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Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: The Waters of the River Rise to Heavens and Spread to the Sea Without Returning


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On the cliff, Ye Ping comprehended the sword mark on the ground attentively in a bid to condense the sword intent sooner.

However, just when he was having his epiphany, Ye Ping vaguely sensed that someone was walking towards him.

In an instant, Ye Ping opened his eyes and looked behind him.

It was Su Changyu.

“Eldest Senior Brother?”

Ye Ping did not expect to see Su Changyu and immediately stood up to bow to him.

“No need to be so polite.”

Su Changyu said, still looking like an expert.

However, despite having such an appearance, he was still feeling upset.

To be more precise, he felt extremely miserable.

Ever since he found out about Ye Ping's extraordinary talent, Su Changyu had never been in a good mood.

Hence, one should refrain from being too compet.i.tive sometimes.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what brings you here today?”

Ye Ping asked curiously.

He was curious because Su Changyu had been visiting rather frequently lately.

“Oh, it's nothing much. I'm just here to impart the second sword technique to you today.”

Su Changyu said casually with a smile.

“Second sword technique?”

Ye Ping was rather shocked.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I'm rather thick in the head and my apt.i.tude is poor. It's almost been a month, but I still haven't condensed the sword intent of the first sword technique. Isn't it a little too soon to be learning the second sword technique?”

Ye Ping was a little worried as he feared that he might bite off more than he could chew.

However, those words were harsh to Su Changyu's ears.

‘This is called poor apt.i.tude?'

‘What am I then?'



‘You've condensed the sword momentum of the Four Thunder Sword Techniques in less than a month. What else do you want?'


‘I've been cultivating hard for 15 years, but I'm only a beginner in the Spring Thunder Swordsmans.h.i.+p. You managed to condense the Four Thunder sword momentum in one month.'

‘What else do you want!?'

Su Changyu was filled with misery.

He somehow felt even more upset.

“It's alright. As the saying goes, master one, master all. Since you've mastered the Four Thunder Sword Techniques, you will get twice the result with half the effort when you learn a new sword technique.”

Despite feeling upset, Su Changyu remained calm on the surface.

“Oh, I see. Thank you so much for teaching me, Eldest Senior Brother.”

Ye Ping nodded as he had neglected that point.

“Little Junior Brother, I'm going to demonstrate a new sword technique in front of you now. Comprehend it well and see what you can get.”

Su Changyu said slowly. He then pulled out his sword and took a few steps back.

Ye Ping held his breath and looked at Su Changyu with full concentration.

Not far away, Su Changyu held his sword in his hand, but he did not rush to swing it. Instead, he closed his eyes.

“Eldest Senior Brother, are you going to become one with heaven and earth and your sword?”

Ye Ping was shocked.

Time pa.s.sed bit by bit.

After a while, Su Changyu opened his eyes, and he finally remembered the sword move.



In the next moment, Su Changyu drew his sword and his sword momentum seemed to have surged towards the river, making Ye Ping feel surprised.

However, Ye Ping soon frowned.

He discovered that although his eldest senior brother's sword moves looked powerful, there seemed to be some incoherence.

Comparing the Four Thunder Sword Techniques to Su Changyu's sword technique, Ye Ping vaguely felt that something was wrong.


Su Changyu seemed to be feeling uncomfortable, and he didn't seem too familiar with it.

He inhaled sharply.

Ye Ping was suddenly shocked.

He thought of a possibility.

‘Eldest Senior Brother is giving me a reminder.'

‘This sword technique is very strong and it's not inferior to the Four Thunder Sword Techniques. In fact, it's even stronger, but one is to making mistakes in certain areas.'

‘Senior Brother is afraid that I might go on

the wrong path, so he deliberately revealed some flaws to make me think about it lest I go wrong.'


Thinking of this, Ye Ping's heart was filled with grat.i.tude.

He could tell that Su Changyu looked like an aloof and stern person who seemed to have a heart of stone but was actually a gentle person who just wasn't good at expressing his emotions. Hence, he was using another method to teach him and express his thoughts.


All of a sudden, Ye Ping liked Su Changyu even more.

Besides, Su Changyu did work very hard to perform the improved Chuanhe Swordsmans.h.i.+p.

After the demonstration, he was panting heavily.

However, he maintained his composure. After performing the last move, Su Changyu especially pulled off a fancy sword move that made everything seem even more visually appealing and convincing.

Ye Ping had also been paying attention to the sword techniques.

After the demonstration ended majestically, Ye Ping couldn't help but mutter to himself.

“The waters of the great river rise to heavens and spread to the sea without returning.”

It was shocking for Ye Ping to describe that sword technique with a poem.

Not far away, Su Changyu seemed calm on the surface, but deep down, he had been paying attention to Ye Ping. He was also worried that Ye Ping might have noticed some flaws, but he realized that Ye Ping's eyes were filled with awe. Hence, he couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

He couldn't help but be stunned when he heard Ye Ping's poem.

“The waters of the great river rise to heavens and spread to the sea without returning?”

“This poem sounds pompous and impressive. Good, I like it.”


Su Changyu bore those lines in mind and then looked at Ye Ping.

“Little Junior Brother, what do you think of this set of sword techniques?”

Su Changyu asked calmly.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I think that this set of sword techniques is very majestic. The sword momentum is like the sea as they overlap and eventually return to the ocean. It's astonis.h.i.+ng.”

Ye Ping praised emotionally.

‘Indeed, he's a scholar.' Su Changyu nodded in satisfaction.

He said, “Little Junior Brother, the name of this sword technique that I'm teaching you is the Heavenly River Sword technique. There are only nine moves in the rudimentary edition. However, you can deduce it continuously. Comprehend it well and think about it properly. I won't say much about the rest, otherwise, it'd be meaningless. Do you understand?”

Su Changyu asked sternly.

“Yes, please don't worry, Senior Brother. I'll definitely practice it well and try to condense the sword momentum soon.”

Ye Ping nodded solemnly.

Su Changyu smiled lightly after hearing this.

Heavenly River Sword momentum?

He had made up that sword technique. Other than the first and last moves, the rest were fabricated by him.


‘Just with this?'

‘You think you can condense the sword momentum?'

‘Little Junior Brother, you're too young.'


Su Changyu was pleased.

However, he did not intentionally try to fool Ye Ping.


It was mainly because he knew what Daoist Tai Hua had in mind and also because he really couldn't comprehend the Chuanhe Sword Technique. Hence, Su Changyu came up with such an idea.


“Little Junior Brother, I've already taught the sword technique to you. Of course, if you can't comprehend it, don't force yourself. After all, there are endless sword techniques in the path of the sword. If one is not suitable for you, just try a different one. At most, you can go back to comprehending the Four Thunder Sword Techniques. Do you understand?”

Su Changyu admonished.

He was just worried that Ye Ping might be too obsessed with trying to comprehend a single technique. If he had a change of mind, Daoist Tai Hua would probably kill Su Changyu.


“I will follow your teachings, Eldest Senior Brother.”

Ye Ping nodded.

“Okay, practice them well. In a couple of days, Xu Luochen will come to see you again and teach you the techniques of alchemy.”


Su Changyu said.

“Senior Brother Luochen?”

Ye Ping was indeed astonished.

He didn't expect to learn something new again so soon.

‘With my apt.i.tude, would I be able to learn it?'

Ye Ping was filled with curiosity.

“Yes, don't worry. Your senior brother Luochen is mild-mannered. His temper is much better than mine. Okay, go ahead and practice at ease.”

Su Changyu did not say anything more.

He turned around and left.

However, he came back again soon.

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