No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Like A Peerless Immortal, The Smile On Xu Luochen's Face

At the rear cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect, Ye Ping completed the second Body Tempering session.

On the rear cliff, a ray of moonlight was cast on Ye Ping's body as night fell.

At this moment, after two sessions of Body Tempering, Ye Ping's body changed greatly.

His skin was like snow, but there was a faint rosiness.

There were also slight changes in his features, but those changes happened to transform him from a teenager with pretty features, to a handsome man.

Yes, the biggest change that the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering technique had brought to Ye Ping so far was not an increase in strength but a change in his appearance.

In the past, Ye Ping looked clean and puerile like a Confucian scholar.

However, Ye Ping now seemed like a supreme Confucian immortal.

His face was handsome, but his brows were not sword-like. Hence, instead of a Sword Immortal, he looked more like a refined scholar.

He sat quietly in place, emitting a serene vibe. If girls were to see his appearance now, they would probably get distracted.

The main thing was his temperament too.

Indeed, his temperament.

In the world of immortal cultivation, ugly men were rare and only those with strange features would be considered ugly. Even those who had unaesthetic features would be able to resculpt their features after Foundation Establishment.

Cultivators would also expel the toxins in their body and hence, there naturally wouldn't be things like acne and pimples. Hence, there were no ugly men and the degree of attractiveness was dependent on temperament and aura.

One's temperament could not be changed and would settle down over the years. It was innate.

For example, Su Changyu's innate temperament was aloof, cold, and indifferent. Hence, he was very much like what most people imagined Sword Immortals to be like.

However, Ye Ping's temperament was more like that of a Confucian Immortal, natural and tranquil.

That kind of temperament was extremely rare and those who didn't know might really think that Ye Ping was a supreme Confucian Immortal.

However, Ye Ping didn't care about his appearance and temperament at all.

Strength was what he cared more about.

After the second session of the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering, he felt like his entire body was filled with power and his physical body seemed to have also metamorphosed as it was covered in a layer of old skin.

Currently, Ye Ping's body was extremely strong and he tried to cut the back of his hand with his sword, only to find that the sword gifted to him by his Senior Brother could not leave any trace on his palm at all.

The reason that he didn't try cutting his finger was that he had an inexplicable fear, perhaps because his fingers were connected to his heart. Ye Ping couldn't understand the point of slitting one's fingers to drip blood to signify the forming of an alliance.

Ye Ping knew that he was condensing the body of a Little G.o.dfiend.

There were five major realms to the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering Technique.

The Little G.o.dfiend, Great G.o.dfiend, Supreme G.o.dfiend, Great Dao G.o.dfiend, Great Dao Ancestor.

Among them, the Little G.o.dfiend was divided into four smaller realms.

Physical body, tendons, internal organs, Little G.o.dfiend body.

Each small realm required the body to be tempered nine times in order to reach completion.

After nine times of Body Tempering, one's body would be strengthened to the point of being unparalleled in terms of st.u.r.diness, but Ye Ping was unclear of how strong it was.

However, Ye Ping was now a bit worried, but not because of his strength.

He was mainly worried that after his body reached completion and became extremely strong… a certain body part would be somehow awkward.

It was not exactly a good thing.

It was not exactly a bad thing either.

That was quite a headache for him, but for now, it was still normal and barely had any effect.

In fact, what Ye Ping did not know was that although he had only tempered his body twice, even a cultivator who had reached the perfected realm of Qi Refinement, would not be able to cause any effect on his body even if the other party attacked him with a supreme-grade flying sword.

In other words, even if Su Changyu was given a supreme-grade flying sword and was told to cut Ye Ping for a hundred years, the only outcome would be the shattering of the sword while Ye Ping remained unscathed. It would feel less than a mosquito bite too.

If Ye Ping really condensed the Little G.o.dfiend body, even a Dao artifact would not cause any effect on Ye Ping's body, let alone a flying sword.

Besides, he would have to go through Body Tempering 34 times in order

to condense the Little G.o.dfiend body.


After stretching his back, his spine cracked like popping fried beans while Ye Ping stood up. He had reached the maximum of Body Tempering.

Each Body Tempering would result in a metamorphosis that was equivalent to a major change in blood. He couldn't metamorphose too many times in one go or he might die.

Secondly, each Body Tempering session would require a large amount of spiritual energy. Ye Ping had only opened two Immortal Apertures and he could not sustain the Body Tempering at all.

He didn't have to think about opening more Immortal Apertures either.

He needed more spiritual energy and the amount he needed was even more than that of one Body Tempering session.

In short, Ye Ping had reached a real bottleneck.

He lacked resources.

“It's a pity that I don't know how to refine Qi. Otherwise, I can speed up the cultivation.”

Ye Ping muttered to himself.

Although he had opened two Immortal Apertures that were absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, he did not master any Qi refinement techniques. Hence, he lacked acceleration.

The so-called Qi training technique was to accelerate the absorption of spiritual energy of heaven and earth. As his realm got higher and he opened up more spirit meridians and Immortal Apertures, his speed of cultivation would increase too.

Since he lacked acceleration, Ye Ping naturally felt upset.

