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Chapter 950: What is His Bloodline?

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Chapter 950: What is His Bloodline?

At this time, the battle between Ye Xiwen and this silver-horned giant demonic sea beast had escalated. The battlefield had soared to the cloud from the ground. It was not only because of fear of implicating other people. It was more important to avoid these unruly experts from making their moves. A fight at a high altitude would be more smooth.

Ye Xiwen’s Wood Burning Saber Technique was earth-shattering. The unparalleled saber coupled with Tyrant Body made Ye Xiwen seem peerless.

Ye Xiwen did not fall into any slight disadvantage in the face-to-face battle with the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast.

Immediately, many people were surprised. The demonic sea beasts had viscous sea creatures’ bloodline span for thousands of years. They possessed the violent blood of the demon race too. As a result, their physique was pushed to the peak. There was no way for the human race to compete with the demonic sea beasts under normal circumstances.

Especially in the flesh, humans were much inferior. It often took several experts to slay a demonic sea beast.

This was also the reason why this silver-horned giant demonic sea beast dared to be so arrogant. There was no human expert at his level. Even if he irritated Si Konghao and forced him to make a move, he had the confidence to slay the human expert, let alone the rest of the humans akin to domestic animals for him.

But, Ye Xiwen’s tyrannical physique far exceeded everyone’s knowledge of the human body, especially there was a gap in the cultivation realm.

The silver-horned giant demonic sea beast was already Transcendent Realm Eighth Level Peak. Although he had not yet reached the Transcendent Realm Ninth Level, he was not far off.

However, Ye Xiwen was only at the Transcendent Realm Fifth Level. Both sides had a difference of three realm levels. Ye Xiwen was capable of suppressing the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast in terms of physique. How could this not surprise the witnesses?

The confrontation of the two brought out a horrible cyclone, sweeping out in all directions. It set off demon aura gales, killing many demons lurking in the dark.

“Crown Prince, should we take action? This kid is getting stronger!” At this time, Yi Shi appeared beside Crown Prince Crocodile and spoke. His gaze on Ye Xiwen was spiteful, boiling with murderous intent.

Ye Xiwen was a lot more oppressive than the previous encounter. Ye Xiwen kept fleeing when he seized the demonic saber from Crown Prince Crocodile previously. After his successful attempt, Ye Xiwen hurried away without hesitation.

Contrary to the past, Ye Xiwen had the combat strength to contend with Transcendent Realm Eighth Level Peak experts at the moment. The improvement of combat strength was simply unbelievable.

Most importantly, Yi Shi’s little brother Yi Rui was ordered to hunt down Ye Xiwen. With Ye Xiwen still alive now and his brother lost contact, the outcome was already evident.

It must be that Yi Rui had died tragically in Ye Xiwen’s hands. For him, Ye Xiwen was not only Crown Prince Crocodile’s enemy but also his little brother’s murderer.

Crown Prince Crocodile’s eyes flickered with glaring killing intent. He was full of resentment towards Ye Xiwen. He did not expect that the little ant he did not bat in his eyes started to threaten his well-being.

In the beginning, Ye Xiwen could deal no harm to him. However, after witnessing the battle between Ye Xiwen and the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast, to say that Ye Xiwen was not a concern

would only be self-deceiving.


Although Crown Prince Crocodile was arrogant, he never deceived himself. At worst, Ye Xiwen had the combat strength of Transcendent Realm Eighth Level, which meant he was at the same combat level as Ye Xiwen.

Although he was still confident that he would outmatch Ye Xiwen, any further development would allow this human to be a hegemon representing the human clans.

This was something he absolutely would not allow to happen!

“Let’s assess the situation first. If Ye Xiwen is dead, that will be good. If he wins in the end, then we must take the shot decisively. You are responsible for stopping Si Konghao later. I will personally deal with Ye Xiwen. Think about it, our Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan’s talents have also died a lot in his hand. This hurts the clan’s foundation a lot. It is a must to get rid of him!” said Crown Prince Crocodile coldly. Crown Prince Crocodile did not regard E Hong and E Ying as powerful opponents. In Crown Prince Crocodile’s view, these two were the foundational forces to dominate the Floral Cloud Sea Region in the future.

