Chapter 42: Chapter 42

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I felt so embarra.s.sed, that I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself. I mean I'm not sure if they were eavesdropping but by the looks, in their faces, I'm sure they knew what we were doing.

Blake grunted a little before putting me down. ' How about we have snacks' Sophi Arston (Blake's mother) suggested… ' yes …I wannn coookies' Callen said in a cute voice to which I smiled.

We went down to the kitchen, and I met Blake's father. He was sitting on a wooden chair relaxed. ' Hey, Blake. what happened' he asked I was sure he was asking about the red alarm which went off.

Sophia nudged him a little and whispered in his ear and his frown turned into a smile. ' I see you have the quite enthusiastic mate here' he said.

I looked at him confused as to why he called me his mate. He just smiled and said ' that's a family tradition, to call our future wife, mate' and I blushed. I knew Blake would be ready any minute to marry me, but hearing him say that I'm his wife was a great feeling.

Branard Arston (Blake's father) held out his hand ' nice to meet you dear' he said with a warm smile. ' Nice to meet you too, sir' I said.

….the similarities were almost 100%, I just felt that if Blake got old he would just look like his father and that made me blush even hard.

' You can call me 'dad' if

your comfortable.....leave all the formalities, we are going to be family one day' he said.

' come on darling, you are scaring her' Sophia said.

' Calllen is hungry' callen said rubbing his stomach.

' up we go...' I said holding Callen up.

' I will help your mom' I said looking at Blake. I mean I couldn't even make eye contact with him.

' You know my son is head over heels for you' Sophia said and I was literally grinning like a mad dog.

I mean who would have thought that I would be here making cookies with my future mother-in-law. If anyone told me this a year back, I certainly would have pa.s.sed it off like a dream. But seeing how things were proceeding ' I am truly happy to have met your son' I said taking out the cookies from the oven. She smiled ' he live always run to you no matter what' brus.h.i.+ng my head, and the memories of my mother came rus.h.i.+ng down. She is such a beautiful women.

We went out with Callen holding the bunch of cookies proudly presenting them to Blake and Branard. I sat next to Blake and Callen sat on top of me in the living room.

Rock joined in later, and all the while I could feel Blake dragging holes at me. ' so how far have you guys proceeded' Blake's mom asked and I was becoming red like a tomato. ' come on mom' Blake retorted.

' whose the one scaring her now' Blake's father teasingly replied to his wife. And I loved seeing how well they get along.

' come on we hope to see grandchildren soon' she said and I literally started choking myself.

Blake started rubbing my back to calm me down 'This is why I don't bring her' he said grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me up. ' we'll be leaving now' he said and I slightly bowed to them before getting pushed inside a room.

'look at him blush' I heard his mom saying and I couldn't help agreeing to her after seeing Blake's fl.u.s.tered face.

' you don't need to listen to them, they are just old people looking for some excitement' Blake said rubbing his forehead.

' Its alright, I don't mind…I feel comfortable around them, like a family' I said and Blake started blus.h.i.+ng like crazy.

Oh man, what am I going to do to him, his cute reactions brings out the devil inside me.

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