Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 39: Massive Harvest!

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Chapter 39: Massive Harvest!

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[Ding! You successfully killed a Stage Four Necromancer. Gained 100,000 EXP!]

[Ding! Since you killed a unit of a higher level, gain +500% bonus EXP.]

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully leveling up to Stage Two, Level 2!]


[Ding! Congratulations on successfully leveling up to Stage Two, Level 3!]


[Ding! Congratulations on successfully leveling up to Stage Two, Level 5!]


[Ding! Congratulations on your summoned creature—Holy Angel—successfully leveling up to Stage Two, Level 5!]

[Ding! Congratulations on your summoned creature—God Devourer Ant—successfully leveling up to Stage Two, Level 5!]


As expected of a Stage Four Necromancer, the EXP gain was indeed massive, helping Link advance by four levels!

Link smiled slightly, feeling quite elated in his heart. He could sense the massive increase in his attributes following the level ups!

It should be known that each level up in Stage Two required way more EXP than in Stage One, about a few times more! Especially when Link had a Taboo-grade profession. For him, the difficulty of leveling was dozens of times more than that of a normal person!

Even so, the EXP he gained from killing a Stage Four Necromancer was enough for him to level up four times. It could be seen how shocking this was!

After leveling up, Link’s attributes changed significantly. All of his stats exceeded 5,000 points, increasing his might significantly!

Even Link was quite surprised that he could level up so many times in a single day!

Clearing armies of creatures to level up is indeed awesome! Where can I find more EXP babies? Link expressed that he welcomed all of them, no matter how many there were!

According to his current leveling rate, he was sure that he could hold his own against the monster siege coming in eight days. If he continued getting stronger at this rate, there was nothing he needed to be afraid of then!

Who knows, he might even earn huge gains from the monster siege!

Although monster sieges were purges of humanity, it was also a good chance to become stronger! The monsters would eliminate the weak while the strong would use this chance to train themselves and enter a path of invincibility!

As far as Link knew, many of the famed characters on the top 100 ranking board in the later stages of his previous life started becoming well-known because of monster sieges.

Due to this, Link was even slightly looking forward to the monster siege coming in eight days! Of course, he had something important to do now, and Link didn’t forget about it!

He had defeated the monster, and it was time to pick up the loot!

Three items, shining with golden light, could be seen at the spot where the Necromancer died. The items consisted of a bone blade, a bone necklace, and a bone token!

Link picked up the items and checked their information.

[Skeleton Battle Blade]: Gold-grade

This blade was formed through [Necromancer Summon], using hundreds of thousands of undead bones as materials. Its power is

very terrifying!

Strength: 100

Constitution: 50

Additional skill 1: [Undead Curse (Strength)] (Passive Skill): The user will be cursed by the Undead. HP decreases by 10% per second, and Strength is enhanced by 30%!

Additional Skill 2: [Undead Rage Scream] (Active Skill): The user can activate the blade’s power to summon an Undead creature, which will use the [Undead Shockwave] skill, causing the target to be petrified for 3 seconds!


This was the weapon used by the Skeleton Warrior, which was summoned by the Necromancer earlier. When the Necromancer died, the Skeleton Warrior dissipated as well.

This blade was a very good weapon for the Undead. Since they were undead, they didn’t care about losing HP at all. However, this blade would become useless for a normal person if they tried to use it. After all, a normal person could only use it for ten seconds. If they couldn’t kill the enemy within ten seconds, they would die from blood loss!

However, there was no need to panic. Link had the Supreme Blessing talent! With this talent, he wasn’t afraid of lousy or useless item drops. But Link didn’t rush to bless the blade. Instead, he continued to check the other items first!

[Skeleton Necklace]: Diamond-grade

The magic necklace worn by a Necromancer. It possesses powerful Undead Magic and can enhance a spell’s damage!

Additional skill 1: [Undead Curse (Intelligence)] (Passive Skill): User will be cursed by the Undead. HP decreases by 10% per second, and Intelligence is enhanced by 30%!

Additional skill 2: [Heavenly Blessing of the Undead] (Passive Skill): Chanting duration of Undead skills reduced by 50%. Spell effects are also enhanced by 50%!

Additional skill 3: [Undead Scourge] (Active Skill): Deplete 100% HP to obtain the Undead Holy Mage’s blessing and summon the Undead Holy Mage’s illusion into battle. Last 2 seconds! [Note: The Undead Holy Mage’s power limit is based on the level of the summoner!]

Upon seeing the necklace’s description, Link’s heart trembled!

The necklace was a super awesome treasure. Since it was Diamond-grade, it had three skills! However, the disadvantage of Undead items was that they caused HP loss. They weren’t things normal people could use!

However, what attracted Link’s attention the most was the [Undead Scourge] skill! Although this was a suicide skill—the caster would die after using this skill—the power of this skill was extremely terrifying!

The Undead Holy Mage was the Undead race’s leader, an existence akin to God. Even though the Undead Holy Mage’s power would be restricted by the summoner’s level, the power it could exhibit was still way beyond the limits of a normal person!

After all, the Undead Holy Mage was an existence akin to God. It could destroy stars with a wave of its hand. Even if its power was restricted, it could still defeat beings of the same stage easily.

Thinking up to this point, Link felt quite lucky.

He felt lucky that he didn’t give the Necromancer a chance to cast its spells. If not, it might have used this skill to summon the Undead Holy Mage’s illusion to kill him when it was about to die. If that had happened, things would’ve been troublesome for Link.

However, it was already over, and this treasure was in his possession now.

Next, Link looked towards the last item.

It was a bone token, looking extremely small and delicate. It was full of blade demon runes, looking extremely strange.

Its description was very simple.

[Token of Sin]: The wearer can open the City of the Undead!

It only had these few words, but these words made Link’s expression change! This was because he had heard of the City of the Undead in his previous life!

It was an excellent dungeon for leveling up. It was also a place the big factions in his previous life fought over in order to enter! It should be known that this world wasn’t a normal world anymore, but [Doomsday Online]!


In a normal online game, other than the wild monsters that could be killed for EXP, the most important thing was dungeons, which were used for grinding and leveling! This was because monsters would spawn endlessly in dungeons! Dungeon monsters also dropped equipment and treasures; humans also wouldn’t die in the dungeons!

For humans—who faced life and death every day—dungeons were like paradise. They were the ideal place for humans to train and become more powerful!

According to Link’s memories of his previous life, this City of the Undead was one of the most important dungeons in the later stage. However, it was occupied by the Temple of Light, a powerful faction feared and respected throughout the world at the time.

Those who wished to enter the City of the Undead to train had to give an extremely expensive treasure to the Temple of Light in order to stay inside for a short period of time.

Also, nobody knew the City of the Undead’s exact location. All information about the City of the Undead was controlled by the Temple of Light’s people behind the scenes.

Without a powerful faction and many resources as one’s backing, it was impossible to enter the City of the Undead at all!

Since he was a lone ranger in his previous life, he didn’t have enough equipment and resources for his own use, much less have enough to pay for a single entry to the City of the Undead.

Even though Link didn’t understand the City of the Undead very well, this didn’t prevent him from hearing of its prestigious reputation! However, he never thought that the token to open the City of the Undead would actually appear in his hands in this lifetime!

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