Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

More Ruination Cores, Shocking News! I

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Chapter 863 - More Ruination Cores, Shocking News! I

It took another half hour of Morgana running rampant across the stellar space as numerous barren stars and planets were shattered as she chased Noah trying to land hits on him unsuccessfully.

Her blessed c.h.e.s.t heaved up and down as she looked dangerously towards him while she spat out words.

"If you ever call me that name again...there’ll be hell to pay!"

She spoke as if she had won and was now threatening Noah, the being that merely nodded towards her as the Sword he held turned into a blue slime that went to rest on his head.

His body wasn’t blazing with the aura of Ruination anymore as his hair returned to its normal dark gold, but his eyes now contained a hint of red as they shone like starry stars!

He donned a regal white robe as he ignored the Sage cutely glaring at him, going towards the other Sage that was nearly 4 times her size.

"Sword Emperor, you have my deepest thanks...even though I still have to bother you with even more things!"

Noah said with earnest words towards the Sage with a weak complexion.

The Sword Emperor had truly given much, with his Sword Kings losing nearly half of their strength while he lost so much more!

But the result...was the Master of Ruination climbing from an Entity and having the power of a Sage in just a single day after he entered his Ancient Power.

Arriving at this shocking truth, the Sword Emperor also knew what Noah was talking about when he mentioned he would have to bother him with even more things!

Essence freely flowed out as the weakened Sage waved his hands, causing for the appearance of a cube shaped red black object that caused the eyes of every being here to shine.

"You’re really..."

Morgana was about to start cursing again when the Sword Emperor interrupted her, giving the Ruination Core he had held after so long.

"This is something I scoured the Dark Universe to find for tens of thousands of years, only being able

to locate this single one as the other is in Big Sis Morgana’s hands."

Noah’s eyes glimmered as he nodded at this, the function of locating Ruination Cores having long told him it was on the body of the small voluptuous figure of Morgana!


An intense red light shot out when his hands touched the Ruination Core, the tool coming active as his essence of Ruination nearly burst out wildly. But it dove into his body and Origin with ease as it found a third Universal Origin Core to reside in, this Core also forming a link with the other 2 in Noah’s body as he glimmered in an intense red aura.


A space shaking aura erupted out of his as the tinge of red threatened to cover his whole body, the light only dying down a second later as everyone looked towards him in amazement!

Yet a mocking voice came out a second later that poured cold water into everyone’s thoughts.

"This guy is really showy huh? Shines red every damn second he gets!"

Morgana had her hands crossed as she held up her blessed c.h.e.s.t, portraying an unimpressed expression even though her eyes were tinged with shock!

This was because she had felt the Ruination Core she had hidden away vibrating the moment Noah took in the one Kaiser gave away, affirming who the being that had caused all the prior reactions was truly the one in front of her.

Yet even then, she was relentless as the Sword Emperor had to sigh while raising his voice towards her.


"Big Sis...if you ever valued our Master, you would also release the Ruination Core on you so we can start preparing and planning for the future to come!"

The weakened Sage’s voice was resonant as it rang out in Morgana’s ears, but she became even more pompous as she replied with a sneer.

"Why should I give this guy something I searched for for 23,837 years? That’s a lot of years, you know? I could have been relaxing at the edge of the Universe or some shit during that time. Why should all my hard work just be handed away!"


The Sword Emperor had begun to get angry as Noah’s eyes also squinted dangerously, when they came to a stop as they felt yet another aura barrel towards them rapidly from far away.

This one was nowhere near as powerful as Morgana, but it was rushing here at such great speeds that it felt like their lives depended on it!


Spatial fluctuations erupted out as the figure of a disheveled Sword King appeared.

His hair was messy as his eyes were tinged with immense fear, looking towards the Sword Emperor as he hurriedly spat out shocking words!

"It’s gone...the Desolate Galaxies...they’re gone!"




"They’re inescapable! If you get caught in one, it doesn’t matter your rank as they draw you in and grind you to dust! I washed an Entity try to outrun one Fracture...only for them to fully be devoured in a second!"


The Entity continued to release shocking words as the expressions of everyone turned grim.

Noah felt his heart palpating as his expression turned sour.

He truly thought he would have more time!

The Universe had been chugging along just fine for tens of thousands of years before he was even alive, why could it not give him ten thousand years as well to become overly OP as he thrashed down all the enemies in it and obtained all the Ruination Cores?

Why the hell did the Apocalypse come just when he neared the Peak ranks of power within this Universe?!


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