Of course, after reading so many books, Ye Ping also knew that there were many ways to get spiritual energy.

The first and simplest method was to directly absorb spiritual energy in Spirit Stones, but that was extravagant because the effect of each Spirit Stone was definitely more than ten times that of directly extracting spiritual energy from Spirit Stones.

Using Spirit Stones to set up a Spirit Array would allow one's cultivation speed to increase effectively by dozens of times and the effects would last for two hours.

Unless they encountered an enemy and their body's Dharmic powers were completely depleted, one would not be so extravagant as to cultivate using Spirit Stones as it would be a waste to do so. Most would only do so as a last resort.

The second solution would be to use some treasures or medicinal herbs that contained terrifying spiritual energy. As long as it was refined, reaching Foundation Establishment in a day would not be a problem. However, such items were rare. Besides, there must be powerhouses around to supervise the process.

The third solution was even more direct and that was swallowing pills. However, there were side effects to pills and true elites would not rely on consuming pills to enhance their realm unless they reached a bottleneck. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they would just meditate or supplement themselves slightly using pills.

If they ate too many pills, their bodies would be full of toxins when they reached the stage of surpa.s.sing the great realm. By then, they would be stuck at a bottleneck and never break through even until their death.

“Right, pills.”

Ye Ping suddenly thought of pills.

'Didn't Second Senior Brother teach me the Creation Pill Refinement Technique?'

'I can refine pills.'

Thinking of this, Ye Ping immediately took out the book of alchemy.

He revised it again.

After a while, Ye Ping had almost understood it.

Xu Luochen's Creation Pill Refinement Technique was very simple. It was to guide one's spirit using Qi and vice versa, and then condense it into a pill.

On the rear cliff, Ye Ping sat down cross-legged and calmed himself down.

After a while, he suddenly raised his hand and an incomparably pure spiritual energy appeared.

After the spiritual energy appeared, Ye Ping tried to make the spiritual energy attract other spiritual energy.

After the spiritual energy from all directions appeared, Ye Ping opened his eyes.

He focused all his attention on the spiritual energy on his palm.

That was the most important step.

It was written clearly on the Creation Pill Refinement Technique that regardless of whether he could refine a non-poisonous pill would depend on his mental strength. The greater his willpower, the higher the likeliness.

The spiritual energy began spinning in his hand continuously like a small hurricane and the rotation got faster and faster while concentrating in the middle.

Soon, a beam of white light appeared in the middle of Ye Ping's palm.

The light was getting more and more bedazzling and eye-catching. In the end, it formed a condensed ball of light that was the size of a rice grain.

Gradually, the ball of light that was the size of a grain of rice was fully formed.

Ye Ping was overjoyed as he didn't expect to succeed on his first try.

However, he didn't show any signs of excitement at all. Instead, he concentrated even more.

Soon, the ball of light expanded.

Six hours pa.s.sed.

The sky had already turned dark.

The ball of light in Ye Ping's palm that was the size of a grain of rice had also expanded to the size of a soybean.

Another two hours pa.s.sed.

Finally, all the spiritual energy vanished.

Ye Ping also looked exhausted.

The two Immortal Apertures rotated for eight hours before condensing into a soybean-sized ball of light, but it had to expand to five times of its size to be fully formed.

However, the spiritual energy in his body wouldn't last him until then.

It was morning.

It was already past daybreak.

Ye Ping felt a little weak, but he had a heartened smile.

Although the first pill refinement process was not completely successful, he at least didn't fail and it was considered a half success.

However, the last step wasn't completed.

At this moment, looking at the soybean-like Spirit Pill in his hand, Ye Ping was filled with joy.

The pill in Ye Ping's palm was white and s.h.i.+ning under the sun like a diamond. It was crystal clear.

Besides, it also emitted a faint fragrance.

Although it was only a small pill, the pill would probably shock countless alchemical masters if he brought it out.

It was not only because Ye Ping's pill was non-poisonous.

More importantly, Ye Ping's pill was a supreme-grade spiritual-energy-gathering Spirit Pill. Indeed, it was a supreme-grade Spirit Pill.

The so-called spiritual-energy-gathering Spirit Pill was a pill that surpa.s.sed Qi Refinement Pills. Qi Refinement Pills required refinement, but spiritual-energy-gathering Spirit Pills were different. After swallowing it, it would gather spiritual energy in one's body and its value would be several times greater than that of Qi Refinement Pills.

The medicinal effects of this pill were equivalent to that of a hundred supreme-grade Qi Refinement Pills.

One Qi Refinement Pill would allow Su Changyu to save on a day of hard cultivation.

Ye Ping's Spirit Gathering Pill would save Su Changyu a hundred days of hard cultivation.

Due to the fact that Ye Ping had spent eight hours to condense that pill while his two Immortal Apertures had also been in full operation for eight hours, it was indeed equivalent to a hundred days of hard cultivation for Su Changyu.

Ye Ping was clueless about that, because in his opinion, his pill wasn't complete yet.

However, at this moment, Xu Luochen walked over slowly too.

Rays of sunlight shone on the cliff of the Qingyun Mountain.

The sun was warm.

Xu Luochen's smile… became warmer.

At the same time, in the Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

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