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Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Second Senior Brother Will Teach You To Refine Pills


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Xu Luochen walked towards the Qingyun Dao Sect.

He was in a pleasant mood.


He was a happy-go-lucky person and had a flair for refining pills. He was also the future cash cow of the Qingyun Dao Sect.

After all, if one succeeded in the path of alchemy, they would definitely make a huge fortune.

Unfortunately, Xu Luochen had failed in the alchemy examinations seven times but that did not affect his confidence. He was still young anyway, and there were plenty of opportunities for him to take part in the examinations again.


The important thing that he had to do now was to study and revise well while teaching Ye Ping alchemy.

When mentioning his little Junior Brother, Ye Ping, Xu Luochen couldn't help but sigh.

However, he wasn't feeling dejected because of Ye Ping.

It was because of Su Changyu.

To be frank, they all knew how poor Ye Ping's apt.i.tude was. Otherwise, why would he have joined the Qingyun Dao Sect?


“Ah, Eldest Senior Brother, as a teacher, you have to be professional and impart the Dao to them. You can't start acting like a loony because your disciple has a poor apt.i.tude. You're not stable at all. If you inherit the Qingyun Dao Sect in the future, it will only be a matter of time before the sect falls.”


Xu Luochen muttered to himself while walking.

Just like that, he reached the rear cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect.

At the rear cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect.

Ye Ping had been carefully studying the Heavenly River Swordsmans.h.i.+p for the past two days.

Now, all that he was lacking in his comprehension was the so-called sword intent. However, Ye Ping decided to put it aside for now because he didn't want to be too hasty and end up causing a backfire.

After two days of hard work, Ye Ping had already deduced up to 1,800 sword moves.


The greater the number of sword moves deduced, the stronger the swordsmans.h.i.+p.

One was not expected to execute all the moves during a battle. The sword momentum was the key.

There were three realms of swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Sword move, sword momentum, and sword intent.

The greater the number of sword moves, the stronger the sword momentum, and the stronger the sword momentum, the stronger the sword intent.

If one could comprehend the sword momentum in a set of sword techniques, they would be able to exert the power of the entire set of sword techniques with a casual thrust of the sword.

The Four Thunder Sword Techniques were fused into one, so the power of each thrust would be equivalent to the combined power of 1,460 moves.

Hence, the greater the number of sword moves, the more powerful the sword momentum.

In the eyes of sword cultivators, the excellence of a sword manual could basically be cla.s.sified according to the number of sword moves.

The number of sword moves was not something that could be fabricated. It had to be based on something in order to be stronger.


Of course, there were some cultivators who focused on a single move and could cultivate it to perfection.


However, the significance was similar.

The condensing of the sword momentum was tantamount to the fusion of thousands to tens of thousands of sword moves into one move.

There were a total of 1,460 moves in the Four Thunder Sword Techniques.

Ye Ping had already deduced up to 1,800 moves of the Heavenly River Swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Besides, he had yet to reach the end and the power of the swordsmans.h.i.+p that carried the significance of the milky way was definitely impressive.

Ye Ping did not practice the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering Technique for the time being.

The main reason was his lack of spiritual energy.

Ye Ping had been contemplating if he could eat the Qi Refinement Pill or not.

He also wanted to go over and ask Su Changyu for help but was too embarra.s.sed to do so. However, he decided to put it aside for a while

since Xu Luochen would be going over to give him some pointers in alchemy.

When Ye Ping was thinking about it, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Little Junior Brother.”

It sounded somewhat familiar.

Ye Ping looked over.

It was his Second Senior Brother Xu Luochen.

Ye Ping got up and hurriedly bowed.

Xu Luochen was not as das.h.i.+ng as Su Changyu, but he had a refined temperament. Dressed in a light blue robe, he looked rather elegant.

Xu Luochen was mild-mannered and gentle by nature. He had a Confucian-like temperament.

“Little Junior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother has something important to do lately, so he wants me to come and teach you alchemy.”

Xu Luochen explained.

“I understand. Eldest Senior Brother informed me a few days ago.”

