Mafia Love

Chapter 12: Chapter 12

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After what BIG SHOT had see to Kayla and Elvis. He left to deal with security and protection details for Kayla without Elvis knowing anything.

After Big Shot had left , Elvis turned around and faced Kayla and with a straight face. He asked her "are you really in college course since last year, graduating early? ; Kayla slyly replied ; yes but you never notice me so I had a lot of time on my hand and it hurt so I had to start a head so when finished with high school all I had to do it start studying for my career of my choice" but then you the bet then josh. Everything just got out of control but lucky for me I had already token my exams, everything that I had on my plate involving school was done ahead of time that when you was in the hospital. I didn't have to worry so much about school and the told me that being that I was so outstanding student that if I can tutor you while you recover, but I think your dad pulled some strings for me to be your tutor and found out that I was already in the point of graduating so and did a

background check on me to.

Elvis was in shock but he didn't know if he should be regrading her finis.h.i.+ng school early or that his dad know more about her then he did? He didn't want to think to much of it so they just started to talk about his exams and what he had to study on. While they were studying. Elvis would from time to time keep looking at Kayla when she wasn't look and would be checking for mistakes on his work, that he began to think. What did I do to deserve such a woman that loved me before I set my eyes on her but for her to forgive me is not going to be a easy task. Just then Kayla catch him staring. Kayla look at him with such loving eyes and teach skills. What are you doing, you should be focusing on your work and not on me. He blinked a couple of time and just replied " I was just wondering what you would like to eat for dinner since we been at it for 4 hours already and it's 7:05 pm at night already. Kayla at that moment looked at the clock and said; oh my G.o.d your right no wonder you look a bit pale. She started to gather all her thing just then Elvis stopped her . "Kayla what are you doing?" She just looked at him and after a minute. She said sorry it's a old habit of mine. I'm getting everything ready to left since i know you must be tired, want to go eat and rest. I'll just get everything in order and I'll go home. So she turned again and started to pick up all her things when a knock at the door stopped her. Elvis just yelled come in and looked at Kayla.

Big shot had been gone for the whole fours. When he come come he asked his housekeeper that if the kids where still in the room studying. She replied no they have been in the study hall all afternoon and we don't dare go there since younger master hates it when we bother him while he is there. Just then he asked her another question. Have you taken any snacks since they been in their? The head housekeeper shake her head in a very shameful manner that she had left that slip. Big shot told her don't worry just go set the table for the three of us and when the food is ready inform then and myself. Big shot turn and walked in to his office and told the maid to bring him coffee while he waits for the food.

Big shot was deep in his thoughts to when his wife was still alive and Elvis was just a baby. Just when he was about to take the baby picture of Elvis and his wife. The maid knocked on the door and walked in and left the coffee and informed the master that food was going to be ready in 30 minutes and then she left and closed the door behind her leaving big shots with his thoughts and memories of the past before he was a big boss.

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