Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress

Chapter 702: Chapter 702

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Hong s.h.i.+san's eyes grew solemn.

"Hong Fang, you seem to have forgotten that I have your wife and children."

"Family bonds can never be used as a threat for a real man, compared to the great course of the imperial court, it's clear which part stands out more in my heart.." Hong Fang was so cold when he said these words, Zhuge Rou and Hong Yulang's face went pale.

Hong Mingyue restrained Xiahou Qi's hand and could not help s.h.i.+vering.

She looked at her father with some disbelief.

Hong Yulang, and Zhuge Rou, were teetering, especially Zhuge Rou, who kept speaking.

"No, husband, you won't do that to me."

Not far away, Ye Huangyu witnessed this scene, and she saw through what exactly was going on.

Hong Fang, an indifferent man in nature, was ungrateful. He could go far as  to abandon her and Ling Yue in those days, and that was expected.

"It seems that I have underestimated Lord Hong after all. You are more fickle than I have expected." Hong s.h.i.+san sneered coldly with his hands behind him, and he slowly leapt a step forward, getting closer to Hong Mingyue."But I really want to try. Who is going to win at last?"

Suddenly, a dark object was aimed at Hong Mingyue.

Hong Mingyue's eyelids twitched for a while, while Hong Fang was frozen.

"Hong s.h.i.+san!" Luosong and an elder of and Three Lives Valley became pale when they saw what was in the hands of Hong s.h.i.+san.

Nieyuan gun, what was in hong s.h.i.+san hands turned out to be Nieyuan gun.

On the mainland, people had long heard about the might of the Nieyuan gun.

It was said that Nieyuan gun was powerful enough to kill a reincarnation of three fighters directly from a long distance.

At the moment, Hong s.h.i.+san was only a few steps away from Hong Mingyue, and Hong Mingyue was only a cultivator of level two "Princess Mingyue, you are young and beautiful. If you are not careful, you will be bombarded by Nieyuan gun. Your beautiful face will turn into blood in an instant, and you will not even leave a bone or hair. Gee, I feel sorry for you when I think about such a scene."

The black muzzle of the Nieyuan gun was aimed at Hong Mingyue's head, sending out a faint chill.

Hong Mingyue was panting, and she could even feel, her own body, was turning a little bit stiff.

Even she was by nature more indifferent than ordinary people, but Hong Mingyue was only a girl under the age of 14 after all.

Today, she suffered misfortune in succession. First, she was defeated by an opponent who had been under estimated by her. Then, at her father's behest, she killed the king and took the prince hostage. Especially just now, her father's heartless words exhausted Hong Mingyue physically and mentally. At the same time, her disappointment with Hong Fang also reached its highest point.

Hong s.h.i.+san's words drifted into her ears intermittently.

It was as simple as, "even if you do your best for Hong's family, what can you get at last?"

All that happens could not be changed and all what Hong Mingyue did today was just to pave way for others.

'By the time Hong Fang becomes famous, and he can still marry again and raise a bunch of daughters and sons. Who will remember the daughter who died tragically for him?'

Even if she survived, and Hong Fang became emperor in the future, and Hong Mingyue would have to call a woman her mom who was  younger than herself.

Hong s.h.i.+san's words were hostile Hong Mingyue would not hear a word several years ago.

But today, what he said pierced into the heart of Hong Mingyue word by word.

"Mingyue, don't listen to him."

Hong Fang saw Hong Mingyue's expression getting clouded, and his the heart was burning like fire.

The anxious voice of her father Hong Fang, the cries of her brother and mother, the thick smoke in the school yard and the bodies everywhere, were interwoven, were like a terrible map of Senluo h.e.l.l, making Hong Mingyue's brain ache badly.

"Mingyue, don't listen to his nonsense which mislead the public. The prince was caught by you. If he dares to use the Nieyuan gun, the prince will die." Hong Fang saw Hong Mingyue's expression change abruptly. He held down the backward hand, but also kept shaking violently, very anxious.

Hong Fang couldn't wait to control the prince himself.

"Enough!" Hong Mingyue's patience just worn out, and she suddenly let out a scream.

She suddenly raised her face and glared at Hong Fang maliciously.

"Father, I've had enough, from my childhood to this very day, I did whatever you and grandpa asked me to do. When you wanted me to learn martial arts, I and started learning the day I learnt how to walk just to please you. Then you wanted me to join Three Lives Valley and I've cut through five pa.s.ses and joined Three Lives Valley. You asked me to marry Luosong, and I married without saying anything. But how did you treat me? When I succeeded, you were just parading around triumphantly. When I was defeated, you didn't give me a word of comfort. "Hong Mingyue remembered that she had just suffered a terrible defeat. The first thing her father said was to tell her that when she was rewarded by the emperor later, he wanted her to kill Emperor Xia.

Hearing that order, Hong Mingyue only felt her heart, suddenly cold.

The stubborn voice of the young girl reverberated in the drilling ground.

It fell on everyone's ears and sounded extremely bleak.

Ye Lingyue sighed in her heart, but she had no sympathy. She had no  sympathy for the people of the Hong Manor. It served them right.

Hong Mingyue's eyes became red, and she tried not to let the tears in her eyes trickle down.

Zhuge Rou and Hong Yulang also shed tears, only Hong Fang, showed a face of unfriendly -looking.

He glared at Hong Mingyue like he had never known her before.

"Mingyue, you have let me down too much!"

Disappointed ... Yes, very disappointed. Her beloved father, who she had always thought cherished his wife and children turned out to be the opposite. He was a shameless vile person with double dealing and was willing to kill his brother and abandon his wife and children for the sake of status and power.

"Hong s.h.i.+san, I let Xia Houqi go in exchange for my mother and my brother's freedom." Hong Mingyue's heart was completely dead.

The only thing she could do now was to save the lives of her mother and Hong Yulang.

Hong s.h.i.+san was slightly relieved, the hand holding the Nieyuan gun was trembling slightly.

Only she knew, Nieyuan gun, with only one Candle dragon bullet in it, was impossible to launch anything.

After seeing the eye of Wu Hou, the latter, though still calm in face, nodded quickly towards himself, meaning that she would agree to the terms of hong mingyue.

"Well, I promise you, you and I will count to three, I will release you, and you will release me."Ye Ling said, slowly put down his Nieyuan gun.

"No, Mingyue, you can't let him go. Do you want to kill our family!" Hong Fang did not expect that Hong Mingyue, who had always been the clever one, would betray him at a critical time!

"One, two ..."

Hong s.h.i.+san and Hong MingYue who ignored Hong Fang, were in unison, counting, but when the two wanted to read out the "three" at the same time, suddenly a rumbling sound, along with a huge figure, swept the drilling ground like dark clouds.

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