From this point of view, Crown Prince Crocodile was much more ambitious than E Hong and E Ying. He disregarded them entirely. In his heart, the duo was only worthy of being his subordinate.

That was why he could tolerate the existence of competitors whose ultimate goal was to challenge him, both overtly and secretly.

The stage of his battle involved the entire Flourished Cloud Sea Region and even other sea regions. In his opinion, the fighting in his clan was just child’s play.

E Hong and E Ying’s death did reduce the number of competitors, but it also weakened his future strength. Including the hatred of sieging his saber and coveting the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber in Ye Xiwen’s hands, Crown Prince Crocodile was determined to kill Ye Xiwen right at this place.

“Brother, look, what is this human’s bloodline? It’s so fascinating. Even the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast can’t beat him despite the higher cultivation realm!” At this time, among the sea demons, the young female expert asked the young male expert.

These two warriors turned out to be brother and sister!

The male sea demon young expert looked at Ye Xiwen, frowned, and said, “They aren’t in the same realm. Although human clans are never known for their physique, they always have some special bloodline. Some ancient humans are experts in this area. It’s so unexpected that the level of difference is so much that the human can suppress this silver-horned giant demonic sea beast. This is something unheard of!”

Behind them, those sea demon experts also nodded. If it was just a contest with the same cultivation realm, it was not that surprising yet to suppress this silver-horned giant demonic sea beast. After all, some clan groups had bloodlines that were exceptionally proficient at physical body cultivation. It was abnormal that it could suppress enemies across several realms.

Unless it was a dragon and other legendary clan groups born with incomparable flesh and blood, it should be impossible.

“I seem to feel a vicious beast aura in him, just like those demonic sea beasts. It gives off a particularly dangerous feeling. I think he may be an unknown vicious beast!” The female sea demon expert suddenly said.

“Anyway, let’s just observe!” The male expert cooled down. In this world, there were too many unknowns. Although they were all outstanding in strength, they were knowledgeable. But they were far worse than those of the older generation.


The fiery long saber in Ye Xiwen’s hand was getting bigger and bigger. Every saber slash left a flame trace. That was the saber technique that had a firm grasp on the law of the flame. Every saber slash burned intensely.

After such a long time, Ye Xiwen had already deduced Wood Burning Saber Technique to the peak. Although it was incomplete, Ye Xiwen had been able to execute it at the highest mind construct.

If the Wood Burning Saber Technique’s incomplete parts could be deduced into completion later, then the Wood Burning Saber Technique’s output would have an improvement at the fundamental level.

“Boom!” The fiery long saber slashed directly on this silver-horned giant demonic sea beast, tearing a long crack on his body. The attack shattered the scales protecting his body.

The scales on his body that could even withstand the aggression of space’s collapse had shattered under one of Ye Xiwen’s slash.

Although the wound was not too big, it alerted this silver-horned giant demonic sea beast. The human in front of him was not just a minute Transcendent Realm Fifth Level warrior.

If it were just a mere Transcendent Realm Fifth Level ant, he would be able to slap the opponent to death already with no fear. However, he was gradually overwhelmed as the battle proceeded.

His physical body cultivation that he was so proud of had no advantage in front of Ye Xiwen’s Tyrant Body, despite the cultivation realm disparity. If the human’s cultivation realm were slightly higher, he would be utterly crushed.

This tiny ant in his perception hurt him.

“You’re still not wielding your saber yet. Do you want to die?” snarled the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast coldly. He saw that the demonic saber behind Ye Xiwen was not unsheathed, which meant the human had not gone all out yet. This was simply a humiliation to him. After all, he gave the best he had, but the opponent was still holding back. It was a naked contempt on him.

Some had profound martial arts; whether they had weapons in their hands was not significant. However, that was not always the case. After all, Ye Xiwen’s weapon was too extraordinary. It was not a decoration because it must contain mighty power.

“I’m more than enough to deal with you!” sneered Ye Xiwen. He had no intention to wield his saver. If he needed the demonic saber to deal with the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast, he had no winning chances against Crown Prince Crocodile.

“Since you are digging your grave, then I will be sending you off to the afterlife!” The silver-horned giant demonic sea beast was undeniably a ruthless warrior. Having a fair battle was merely a joke for him. His kind advice was on a whim. Seeing Ye Xiwen not appreciating it, he just left it be.

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