Eternal Darkness: Reincarnated With A Star Wars System

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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'You have received 4 SP'

'Would you like to see your stat screen?'

I checked my surroundings before sitting down on the ground.

"Okay show me."


Name: Lucifer Caebic

Level 13

Job: None

Health: 34/35

Mana: 35

Vitality: 7

Strength: 4

Agility: 6

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 7

Unspent Stat Points: 65

Skills: Identification LvMax, Bleeding Cut Lv1,


"Holy c.r.a.p I have so many points?!"



'All beings receive 5 points every level up, you leveled up 13 times, so you received 65 points. Do you understand?'

"I guess? Wait every creature gets points? Does that mean everyone I will meet will be incredibly strong?"

'Everyone can level up the same as you, but everyone does not level up as fast as you so they will be strong but their speed on leveling will be slower than yours.'

"Ok...How do I use the points?"

'You mentally place them and it shall do so.'


Name: Lucifer Caebic

Level 13

Job: None

Health: 100/100

Mana: 90/90

Vitality: 20

Strength: 16

Agility: 20

Endurance: 20

Intelligence: 18

Unspent Stat Points: 0

Skills: Identification LvMax, Bleeding Cut Lv1,


I placed 13 Points into Vitality, 15 into Endurance, 14 into Agility, 12 into strength, and finally 11 into Intelligence.

I felt my muscles thicken and tighten and I felt my thoughts become clearer and more coherent. This feeling was more wonderful than anyone could ever possibly imagine. I started a fire and cooked the Rabbit and then began walking through the forest once again.

I was walking through the

woods when I heard a feminine scream for help. I dashed and was surprised at how fast I was moving, I think I was going 30MPH and I was not even running as fast as I can. I could hear speaking in the distance and snuck up to hear the conversation.

'Congratulations you have learned Sneak!


Level 1

Description - This skill helps one hide easier from their enemies.

It sounded like a very useful skill for me but I will ignore it for now and listen to the conversation.

I could hear a girl crying and two men talking to each other.

"Finally we caught the stupid b*tch!" The first man said.

"Let's just kill the stupid b.i.t.c.h then get back to the village, we might still be able to have some fun," The first man said again.

"Wait, let's have our fun with her first." The second man said.

Upon hearing that I could no longer hide, I ran out and inspected them.


Bandit 1

Gender: Male

Level 18


Bandit 2

Gender: Male

Level 24


Before they could turn around I quickly stabbed the second bandit in the back and stabbing into an organ.

He yelled out in pain before he turned around and hit me with his fist which sent me staggering back a few feet.

The second bandit yelled out to his companion "Forget the girl! Kill him! He is dangerous!"

The fist bandit charged at me with a rusty sword in hand. I looked over at the second bandit and saw that he was on his knees bleeding out from the stab wound on his back and blood coming out of his mouth. I focused my attention back on the first bandit and waited for the opportune moment to strike. When he was within a few feet he slashed down on his sword hoping to give me a fatal strike, but just like with the Demonic Horned Rabbit I dodged to the side and stabbed him in the chest.

When I looked over I could see that the girl grabbed the second bandits weapon and killed him with it. I refocused onto the battle at hand and saw the first bandit going for another strike. I blocked his rusted sword with all my force and surprisingly cut through his rusted sword which in term caused me to slash down his torso killing him.

'Congratulations! You have killed Bandit 2 and helped kill bandit 1! You have gained x4 Levels!'

'Bleeding Cut has leveled up!'

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