Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 32: A Crisis Abruptly Emerges, On the Edge of Life and Death!

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Chapter 32: A Crisis Abruptly Emerges, On the Edge of Life and Death!

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Not long after Link and company left, two figures suddenly appeared in the north region of Dragon City.

They were wrapped in alloy armor from head to toe; the jet-black alloy emitted a luster, like robots.

The moment these two figures appeared, their arrival instantly drew the few dark creatures around to move in, surrounding them!

There were Skeleton Swordsmen and also Undead Knights, snarling ferociously and viciously as if they were about to tear the humans into pieces.

“Hmph!” One of the figures sneered coldly, and radiance condensed in the alloy armor on him. Light sparkled and directly blew these Undead creatures into pieces.

The fine powder was everywhere in an instant, achieved with extreme ease.

“To think that humans with formidable talents have already appeared at the initial stage of Doomsday, how interesting.”

They’d seen traces of the earlier combat and knew that a powerful human was here!

“They’re mere nobodies. No need to be bothered about them! If he dares to step into our Black Dragon Gang’s territory, it shall be the time of his death!” The other figure grunted coldly, his tone filled with disdain as if he completely thought nothing of others.

To be honest, such were the facts. Presently, it’d been merely a day since Doomsday arrived. Even if humans could awaken in the apocalyptic world, their capabilities would not improve this quickly, unlike these two people wearing the alloy armor! They crushed the Stage Two Undead Knights into fine powder with unmatched ease, which was enough to prove how frightening they were.

“Doctor Ghost’s forging skills are indeed exceptional. You were actually able to forge a Gold-grade alloy armor! With these pieces of equipment, our Black Dragon Gang will rule Dragon City sooner or later! This apocalyptic world is the best opportunity to rise up!”

The other person did not comment as he coldly gazed at the remaining Undead creatures around before silently lifting his alloy arm!


A brilliant laser beam shot out. Wherever it passed, all Undead creatures were annihilated. A deep pit had even been blown open on the ground.

Then the two figures left, leaving behind a sea of remains and ruins.



East of Dragon City!

Mingshi Hospital was originally the biggest hospital in Dragon City. It was also the place where human traffic was most concentrated!

Only, this place was also attacked by the most number of Undead creatures when Doomsday arrived, resulting in broken corpses strewn all around with barely any human presence!

Presently, the entire Mingshi Hospital had long been flooded by an overwhelming Undead army. Undead Knights that rode on skeleton horses and Undead Archers with [Skull Bone Bows] in hand were everywhere!

In this mad tide of Undead were also three figures barging about, bursting out with extremely intense attacks, which set off deafening noises.

Two of them were Luo Xinghe and Luo Xingyao. The instant they encountered the Undead army, the fight had broken out with a bang!

With the strength of Luo Xingyao’s [Demon Sealing Arrow] and Luo Xinghe’s [Silvermoon Sword Emperor], they had actually forcefully resisted the Undead army’s assault.

If someone were to witness this scene, they would certainly be in great trepidation and trembling terribly!


Those were all Stage Two Undead creatures. The average human would have absolutely no room for resistance upon encountering them and would definitely be killed within a split second.

But presently, these two humans were actually resisting millions of these troops—that was truly astonishing!

Of course, the most formidable combat force was not Luo Xinghe and Luo Xingyao, but the God Devourer Ant on the other side—who was like a god of war.

God Devourer Ant was of a savage primordial species and also a Super God-grade summon. Its strength was exceedingly terrifying; it could rip up an Undead Knight’s solid skeleton armor with ease!

Within a few moments, the Undead creatures that died in God Devourer’s hands were multiple-fold of the number killed by Luo Xinghe and Luo Xingyao altogether.

“He’s truly the Lord; he is able to subdue even such a frightening creature!” Luo Xinghe smacked his mouth. He was also startled by the God Devourer Ant’s strength. With such a powerful creature as a follower, wouldn’t it be a breeze to rise up in this apocalyptic world if one wanted to?


Right then, a change came to the situation!

Luo Xingyao and company’s massacre ultimately attracted the attention of the powerhouses in the Undead army. Those two Stage Three Dark Magi’s completely dark, deep pupils looked over.

As a Stage Three leader-level boss, Dark Magi were extremely formidable existences.

Although Link had killed one Dark Magus not long ago, that was Link after all, and not them. Moreover, there was more than one of them here!

Upon sensing the dreadful aura radiating from the Dark Magi, Luo Xinghe’s and Luo Xingyao’s countenances suddenly changed, becoming extremely wary.

“Oh no, it seems like we cannot afford to offend this thing.” Luo Xinghe wore a wry smile; they had met great trouble this time.

Luo Xingyao did not speak, but her delicate hands gripping the [Bow of Elf] were already a little white, enough to show her solemnity.

Putting aside the fact that the surrounding Undead army had yet to be completely cleared out, just the threat that these two Dark Magi posed to her wasn’t that easy to withstand.

Just then, the two Dark Magi had already begun to move!

“Humans, die!” The Dark Magus’s voice was hoarse, like the roaring of ferocious ghosts; its aura was also hostile.

The two Dark Magi began moving at the same time. Black fog hovered around them, dark magic poured out, and the chain of order linked up, allowing them to float in the air.

At the same time, dark magic gathered in front of those two Dark Magi’s chests, forming a black-hole-like sphere that radiated an aura that made one’s heart palpitate!


The dark magic stirred, and Arcane Energy Cannon bombs whirled up and suddenly dropped with a terrifying momentum, flying over like a missile.

“Oh no!” Luo Xinghe growled. He could sense how terrifying this attack was. They absolutely could not withstand it; they would certainly be severely wounded!

Luo Xingyao bit her red lip hard. Mist lingered around the [Bow of Elf] in her hand as she abruptly shot out an explosive arrow. The explosive arrow traveled through the air and collided with the Arcane Energy Cannon bomb!

Flames burst everywhere for a time, painting the sky.

The attacks from the two sides converged, setting off a staggering explosion before completely disappearing!


Luo Xingyao was indeed [Demon Sealing Arrow]. Given her current capabilities, together with [Bow of Elf], she could even withstand an attack from a Stage Three Dark Magus!

However, Luo Xingyao could only fire one arrow! Whereas there were two Dark Magi!

The other dark attack had already descended. Magic shrouded it, and the terror fell, making one feel their imminent death!

“Xingyao, go!” Luo Xinghe gritted his teeth, forcefully lifted his mountain knife, and went forward to block the blow. However, he was sent flying after blocking the attack for a few seconds!

Pu chi!

The mountain knife broke, and Luo Xinghe was severely wounded!

Meanwhile, the Dark Magi’s attacks had yet to stop. They kept pushing towards Luo Xingyao, wanting to destroy her completely!

The God Devourer Ant on the side wanted to rush over but was persistently held back by the Undead army. They did not hesitate to self-destruct to obstruct the God Devourer Ant!

It was clear that a Dark Magus was controlling them at the back so that they could kill Luo Xingyao first!

Am I about to die? While watching the dark magic that continuously came closer, this thought could not help but emerge in Luo Xingyao’s mind.

She could already sense that death was very close to her as if her next step would bring her through the gates of hell.

But right then, Luo Xingyao seemed to see a figure appearing with her trance-like gaze.

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