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Chapter 1029: Chapter 1029

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Chapter 776: Sprint!

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The Su family's residence.

In the cultivation room, bottles of energy recovery drugs were neatly placed on the floor. As the surrounding energy particles flashed, Su Hao sat cross-legged, motionless like an old monk.

A few seconds later, the energy within Su Hao's body gradually disappeared. Reaching out for another bottle, he poured it all down his throat.


The light emitted from the energy particles turned brighter!

A few seconds later, when the light became dim again, Su Hao drank another bottle. The bottles within the room were rapidly emptied at a rapid pace. In just half a day, dozens of boxes of top-notch energy recovery drugs had been consumed. That is the total used by the Su family's disciples in one month!

“Are you sure our Clan Head is a specialized esper?” The big elder looked at Su Minghui, who was beside him.

“He should be, I guess?” Su Minghui replied uncertainly.

Energy recovery drug isn't used for cultivation, but as the name suggests, it's used for restoring energy. Beginner energy recovery drug corresponds to the basic realm, the intermediate drug corresponds to the specialized realm, while the advanced drug corresponds to the professional realm. As for the top-notch drug, only domain espers would use it since the rich amount of energy would be too harsh for the espers below that realm to sustain.

And now…


Su Hao drained yet another bottle.

What's going on with the route of physical strengthening cultivation? The big elder had inquired before, although it's rare, there are still people who took this path. Because of the unique nature of physical strengthening, during the early stage, their energy would be far more powerful than any common esper by quite a margin.

However, even if it's physical strengthening, the energy would increase by about 10%. The drug's grade used would be pretty similar to any common esper. As for the type like Su Hao with zero energy, he's the one and only.

To put this in a simpler way.

In the basic realm, an ordinary physical ability esper would follow the guidelines given by the Federation. One needs his origin energy to be over 20 points to qualify. Unfortunately, due to the unique nature of his origin ability, Su Hao's body didn't have any energy. The only a.s.sessment of his talent is his physical body!

An ordinary basic esper would need 400 points of combat, 400 points of physical fitness plus 200 points of theoretical basis as well as 1,000 points from the physical talent before qualifying to step into the specialized realm.

When it comes to Su Hao…

He only has physical fitness to measure!

His talent, Potential Release, only recognizes this aspect! This was the reason why Su Hao had 2,000 points with his physical fitness to breakthrough into the specialized realm. However, because of this unique evaluation, the moment Su Hao stepped into the specialized realm, he instantly overwhelms every other esper in the same realm!

From 2,000 to 2,999 points, it would be the progress he has to overcome in order to surpa.s.s the 3,000 points mark. By then, it would mean that Su Hao successfully entered the professional realm.

A special professional esper.

“How long do you think our Clan Head will need to step into the professional realm?” The big elder suddenly asked.

“Half a year?” Su Minghui gave a rather astounding answer. For someone who has just become a level one specialized esper not long ago, to become a professional esper in half a year, if others were to hear his answer, they would have thought he was crazy. However, considering Su Hao's progress before he got crippled, coupled with the huge amount of resources at his disposal, Su Minghui decisively changed the answer, “One month!”

“No need.” The big elder shook his head slightly.

“I think that won't be an issue.” Su Minghui was extremely confident in Su Hao, “Look at those boxes of energy recovery drug. Coupled with Su Hao's potential and talent, it's possible for him to breakthrough into the professional realm within a month.”

“What I am trying to say is that he won't need a month.” The big elder's eyes revealed a sinister smile, “I don't know what kind of conspiracy you two little brats are planning, but since Su Hao dares to say so, he will step into the professional realm within a week.”

“A week?” Su Minghui was startled.

He never expected the big elder to be more optimistic about Su Hao than him. However, is it possible? Su Minghui looked at Su Hao who was seriously cultivating. Using one week to overcome one huge realm, this…

Won't one think you're the mad man?

As he was pondering about it, Su Hao gradually woke up from his cultivation. Looking at the bottles in front of him, he sighed, “So many energy recovery drugs, yet I only manage to reach 2,400 points. This isn't enough!”


With one step, the floor formed yet another footprint. Su Hao glanced at it for a second, and one could see the embarra.s.sment on his face. After each improvement, this phenomenon of not being able to control his strength properly would occur.

The cultivation room already had too many footprints that he had lost count.

“300 points?” The big elder frowned.

Su Hao just used two days to reach 2,400 points from 2,100 points. Plus, it's purely from his physical fitness. Such a progress rate is simply heaven-defying! Under the sky, there won't be any physical talent esper that could improve their body that quick. But… looking at the empty bottles on the floor, the big elder felt heartache.

Those are one month of the Su family total resources!

One month of resources to exchange for 300 points of Su Hao's physical fitness?

The quality to price ratio is too low!

“Well, you're the Clan Head.” The big elder uttered this sentence in a regretful tone. The latter half wasn't said out, but presumably, he wanted to say that if Su Hao wasn't the Clan Head, he would have slapped Su Hao to death for wasting these resources.

