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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: There Might Be A Sect With A Genius in the Supreme Sword Dao

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Taiyue Sword Sect.

Under the Sword Epiphany Cliff.

With the sound of thunder, countless disciples could not help but look over.

There were five young disciples seated under the Sword Epiphany Cliff.

They were the outstanding inner sect disciples of the Taiyue Sword Sect who were extremely talented in the Sword Dao.

They were also the reason that the Sect Leader of the Taiyue Sword Sect invited Daoist Siji to carve a sword mark for them to comprehend the sword intent.

Not even a full month had pa.s.sed, but someone had finally comprehended the sword intent of Daoist Siji.

He was a young man who did not look a day over twenty. He was dressed in a white robe and seated cross-legged on the ground with a long sword in front of him that was buzzing with sounds.

That was not all. There were also numerous sword shadows that emerged behind him.

“He has gained enlightenment.”

“Senior Brother Xu Heng has really gained enlightenment.”

“Have you had an enlightenment?”

“Oh my goodness, Senior Brother Xu Heng lives up to his name of a famous Sword Dao genius in Qingzhou. It's only been a month and he has already comprehended the Spring Thunder Swordsmans.h.i.+p of the Four Thunder Sword Techniques to the realm of Greater Mastery with the sword mark.”


“I'm so envious.”


“When Daoist Siji left this sword mark, he said that even for a genius, it would take ten years to comprehend any one of the Four Thunder Sword Techniques to the realm of Peak but Senior Brother Xu Heng only took a year to comprehend the Spring Thunder Swordsmans.h.i.+p to the realm of Greater Mastery. He would probably take less than three years for the next three.”


“Senior Brother is known as one of the ten greatest geniuses in the Sword Dao. We can only look up to such a talented person like him.”

“Stop it, I'm getting sour.”

“It seems that Senior Brother is going to be in the top ten in the Qingzhou Sword Dao Meet, right?”

“Top ten? I'll give you a chance to correct yourself. He'll be in at least the top three.”

“In a year's time, he managed to reach the realm of Greater Mastery in the Spring Thunder Swordsmans.h.i.+p. Isn't he a genius in the Sword Dao?”


The disciples of the Taiyue Sword Sect were discussing fervently among themselves while looking at him in envy.

There were seven or eight elders on the Sword Epiphany Cliff.

They were all elders of the Taiyue Sword Sect.

One of them was grinning widely, unable to hide his joy.

“Senior Brother Ming Jian, you really made the right judgment. Your disciple has managed to comprehend Senior Siji's sword intent in just a month's time. What a joyous event worth celebrating.”

An elder congratulated Elder Ming Jian, the old man who had the widest smile of all.

“Hahaha, not at all. He's only reached the realm of Greater Mastery, no big deal. Senior Siji's sword mark contains his sword intent. Reaching the realm of Greater Mastery is not considered much at all.”


Elder Ming Jian smiled and appeared very modest, but his grin wasn't the least bit modest at all.

“Senior Brother Ming Jian, you're being too modest.”

“Yeah, Senior Brother Ming Jian, you're being too humble. Your disciple has a high attainment in the Sword Dao, and it won't be wrong to say that he's the best in the inner sect. I reckon Xu Heng might have a chance to take the first place in the Qingzhou Sword Dao Meet this time.”


Another elder praised, stroking his beard.

However, someone soon humphed sternly.

“There are hidden talents everywhere in Qingzhou. Putting aside the Four Thunder Swordsmans.h.i.+p Sect and the White Cloud Dao Sect, there are tens of thousands of sects of all sizes in Qingzhou. Isn't it a little too early to say that he will come in first place?”

The person who

spoke was an old man, and there was some disdain in his tone.

Immediately afterwards, Elder Ming Jian's face also grew a little sullen.

The former was his rival since he was young and they could be considered to have gone against each other all their lives.

However, the former's disciple had yet to comprehend the sword intent so he was naturally displeased.

Elder Ming Jian glanced at him.

