Existence Hollowed: Our Origins

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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When you were young,

I believe it possible you wanted to invite our oldest parent(s) to your birthday party.

Possibly if they did not show, you were disheartened, felt lonely, sad,

And were curious if they were too busy for you.

What I want to cheer to you,

is you are not forgotten,

What you have here is an inheritance,

And should it be allowed by our oldest parents here in this s.p.a.ce,

Our goal is to travel as a family to outside the solid matter to live on the outside,

with the amount of ancestory there.

The proper plan would be to take what we have here, with us,

similarly to how the hebrews left egypt bringing with them their possesions,

since they deserved an inheritance from G.o.d.

Comprehend, all the belongings in this hollow are an inheritance from our ancestor(s).

They are birthday gifts to keep and take with us,

throughout our adventure to find an improved living style that will be thanks to finding the ancestor(s) outside that solid matter.

This place is a birthing grounds,

And the belongings here, inheritances, birthday gifts,

And when everyone is alive,

None left dead,

That will be the timing when things will start to progress towards our s.p.a.ce adventure.

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