Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?

Chapter 1164 Sabbath

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With the admin leaving, Shiro massaged her body and stood up. Forcing the power on the scale of tier 9 through her body right now was really not the best thing to do. Though it paid off since it gave her some insights on creation.

If it was not for the fact that she had already made some progress in creation along with Error being there for her, she wouldn't have been able to invoke a tier 9 magic like Circle of Transmigration.

After all, all of her spells as Anima had been pure destruction spells. Similar to her Yin Style Asura's Path, she used a specific set of spells from when she was the First Born of Destruction. She put all of her spells under the category called the Seven Gates of Destruction.

Thinking about her original spell set, Shiro glanced down at her hands and shook her head.

With her power right now she couldn't even unleash the full power of the First Gate of Destruction never mind the other six.

Though even if she was able to, she wouldn't use it since it would tip the balance of her divinity to the destruction side too much.

Dismissing the energy that was gathering around her hand, Shiro walked towards where Nine and Iris were.

As she was walking, Shiro felt a pain shoot through her body, causing her to kneel down for a moment.

Blood started to pour from her eye as she quickly healed herself.

"I suppose I did exert myself just a little." Shiro muttered.


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Behind her, where she had cast her spell, she noticed a fluctuation of power from another realm. Widening her eyes, she quickly swept her senses towards the direction and knew that someone was trying to tap into her strength as the First Born of Destruction.

Furrowing her brows, Shiro stood up with a serious face.

Taking a deep breath, she activated the Argus System and clasped her hands together. Argus' blessing allowed her to see anything she locked onto with hardly anything being able to block her sight. Even if they were in a different realm.

Tier 6 magic circles appeared around her as her view flickered to reveal Lyrica walking through the tears in space within the world of the Beyond.

Widening her eyes in a mixture of surprise and relief, Shiro also noticed how she was determined to walk forward. Even without her doing anything, Lyrica pressed on, shattering her mortal shell using the power of the tier 9 magic circle.

Furrowing her brows, Shiro wanted to lecture Lyrica about being reckless but considering what she just did, she couldn't say anything. Thinking about it, Shiro decided to help out.

"Lyrica went to another realm in search of power. The fact that her aura is a bit weaker than an Empress can't be denied which means she probably hasn't found what she wanted yet. Even though there is a limit to what I can do, I can help temper her body to get used to the power close to that of a First Born." Shiro muttered as mana threads appeared on her hands.

Taking a deep breath, her eyes focused. This was most likely going to be the last time she helps Lyrica for a while since they both have things they need to do. Now that their fates have crossed once more, she'll push her power once more. Even if she was on

her last leg, her friend was risking her life. The least she could do was help her so that she could walk without worry.

Sensing Nine and Iris approach, Shiro opened her mouth.

"I need to sort out something right now, Iris if you can help me supress my injuries it'll be a great help. Nine, set up a parameter where we can be relatively safe." Shiro ordered as Nine nodded his head.


Grabbing his swords, he threw them into the air and had them stab into the ground in specific patterns, forming a barrier around everyone with him in the centre.

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As for Iris, she clapped her hands together and a deck of cards appeared between her palms. After studying the Star Chart that Shiro had helped her obtain last time, her collection had increased by quite a bit.

Three of the cards started to glow as she drew them all in one swift movement and threw it into the air. Shattering to specks of light that flowed into Shiro's body, Iris activated another spell as a star chart could now be seen in the sky.

Feeling a wave of relaxing energy sooth her wounds, Shiro realised a big change. All of Iris' buffs were percentile!!

Even for Silvia, there were only a few that were percentile. While her usual healing spells are ridiculous and hard to outclass, it meant that Iris could still be helping to people who are level 1000 despite being low level herself. She could cover for Silvia should there be the need to.

Thinking about this, Shiro started to wonder about how strong Iris could get with her class. But that was a fleeting thought since the importance was Lyrica right now.

With Iris and Nine helping her, Shiro started to manipulate the energy left behind by her spell to invoke the power of rebirth so that it may refine Lyrica's body and soul.

Controlling the powers carefully so that it wasn't too much for Lyrica, Shiro could feel her body reaching its limit but there was still the final step to go. Taking a deep breath, Shiro reignited the power of destruction within herself only to then flood it with the little amounts of creation she had obtained. Immediately withdrawing her destruction, the void caused by this amplified the power of creation slightly and it flowed into Lyrica, forcefully changing her class and granted her taste of a First Born's power.

The moment this was done, Shiro's spell collapsed as she could feel the backlash rush through her body, draining all of her mana in one go and damaged her body heavily. After all, she had just invoked a simulation of a tier 9's power twice in quick succession. It was no wonder that she would be suffering the consequences. Shocked by the backlash, Iris tried to heal Shiro as much as she could.

Taking long deep breaths, Shiro watched as Lyrica's transformation was successful and smiled. With her goal reached, she relaxed her body. Feeling a gaze on her, Shiro tracked the gaze and realised it came from the Realm Ruler.

Opening her mouth, Shiro used the power of Argus to send a message.

[I do apologise about the small problem I may have caused to your realm. However, it has allowed my friend to gain a new found power therefore I am grateful for the benefits that your domain has brought to her so if you were to require any help in the future, so long as it does not breach my code of conduct, I will try my best to assist you. You have my word as the Nanotech Goddess of Destruction.] Shiro said as she released her aura, allowing the Realm Ruler to sense her power.

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Her response was simple.

[I understand. I shall look forward to seeing you in the future. Lifeline.]

The moment she finished her sentence, the connection was cut off as Shiro blinked her eyes in surprise. The fact that the Realm Ruler knew of her identity as the lifeline of this world was surprise since the system would prevent people from discovering that. The fact that she knew must mean that she has a unique privilege with the system.


With the communications cut off, Shiro relaxed her body and glanced back at the two. Iris was drenched with sweat while continuously trying to keep Shiro's body in shape while Nine was on guard about even the smallest movement around them.

"You two can stop now, I've finished what I needed to do. Plus, I think we have a few guests that are curious about our identity." Shiro smiled, sensing people approaching from the distance.

Hearing this, Iris and Nine nodded. Waving his hand, he deactivated his barrier but didn't remove the swords so that it could be reactivated at a moment's notice.

Waiting for a moment, they watched as the residents of the city approach the three of them. Standing in the front, a man could be seen with a white hooded jacket. Red marking could be seen on the surface but it was faint. Almost as though it didn't exist but to Shiro's eyes, it was clear as day.

Pulling down his hood, he revealed himself to be a middle aged man with dark midnight hair and pure white eyes.

"Excuse me, do you happen to know where our Queen is? We have recently woken up with strange memories in our minds, as the aura around you suggest that you are far from the common person, I do believe that there is a good chance that you have some answers." The man bowed slightly while the others stayed silent out of respect for him.

[Sabbath LVL 780 ???]


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