Ye Ping found alchemy and refining pills rather novel.

“Second Senior Brother, does Eldest Senior Brother think my apt.i.tude is too poor so…”

However, in the end, Ye Ping still couldn't help but voice the doubts in his heart.

He might let his imagination run wild because Su Changyu suddenly said that he had something important to handle.

Hearing this, Xu Luochen fell silent for a while before saying with a gentle smile, “Little Junior Brother, your apt.i.tude in the Sword Dao may be unsatisfactory, but Eldest Senior Brother is not such a person. After all, it's his first time teaching.”

“You don't have to feel bad, I'll be teaching you alchemy today. You must learn well. After all, no one is perfect. Junior Brother, you might have mediocre talent in the Sword Dao, but maybe you can accomplish remarkable attainments in alchemy.”


Xu Luochen comforted Ye Ping.

After hearing those words, Ye Ping immediately felt upset. Although Xu Luochen was comforting him, it wasn't of much help.

“I understand. Thank you for comforting me, Second Senior Brother.”

Ye Ping looked upset, but he didn't feel discouraged because of that. Instead, he was even more determined to train hard in the Sword Dao and gain the recognition of his Eldest Senior Brother.


Of course, he had to train hard in alchemy too, for he didn't want to anger Xu Luochen and end up chasing him away.

“Junior Brother Ye Ping, I'm not just trying to comfort you. Being incompetent in the Sword Dao doesn't mean that you don't have a bright future. I somehow suddenly think that you're very talented in alchemy. By the way, you don't have to call me Second Senior Brother. Just call me Senior Brother Luochen.”

Xu Luochen was indeed not comforting him. He was not gifted in the Sword Dao either, but he was proficient in alchemy. The path of the sword was not the only way to go in the world of immortal cultivation anyway.


‘If you're good at alchemy, you won't have to worry about not having a wife.'


“Yes, Senior Brother Luochen.”

Ye Ping nodded.

“Okay, Junior Brother Ye Ping, calm down now. I'm going to talk to you about alchemy.”

Xu Luochen told Ye Ping to calm down and stop worrying about the Sword Dao.

“Since you are learning alchemy, you should learn it properly and be serious about it. You have to be diligent and not allow yourself to be distracted.”

“Go ahead, Senior Brother Luochen. I'm listening.”

With a solemn expression, Ye Ping immediately set aside the thoughts in his mind and listened attentively to Xu Luochen.

“Junior Brother Ye Ping, listen carefully.”

“There are 3,000 Great Dao and there is no ranking. No matter what Dao you choose, you will be an impressive figure as long as you reach the end of it.”


“Be it the Sword Dao, the Spirit Dao, alchemy, weapons, Talisman Dao, or the Arrays Dao, you will not be any weaker than those who practice in another Dao when you reach the peak.”

“Although there is no ranking for the Dao, alchemists become more and more popular the older they get.”

“Do you know why?”

Xu Luochen asked.

Ye Ping pondered for a while, and then gave an answer.

“Senior Brother Luochen, is it because the older the alchemists are, the more experienced and skilled they become, and so the success rate is higher?”

After hearing his words, Xu Luochen's eyes lit up.

‘This little Junior Brother is not bad, his apt.i.tude is alright too. Indeed, there is no such thing as lousy disciples, only lousy teachers.' At the thought of Su Changyu's behavior lately, Xu Luochen sighed and thought to himself again, ‘How immature.'


“Yes. You seem talented, Junior Brother Ye Ping.”


Xu Luochen chuckled.

“Senior Brother, you're not comforting me, are you?”

Ye Ping was apprehensive, worried that Xu Luochen was deliberately just trying to comfort him.

“No, no, Junior Brother Ye Ping. Don't be discouraged because of a little setback. Remember my words. There are extraordinary talents in the 3,000 types of Dao. Just because you can't do well in the Sword Dao, it doesn't mean that you won't make it in alchemy either.”

Xu Luochen continued to comfort Ye Ping.

He then took a deep breath and seemed to have become more stern.

He was going to start teaching Ye Ping the art of alchemy formally.

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