Su Hao coughed for a second.

Some losses are inevitable. 100 points of physical fitness are far from being comparable to origin energy. The later the stage, the harder the path would be. Because of this, the cultivation difficulty increased exponentially! For Su Hao, there is no such thing as difficulty or bottleneck. The only thing he needs is origin energy!

Fortunately, he's now the Su family's Clan Head. Otherwise, where could he find this many resources?

Compared to his time with Model a.n.a.lysis, the current Su Hao's cultivation speed was like a rocket, soaring up the sky.

In contrast to the dissatisfaction of the big elder, Su Minghui got terrified. 300 points in 2 days, won't he truly step into the professional realm in one week?

As for resources or whatsoever…

This isn't a joke; he's also an esper with a grade A talent. However, even if he's given access to endless resources, he would need half a year to complete the route of specialization.

“Again?” The big elder felt distressed. However, for Su Hao's cultivation, he still offered his support.

“Carry on!” Su Hao calmly said.

The big elder grit his teeth and sent out for more resources. On the third day, Su Hao's physical fitness reached 2,550 points. On the fourth day, it reached 2,700 points. It reached 2,850 on the fifth day, and on the sixth day, his physical fitness reached a bottleneck.

The test was completed.

A figure of 2,999 was suspended on the virtual screen.

In six days, Su Hao went all the way from level one to a peak specialized esper! The terrifying talent coupled with the endless resources of the Su family had made Su Hao achieve such an unbelievable feat.

“A freak.”

This was the evaluation the elders gave Su Hao.

After Su Hao reached 2,999 points, it was as if he could no longer proceed any further as if he had caught by the so-called bottleneck of cultivation.

“To breakthrough into the professional realm, you need to create an Origin Avatar. Seems like you need to take some time to hone it.” The big elder frowned slightly.

“No need.” After Su Hao carefully understood his body's state, his face revealed a strange color, “Origin Avatar refers to the integration of the ability talent and body. For Potential Release, the moment it was born, it had already fused into my body. To use Origin Avatar as an indicator, that won't apply to me. To breakthrough, all I need is only one thing.”

The big elder's face turned uglier, “It can't be…”

“Origin energy!” Su Hao opened his hand wide.

A physical breakthrough, each time a bottleneck is reached, a transformation will inevitably occur. The physical strength would increase by several times. From basic to the specialized realm, from specialized to the professional realm, the transformation in terms of quality would definitely occur. 2,999 points to 3,000 points; the difference is unimaginable. In fact, the so-called bottleneck is the energy needed to complete this transformation.

However, from 2,100 to 2,999 points, the resources used already made the big elder's face green. As for this transformation?

“No more, no more.” The big elder shook his head, “The family resources have been overdrawn too much. Clan Head, your six-day cultivation had far exceeded other disciples by a hundred times! This talent is simply a resource sucker. No matter how big a family is, it won't be able to support such consumption for long.”

“Uh, just once.” Su Hao was helpless.

“No, there is no resource. If you want a life, there is one here.” The big elder insisted.

Su Hao sighed. He knew that there is no hope to get any more resources from the big elder for his breakthrough, but there isn't only one way to breakthrough. Turning around, his eyes were once again full of smiles while looking at the big elder.

“Big elder, I have a method which doesn't require the family resources, but it requires support from the fellow elders.” Su Hao smiled sinisterly.

“Really?” The big elder was half-doubting his words, “If it doesn't waste resources, I will absolutely support it.”

“Of course.” Su Hao smiled happily, which made Su Minghui, who was beside him, feel a bit chilly. Based on his understanding of Su Hao during this period of time, this guy would only show such a smile when he tricks people.

That night, in the cultivation room.

All the elders came here, sitting cross-legged. Even the weakest one among them is an absolute domain esper. Surrounding Su Hao, their face looked strange.

“Can this really work?” The big elder asked uncertainly.

“Just give it a try. It's not like any resources are wasted.” Su Hao grinned.

“Alright.” The big elder nodded and looked at the fellow elders, “Ready, later we will transmit energy based on what our Clan Head instructed to help him breakthrough.”


All the elders responded. Such a simple method to help the Clan Head breakthrough without wasting any resource, naturally they liked it.

“Then let's start.” Su Hao took a deep breath.


Potential Release was fully activated!


The big elder was the first one to make his move, followed by the rest. Soon, with Su Hao acting as the center point, the elders around him actually formed a ring-like halo, enveloping Su Hao.

Within the ring was rich energy for Su Hao to absorb!

Watching this, Su Minghui was secretly speechless. Su Hao actually made the elders into a top-notch 'cultivation room'! The amount of energy here is much richer than what the drugs could provide. Under such a situation, Su Hao's body suffered zero damage. His body was akin to a black hole.

No matter how much energy there is, it will all be absorbed.


Su Hao's whole body felt like he was in a stove.

The endless energy's combustion created a magnificent scene. Sitting cross-legged, Su Hao was bathed in endless radiance as if he achieved enlightenment after overcoming many life obstacles.

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