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Where are all the....

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Chapter 910 - Where are all the....

MVS 910

The group asked the man as many questions as they could, but as expected, it was a lost cause. He couldn't remember anything, so he had no way of answering their inquiries. Still, his particular situation reminded them a lot of how Kazz and Fex were when they first had found them.

However, the strangest thing was how the man was even unable to remember how he had ended up in his cell. Even after telling him two girls had brought him here, it didn't jog anything in his brain. Silver was hoping that he could at least describe what he had seen on their uniform, but it was all hopeless.

"Wait, where are you going? Are you not going to set me free?!" He shouted as the group continued on their way.

"If we did that, then the others would know that we were here. Have you lost your common sense as well as your memories?" Silver questioned him harshly.

"But you can't just do this! After seeing all this, if you leave, you are just as bad as them!" The man continued to shout, pulling at the bars. He was desperate, but the main reason why he felt like this was because of how all the others around him were acting. He knew he would end up the same if nothing was done.

"When those guys return, I'll tell them that I saw you anyway, so you might as well let me out!"

Still, the group continued to ignore him and continued on their way.

"Hey, what if he really tells them about us? Won't that be trouble for us?" Nate asked.

"Don't worry, on the way back, we can deal with him, and as Leo said, there doesn't seem to be anyone to guard this place. They should be rather confident in their cells and hiding place." Silver replied.

Fex looked a little down after talking with the man. After all, he could relate to not having any memories and nobody explaining what was going on. Luckily, he had been important enough for people to come to his rescue. As for the man and everyone else in this facility, even if they had someone looking for them, how likely was it that those possessed the necessary strength?.

"I know what you're thinking, but we can't help them." Leo said. "At least not yet. Think about what would happen if we did. A lot of these subclasses would probably just get killed if they were to appear in the Vampire settlement. After we find out what is going on and that it won't put our or peoples' lives in danger, then we can act."

Leo knew full well what acting before knowing all the small details could result in. He had once lost everyone he had cared about because of it.

After going past every single one of the cells, they had come across a couple more subclasses that seemed a bit saner then the others they had met. They could be communicated with but were close to a breaking point.

Just like the first, the others also had their memories removed. However , one of them seemed to have seen something, when asked if there was anything there. The subclasses pointed at the flat cordon in the centre of the area that looked to be just empty ground.

"Hey, I think that man

is trying to tell us something." Nate noted, running over to the flat ground, he looked at the centre, and then walked over towards the edges.

"Hey, I'm right. You see how the rubble of the ground is spread off towards the sides? Yet, for some reason there's none in the centre at all, which can only mean one thing."


A clang sound could be heard after Nate had finished his explanation since Leo had used his sword against the ground.

"It appears we have a trap door, and quite the hidden one" Leo concluded.

The next course of action was to try and find a way in. This facility just kept surprising them more and more and they didn't feel like leaving before unearthing all the secrets they could find.

Eventually they found that on the second floor, there was an operation room. It was empty just like the rest, and even the inside of it looked to have been made with metals that were a little rusted.

'Does this mean that this facility has been here for a long time?' Silver wondered. 'Doing all this right under our noses.'

Depending on the material, sometimes Leo's senses wouldn't allow him to see through them, and this turned out to be one of them, making him just as curious as his companions about what was underneath. The controls were simple enough, even for Nate to use them as he pulled a leaver, and the mechanics behind the door started to move.

As they had learnt, the arena floor was a large trap door. From the centre it started to slowly pull away in two halfs and what little burble there was would fall down the centre while the rest moved to the sides.

"Looks like the blockhead isn't so useless after all." Silver commented, and they all looked over to Nate, who grumbled under his breath that they were underestimating him.

Once fully opened, they could see a large swirling staircase going around the edge, and the team decided to carry on moving forward. Once they had awed around to the stairs, looking down they could just see the bottom.

The whole thing was made of a strange metallic material. It made the whole area feel cold and blue. Before they started walking down the stairs they were looking towards Leo for new answers.

"I think you will all be surprised as me, but the area down there is almost an identical replica of what is up there." Leo explained. "There is a major difference between the two though. All of these above ground are vampires, or vampire subclasses."

Here, Leo could feel it. "Nearly every single thing alive in this underground facility on the other hand is a Bloodsucker."

It confused them, but they did get the okay from Leo to move forward. Walking down the spiral staircase together, they were able to see for themselves. The Bloodsucker looked more hungry than ever, never taking its eyes of them.

Walking down more, they saw the same thing repeating again and again. Unfortunately, it looked like they had all lost their minds. Even if one tried to ask them a question they were unable to answer it just like those above.

There was no one they could speak to here below. Silver soon realised that the sheer number of Bloodsuckers behind bars was far more than should be possible. They had already passed around two hundred cells and it looked like there were around two hundred more to go.

"What are they planning to do with all of these?" Silver asked.

But no one knew the answer, apart from the person who had brought them here. This was when Nate also noticed something strange, something that had bugged him as he walked around the whole place.

"Where are all the women?" Nate blurted out.

"You teenager, do you really need to think about things like that, at a time like this!?" Silver glared at him.


"No, that's not what I was thinking about. I just pointed out that we have only seen men in these cages so far. Don't you find it at least a little bit weird given the number? I could understand if it would have been a dozen or so, but there are hundreds down here, yet every single one is male." Nate explained.

"Is that really true?" Fex wondered as he tried to remember what they had seen so far. He had been more interested in their subclass than their gender.

"Of course, trust me I would have kept a note or something if there were some girls around." Nate replied, blushing when all three gave him strange looks.

Silver, who had quite a good memory, started to think back. She was unsure if it was a big deal, but it certainly did seem a little strange. It wasn't as if only men could turn into Bloodsucker, and the same was true for the subclasses.

"Putting aside that it does seem strange, does this information help us in any way?" Silver asked.

"I don't know yet, it just reminded me of a place where the opposite was true. Back when I went to visit the second family for Cia to get her memories back. I was surrounded by girls and had been wondering where the men were. It was just a thought, but now it makes me think, could it be they were brought here? Turned into these monsters?"


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