Dual Cultivation

Chapter 944 One Month Trial

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"What do you mean you brought them here?" Yu Xiang asked him.

"You'll understand in a minute."

Sometime later, Su Yang and Yu Xiang went downstairs, but Luo Ziyi was nowhere to be seen.

Of course, they didn't expect her to sit around until they were finished.

However, without Luo Ziyi around, Su Yang wouldn't be able to call out Bai Lihua and Wang Shuren.

They then went outside to see if they could find Luo Ziyi outside, and sure enough, they found Luo Ziyi wandering around the ingredient fields, seemingly taking her time looking through every ingredient that was there, almost as though she was in a flower field.

"Ziyi!" Su Yang called out to her.

Once Luo Ziyi returned, she said, "You're done already? I was expecting to wait another week or two."

Su Yang nodded, and he said, "Yes, we are done, and I told her about Bai Lihua and Wang Shuren. Can you summon the spatial device so that she could speak with them?"

Luo Ziyi then summoned the Immortal's Treasury before teleporting Wang Shuren and Bai Lihua outside without needing to go inside. Of course, she made sure to warn them before she teleported them— without telling them the purpose of taking them outside.

A moment later, two beautiful women appeared before Luo Ziyi like ghosts.

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"Su Yang? Did something happen?" Bai Lihua asked him after seeing his handsome face.

He nodded with a smile, "The God of Alchemy would like to speak with you two."

"The God of Alchemy?! Where?!" Wang Shuren immediately began looking around with a crazed look on her face, completely unaware that she was already standing right before the God of Alchemy.

"I am the God of Alchemy," Yu Xiang said a moment later.


Both Bai Lihua and Wang Shuren turned to look at the little girl standing beside Su Yang, and their eyes widened with disbelief when they realized that she was the one who just claimed to be the God of Alchemy.

"She's the God of Alchemy? Is this some kind of joke that you're playing on us, Su Yang?" Wang Shuren asked him, as she was having a hard time believing that such a young girl could possibly be the God of Alchemy.

Su Yang smiled and said, "You should know by now that one's appearance in the cultivation world can be extremely deceiving, especially since you're an alchemy master. What you're seeing right now

is merely a disguise caused by a pill."

"I-I'm sorry. Please forgive my rudeness just now, Senior God of Alchemy." Wang Shuren quickly lowered her head and apologized to Yu Xiang upon realizing her mistake.

"You can address me as Senior Xiang," she said in a nonchalant voice.

If Wang Shuren hadn't apologized to her, perhaps she would've been a little upset.

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"Anyways, Su Yang told me that you both wanted to study under me, is that correct?" Yu Xiang then asked them.

"That is correct, Senior Xiang. We hope to study alchemy under you." They both responded simultaneously, almost like they'd practiced this before.

Yu Xiang then said, "I don't know if Su Yang told you this or not, but I hate having disciples, as that takes away my time from alchemy. However, since you're now my family and Su Yang asked for this favor, I have decided to give you both a chance."

"One month— I will give you one month to prove yourself worthy to study under me. I don't mean to brag, but countless alchemy masters out there would kill to study under me regardless if they are the worst alchemy master or the second-best in the Four Divine Heavens."


"During this month, I will test your talents and continue to push your limits every day until you give up or die. I will make you undergo countless trials that will be far above what you're capable of."

"If you succeed and pass my trials, I will officially accept you as my disciple and train you into the best alchemy masters in the Four Divine Heaven— only below me, of course. However, like I'd already said, you will undergo harsh trials that might even kill you."

"If you're willing to risk your life to study under me, raise your hand."

Wang Shuren and Bai Lihua immediately raised their hands without hesitation.

Su Yang has already warned them that studying under the God of Alchemy would be incredibly harsh and seemingly impossible at first, and they might even lose their lives.

However, they didn't want to fall behind Su Yang and everyone else in this new world that's far more profound than even beyond their imaginations.

"Then we will spend a month in this place. If you pass, I will take you to my sect, where you'll compete against the other disciples while studying under me. If you fail… I will return you to Luo Ziyi here. Do you have any questions or problems?" Yu Xiang asked them.

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They shook their heads.

"Good. Then we will start next week." Yu Xiang said.

She then turned to look at Su Yang and said, "I will spend another month in this place before I return to the sect and start concocting pills again."

"As long as you return to concocting pills," he said with a smile.

"Su Yang! Make sure you visit us from time to time, okay?" Wang Shuren suddenly said to him.

"It's going to be difficult traveling anywhere once I join the Boundless Yin Yang Sect, but I will try my best to visit you all once in a while," he said.

"It's a promise." Bai Lihua said.

"Of course."

"Stay safe, Su Yang." Wang Shuren said to him, and she continued, "I will definitely overcome this trial, and then I am going to surpass you one day."

"I look forward to that day," he smiled.

"Oh, right." Su Yang suddenly looked at Yu Xiang and said, "I almost forgot. The black fog covering the Jaded Garden. Can you get rid of it? It's causing trouble for the cities nearby, and according to what I heard, it even killed more than just a few people."

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