Elemental Realm

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

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I unlocked my hidden power and i unleashed my anger to him my sword was faster than ever been it was an epic show down between the 2 greatest power that ever existed on yhis chaotic realm i was busy fighting him.

But he counter me with all his magic elements of wind i was blown down to tge ground and Mica as well Mica was hurt so i was angy than ever before my body collapses and become a Celestial being i get my fist to Dunken and destroy his face he try to defend it but it's no use.

I was not in control of my body at this time

My power grow strong every second i vaporized the everything. Even my Love ones even My Beloved Mica And every one else in this chaotic planet is gone.

Once a Chaotic planet is now gone Mica I wish you were happy at this time.

I was alone in this void and it's very lonely.

I wish i could rewind the time and spend more time with you.

You will be always in my heart.

I'll travel this empty void for eternity to find my answers.

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