No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Why The Sword Dao?


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At the back cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect, Su Changyu had already gotten into a stance.

Clad in the robe that he wore yesterday, he stood on the boulder with a sword in his right hand behind him. As the breeze blew past, his long sideburns fluttered and portrayed him as a Sword Immortal to the fullest.


He was in deep thought.

He was not thinking about the Sword Dao but about how to fool his little junior brother later.


Su Changyu understood that although he had to fool him, he could not be too absurd with it.

Whatever he told Ye Ping had to be based on a certain truth and he just had to exaggerate a certain logic.

In other words, he had to brag logically, but not make up nonsense.

Although it was difficult, Su Changyu felt that he could do it.

While Su Changyu was thinking about it, he heard a voice that suddenly alarmed him.

“Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother, I'm Ye Ping.”

Hearing Ye Ping's voice, Su Changyu snapped out of his thoughts.

He had a composed expression.

“Yes, have you had your breakfast yet?” Su Changyu asked calmly, but did not look at Ye Ping.

It was not that he looked down on Ye Ping, but rather, he wanted to seem proud and aloof.

“Not yet, Senior Brother.”

After hearing those words, Ye Ping finally recalled that he seemed to have not had his breakfast yet.

“Good that you haven't. For cultivators, eating comes after cultivating and eating less is better for our bodies.”


Su Changyu said.

Ye Ping nodded. He understood the reason for that as food was full of toxins that would stain his body after he ate them. That would cause a certain obstruction to his cultivation.


However, at this moment, Su Changyu's voice sounded again.

“Little Junior Brother, Master wants me to teach you the Sword Dao but I don't impart my Sword Dao to just anyone. If you lack talent in the Sword Dao, it'd be hard for you to gain enlightenment. So, let me ask you a question. If you can answer, I'll impart the Sword Dao to you. How does that sound?”


Su Changyu seemed rather mysterious.

He did not plan to directly impart the Sword Dao to Ye Ping, and instead first asked a question to set the mood.

If he casually taught Ye Ping the Sword Dao, wouldn't he seem to be holding himself cheap?


However, Su Changyu took a casual glance at him from the side. If Ye Ping showed any displeasure, he would immediately reply, “However, you seem to be talented in the Sword Dao, Junior Brother, so we can forget about this question.”

He mainly wanted to see if Ye Ping had the right att.i.tude.

He looked at Ye Ping.

After hearing those words, he did not show any displeasure and instead, nodded solemnly.

He said, “I understand that the Sword Dao seems simple but it also contains the Great Dao. Senior Brother, please ask away. If I really lack the talent, I won't dare to trouble you, Senior Brother.”

Ye Ping was a little excited.

He had seen that plot before.

Usually, an extraordinary expert wouldn't impart his secret techniques directly and would instead ask a question too.

Besides, those questions would usually seem simple but they would come with a context.

At the thought of this, Ye Ping couldn't help but look a little nervous again.

‘What if I can't answer the question?'

After saying those words, Su Changyu couldn't help but be a little shocked.

‘Ah, he's so competent?'

‘He even mentioned the Great Dao?'

‘This kid makes the cut. He has a promising future. Good, very good.'

‘Since you're on the right track, don't blame me.'

Although Su Changyu was in high spirits, he still maintained a proud and aloof appearance. He

looked away and stared at the mountains before speaking up slowly.


“Junior Brother, do you know what the Sword Dao is?”


His voice sounded.

Ye Ping couldn't help but stay silent.

He had guessed correctly.

Indeed, it was a question that seemed simple but came with a profound context.

Ye Ping took a deep breath.

He was in deep thought.

‘Why the Sword Dao?'

Ordinary people would probably say that killing enemies was the Sword Dao and gentlemanliness was the Sword Dao.

However, that question was clearly not that superficial.

He had to bring in his own input.

‘Why the Sword Dao?'


Ye Ping pondered for two whole hours, making Su Changyu who was standing on the boulder, feel rather uncomfortable.


‘Brother, I've been standing for two hours. Can't you just give a casual answer?'

‘I'm so tired of standing, my hands are so sore, can you answer quickly?'


‘I beg you!'


Su Changyu began to regret pretending to be impressive.

Ye Ping did not answer and Su Chengyu dared not change his stance either. He had his back facing Ye Ping with his right hand behind his back, still holding onto his sword. Although he was a cultivator, he could not stay standing for two hours.

Finally, after three hours, Ye Ping gave his answer.


However, Ye Ping's voice was rather soft.

He was trying to probe.

He dared not answer indiscriminately and could only rack his brains to think of a few sentences that he had read in novels.

“Eldest Senior Brother, is the heart the Sword Dao?”

Ye Ping was a little afraid after saying those words.

After all, it was his first time cultivating and practicing swordsmans.h.i.+p. The other party was an absolute Dao expert. If his answer was not satisfactory, wouldn't he be missing a chance?

However, Su Changyu couldn't help but be stunned after hearing his words.


‘This answer is quite interesting.'

‘It's better than what I answered back then.'

‘He's really something.'

Although it was a good answer, Su Changyu turned around and quietly changed his posture. He then shook his head, still looking proud and aloof.



Indeed, it was wrong.

He did not care about Ye Ping's answer. No matter what Ye Ping answered, his answer would definitely be wrong.


If he agreed with his answer just like that, wouldn't it seem too casual?

“Well then, is heaven and earth the Sword Dao?”

Ye Ping was still asking tentatively.


Su Changyu said.

“Is the Sword Dao the sun and moon?”


“Is the Sword Dao everything in the world?”

Ye Ping once again asked tentatively.

He really had no idea how to answer that question.


Su Changyu shook his head and looked at Ye Ping with a hint of helplessness.

“Indeed, your talent in the Sword Dao is not up to standard. I'll change the question.”


Su Changyu said.

It was a blow to Ye Ping.

Although he was already mentally prepared, he did not expect himself to be that incompetent. However, since his eldest senior brother was willing to give him a chance, Ye Ping did not feel dejected.

“Ye Ping, let me ask you, how strong do you think the extreme of the Sword Dao is?”

Su Changyu asked sternly.

How strong is the extreme Sword Dao?

Ye Ping frowned a little.

He had never seen anyone using any swordsmans.h.i.+p techniques at all.

That answer had touched the blind spot of his knowledge.

However, after some careful thought, he felt that he had read enough novels to know about swordsmans.h.i.+p even though he had never seen others practicing swordsmans.h.i.+p before.


Thinking of this, Ye Ping once again began pondering about it.

This time, it didn't take long for Ye Ping to come up with the answer.

“Senior Brother, I think that the extreme of the Sword Dao should be cutting through everything in the universe with one move.”


Although Ye Ping's voice was soft, it was mainly because he lacked confidence.

However, his words made Su Chengyu stunned.

Su Changyu stood rooted to the ground in shock.

Fortunately, he still maintained an indifferent and aloof expression on the surface. Hence, there weren't many visible changes.

However, in reality, Su Changyu was all riled up deep down.

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