However, he didn't get angry.

Instead, he laughed and said, “Elder Chen Yu is right. There might be hidden talents in Qingzhou and there might be a Supreme Sword Dao genius in one of the smaller sects who can reach the Peak in less than twenty days by just casually looking at a sword mark. My inferior disciple is definitely not qualified to clinch the first place in the Qingzhou Sword Dao Meet.”


Elder Ming Jian remarked sarcastically.

The elders' expressions changed slightly.

They could instantly tell that Elder Ming Jian was just mocking him with sarcasm.

‘Reaching the Peak realm by casually looking at a sword mark?'

There wouldn't be such a talent in the ten nations, let alone Jin Nation or Qingzhou.


What kind of a genius must one be to do that?


Even a reincarnation of a Sword Immortal might not be able to do that.


Daoist Siji was the best Sword Dao powerhouse in Qingzhou who was in the Nascent Soul realm and could condense the supreme sword intent. Even a true genius in the Sword Dao would have to spend several years comprehending the sword techniques in his sword mark.

Yet, Daoist Ming Jian mentioned reaching the realm of Peak by casually looking at Daoist Siji's sword mark.

He was obviously being sarcastic.

After hearing these words, Elder Chen Yu could not help but show his anger.

However, with so many juniors around, he could not lose his temper, lest he embarra.s.sed himself.

“Don't fight, Senior Brothers, no matter whose disciple is highly talented, it'd be a good thing for the Taiyue Sword Sect.”

“However, coming in first in the Qingzhou Sword Dao Meet is indeed a little too exaggerated. After all, there is only one genius in the Four Thunder Swordsmans.h.i.+p Sect. However, the Sect Leader has stated that, no matter what, he wants our disciple to be in the top ten this time.”

“Do you all know why?”

At this moment, another elder spoke up.

In an instant, the elders were curious as they indeed did not know the reason.

Although the disciples of the Taiyue Sword Sect would usually do well in all the Qingzhou Sword Dao Meets in history, the Sect Leader seemed to have valued the upcoming one particularly greatly. He even invited Daoist Siji to carve his sword mark, which hinted that there was something strange.

Everyone was curious.

The latter began explaining slowly.

“This time, those who achieve the top ten can get a entry token to the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da, do you all understand?”

All of a sudden, the crowd was shocked.

“Entry token to the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da?”

“Ah! Is the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da going to be open again?”

“Turns out it's the entry token to the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da! No wonder the Sect Leader pulled his connections to invite Daoist Siji here. So this is the reason.”


The elders were astonished.

They knew what the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da represented.

It was an ancient treasure of the ten nations in the Southern region.

It was rumored to have been refined by a Sword Immortal.

It contained the inheritance of a Sword Immortal as well as his comprehension. As long as a disciple of the Sword Dao lineage entered, they would definitely gain something out of it.

There were 91 levels in the Sword Tower, each of which was guarded by a gatekeeper. The higher one went, the more rewards they would get.

One would require the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da token to enter.

Naturally, the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da token was extremely valuable.

However, they never thought that the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da token would be awarded to the top ten candidates of the Qingzhou Sword Dao Meet. It was rather surprising.


“Yes, the Taixuan Sword PaG.o.da has been activated again and 365 tokens have been issued this time. Ten have been allocated to Qongzhou and the final decision is that these ten tokens will be given to the top ten candidates of the Sword Dao Meet. So, be sure to teach your disciples well during this period of time.”

“If a disciple of a smaller sect takes the token instead of our disciples, that would be embarra.s.sing.”


The other party said smilingly.

Everyone else smiled indifferently too.

However, they all understood that such an occurrence was almost impossible.


The larger sects were large not only because of their strong heritage, but mainly because of their abundant resources.

What could a small sect do even if they had a peerless genius?


Would they really be able to comprehend hundreds of sword intents from a random sword mark?


No way. Surely you don't really think there's a peerless Supreme Sword Dao genius in this world, do you?


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