then looked at the skill book.

[Heavy Impact] (Bronze-grade): The next attack inflicts damage that is 1.5 times one’s [Strength] attribute. Cooldown 15 seconds.

A skill book for close combat, belonging to the explosive skill-type.

Link had quite a few skills of this type. After [Supreme Blessing] finished its cooldown, he would bless it and see what it would become.

If it becomes Epic or Diamond-grade, I will use it myself. There is no harm in having more skills. If it is only Silver or Gold-grade, then I shall give it to Xue Linglong.

Just nice, she found me a Stage Three Dark Magus, bringing me quite a number of benefits. This skill book shall be her reward if it only becomes Silver or Gold-grade!


Just as Link pondered over this, he suddenly lifted an eyebrow and looked towards a ruin in the distance.

A while later, the others felt movements there too.

Humans were approaching!

A large number of them!

“Is it the other survivors?” The others shared a look, then gathered around Link in unison.

“There’s so many of them. Do they belong to

one faction?” muttered Luo Xinghe.

“They didn’t come with good intentions!” Luo Xingyao squinted her eyes. Her instincts accurately sensed the malicious intent radiating from this group of people.


“Hahaha... you are indeed right, lad! There really is a fortuitous opportunity! After we successfully obtain it, I shall reward you heavily!”

A series of ugly laughter resounded through the air. Not long later, a burly-sized, middle-aged man appeared in Link and his group’s sight.

Behind the man were 40 to 50 people scattered behind him.

Most of them carried steel pipes, mountain knives, daggers, and other weapons. Many of them even held guns in their hands.

No long after the middle-aged man finished speaking, a toady voice immediately sounded, “Thank you, Master Tang!”

The middle-aged man in the lead nodded in satisfaction and then looked towards Link and his group. The more he saw, the more surprised he was.

Xue Linglong, Qiao Ruowei, Yang Xuerou, and Luo Xingyao were all goddess-level beauties, who appeared one in every 10,000 women. They were like plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum—each had its own merits and was very beautiful!

He didn’t expect that such people would be gathered into a group and that he would have the chance to encounter them.

Could it be that this is the love luck that heaven blessed upon me? The more he thought, the more excited he was. He didn’t conceal the greed and lust in his eyes as he directly stared at the girls and looked them up and down.

Huh! Why is there a woman with wings? Tang Ye’s pupils constricted. When his eyes landed on Yuna, he instantly couldn’t move them away any longer. He had never seen someone as beautiful and holy as Yuna in his entire life.

He instantly smiled broadly and said in a strange tone, “They are really sentimental, cosplaying at a time like this!”

His followers instantly cooperated and laughed along embarrassingly upon hearing this. However, they fell silent a short while later because they realized that Link and his group didn’t bother about them at all. Their eyes were insipid. It was as if they were looking at a bunch of morons.

A lackey instantly walked up, stood with his arms akimbo, and shouted at Link and his group. “Heh, didn’t the group of you people hear Master Tang talking to you all? Are the group of you all mute?”

“Hey, why is your tone so fierce, don’t scare these beautiful ladies!” Tang Ye quickly pulled back the lackey.

The lackey instantly rebuked inside his heart upon hearing this. Didn’t you scold me for being lust-driven just now? Aren’t you behaving the same way now after seeing this group of women that are even more beautiful? Your eyes are practically glued to them!

However, on the surface, the lackey respectfully said, “You are right, Master Tang. Thank you for lecturing me!”

Tang Ye walked up a few steps and confidently said, “People, the world is different now. The outside isn’t safe anymore. I see that your group looks quite pitiful. Why not follow me from now on...! As long as you serve me well and make me comfortable, I promise that you will have food to eat!”

Tang Ye saw that almost all of the people in Link’s group had blood stains on them, especially Qiao Ruowei. She looked not much different to a beggar—her clothes were almost ragged. Therefore, he naturally thought that they were having a hard time surviving.

Tang Ye had met many such people previously. As long as he promised them some benefits, even if it was just warm food, they would follow him obediently.

On the other side, Link’s groupmates didn’t look at Tang Ye at all. Their eyes all gathered on Link.


“Lord...” Luo Xinghe softly asked.

“Kill the few in the lead and leave the remaining as laborers!” Link insipidly turned his head, searched for the chair he laid on previously, and laid down.

“Yes, Lord!” The others nodded and looked towards Tang Ye in unison.

Tang Ye instantly felt alarmed as if he was being stared at by a bunch of poisonous snakes. However, he couldn’t behave too cowardly, so he stiffened his neck and said, “What? The group of you seem to want to fight us?”

He opened his palm after saying this, and a guy behind him instantly placed a short-handled knife in his hand.

A faint yellow light instantly lit up from the knife’s body as he held the handle tightly.

Tang Ye casually waved the knife, and a nearby piece of gravel was cut into half.

“Awesome, Master Tang!” His followers instantly cheered and complimented him.

Gold-grade [Fighter] hidden profession. It’s no wonder he dares to be so arrogant. Link looked at this scene calmly and couldn’t help but laugh as he leaned on the deck chair.

This Tang Ye’s talent is considered not bad. If he can survive, he might really have a chance of becoming an Overlord in the future. But it really is a pity that... he prefers to choose a path of death!


Tang Ye instantly felt confident with the knife in his hand and felt the majestic strength flowing in his body. The sense of threat he felt just now dissipated into nothingness too. He took a step forward and arrogantly said, “I am giving you all one last chance. Follow me obediently! I will not mistreat you all in the future. If you wait until I attack... I fear that these brothers of mine will want to taste the feel of women!”

“Too noisy!” A cold voice sounded, and the sounds of something breaking through the air violently sounded.

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