No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Successful Epiphany of the G.o.dfiend Diagram


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It was bright early in the morning.

Ye Ping posed to observe the sky for an entire day.

Unfortunately, he did not have an epiphany of the G.o.dfiend Diagram.

Ye Ping felt a little upset because of that.

It was written clearly on the technique.

Those with apt.i.tude would be able to have an epiphany of the G.o.dfiend Diagram at one glance.

Those who did not might never get an epiphany for the rest of their life.

However, Ye Ping did not give up.

He rested for a short while. With the Qi Nourishment Pill, he did not have to eat and hence, could save the time to eat and relieve nature's call. After all, he did not eat anything.

Ye Ping spent 22 hours of his day cultivating, leaving only two hours for him to rest or do other things.

It was midday.

Ye Ping still did not have an epiphany of the G.o.dfiend Diagram.

However, he was not discouraged and was instead even more determined to work harder.

“Only those with great willpower can comprehend the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering Technique. I may have poor apt.i.tude, but I have the perseverance and determination that ordinary people don't. I will definitely succeed. I believe in myself.”


Under the blazing sun, Ye Ping kept his arms raised as he tried to comprehend heaven and earth.


He had that willpower.


He continued all the way until late at night.

It was rather quiet and peaceful in the Qingyun Dao Sect.

The stars in the sky seemed to have formed a river and the bright moon could not be seen.

Ye Ping was still comprehending the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering Technique.

Unfortunately, he still couldn't get an epiphany.

Ye Ping understood that his apt.i.tude was average and he could not compare to the geniuses. Hence, he had to spend time acc.u.mulating to gain an epiphany.

However, despite having understood that, Ye Ping was still extremely eager. Well, who wouldn't want to master such a Body Tempering technique as soon as possible?

An hour later, Ye Ping's arms were tired, so he put it down and then sat on the ground to take a deep breath.

It was nighttime.

The cold wind blew.

Holding the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering Technique, Ye Ping continuously thought about what went wrong.

“The technique is definitely correct.”


“I must have understood something wrongly.”

“But what exactly is the problem? Should I ask Senior Brother?”

Ye Ping pondered in his mind.

However, he soon shook his head.

‘If I ask Senior Brother about it, wouldn't his impression of me become worse?”

Ye Ping dismissed his thoughts and felt that there was a need for him to study it carefully.

Thus, Ye Ping held onto the secret manual and continuously pondered about it.

Although the manual was thick, there was no content at the back and the main point was the G.o.dfiend Diagram.

Ye Ping believed that it was a peerless cultivation technique because the more simpler it was, the more profound its content.

It was a common saying that the Great Dao was simple.

The more complicated and fancy the technique was, the less reliable it would be.

Ye Ping understood that.

An entire hour pa.s.sed.

Ye Ping suddenly slapped his thigh and thought about the key point.

“Sky Observation Diagram! It doesn't mean observing heaven and earth in the actual sense but viewing the boundless universe with my heart.”


Ye Ping pondered for a full hour and suddenly s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto the word ‘observation'.

It was different from the other words as its character was slightly larger. Through this detail, Ye Ping finally had some thoughts.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“When ordinary people look at the sky, they only feel that the world is vast, but they have no idea that it actually means the universe and the boundless, infinite galaxies. That's the real heaven.”


“When I observe the

sky, I'm also restrained. Daoist Mo Xuan was born before heaven and earth. In his eyes, heaven is the boundless universe. The world is not the heaven in his eyes, but the heaven in his heart.”


“Ah, Eldest Senior Brother, I'm enlightened.”


Answers appeared in Ye Ping's heart one after another.

At this moment, he was extremely excited.

“I couldn't get an epiphany before this because I've been going in the wrong direction.”

“Ye Ping, why are you so silly? You almost failed to have an epiphany.”

Ye Ping secretly blamed himself for being too foolish.

He didn't understand what it meant to observe the sky previously.

Actually, Ye Ping's thoughts were correct.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the sky was vast, but as a transmigrator, Ye Ping knew how vast the sky really was.

When he was younger, he particularly enjoyed exploring things about the universe. Naturally, he knew how large the world was.

Ye Ping took a deep breath.

He put the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering Technique manual in his arms before getting into stance to observe the sky.

However, he did not observe the sky at this moment.

Instead, he closed his eyes and tried to feel heaven and earth with his heart.


In the blink of an eye, a clear breeze blew past.


In Ye Ping's mind, a macrocosm of the universe appeared.

Countless galaxies emerged in Ye Ping's mind. They were infinite and would never cease.


At this moment, stars suddenly began to vibrate above the sky.


The stars emitted dazzling rays of light as they vibrated.

The Great Xia Dynasty.

It was extremely luxurious.

In the Heavenly Secret Hall, the stars on an ancient diagram were dazzling.

The old man seated in front of it immediately opened his eyes with a look of disbelief.

“This… This is impossible. The stars are dazzling. Has an Immortal Saint appeared? How can there be such an abnormality?”

The old man's body trembled.

He was the head of the Heavenly Secret Hall who was extremely authoritative and whose status was second only to the emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty.

However, at this moment, the old man's body trembled and horror filled his eyes.

On top of that, there were three different Heavenly Secret Halls in the east, south, and west. However, the powerful existences in the halls looked just as horrified.

It was a world of immortal cultivation.

Some peerless powerhouses enjoyed watching the stars in the sky to get some divination of the heavenly secrets, which were extremely important in the world of immortal cultivation. They would be able to predict calamities, fortunate events, and the luck of a nation and race.


Before deciding on any major event, the leaders of a nation or dynasty would consult an astrologer to look at the stars to predict the future of things.

If there was a calamity, they would retreat.

If there were good opportunities, they would proceed.

Although the predictions might not necessarily be 100% successful, there were effects in some matters.

The fact that the four powerhouses of the Heavenly Secret Hall were shocked was enough to prove how terrifying the matter was.

However, there was no difference for most of the cultivators in the world.

An example would be those in the Qingyun Dao Sect.

Su Changyu quietly gazed at the sky alone.


He did not notice any difference.

The only thing he noticed was that the stars in the sky seemed to have become brighter.

Not far away, Xu Luochen and Chen Lingrou stared at Su Changyu's feet.

“Second Senior Brother, what do you think is happening to Eldest Senior Brother lately? He would look at the stars at this timing everyday. Do you think he's feeling troubled about something?”

Chen Lingrou asked.

“Not sure.”

Xu Luochen shook his head cluelessly.

“Could it be that Little Junior Brother's apt.i.tude is too low and it's too difficult to teach him? Is Eldest Senior Brother upset because of that?”

Chen Lingrou asked.

“It's possible. After all, not everyone can learn the Sword Dao. Forget it, I'll come and teach Little Junior Brother in a few days' time. Otherwise, if this goes on, who knows if Eldest Senior Brother will do anything extreme?”


Xu Luochen said.

Everything was peaceful.

On the back cliff of the Qingyun Dao Sect, a G.o.dfiend shadow emerged in Ye Ping's mind.


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