Paranoia : Split Self

Chapter 25: Chapter 25

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After the torturous week, I have finally got to the real new year holiday and I will spend 2 weeks here in my grandpa's house.

In these two weeks I was reminded once again why I love my freedom; I have tolerated having my phone taken from me for a week because dad pa.s.sed away but what is this? Every time we go out to eat, my phone got taken, Every night past 9 p.m. where I just barely sleepy, my phone got taken, when we go to places I don't want to go like orphanage, nursing home, you guessed it, my phone is taken, what's worst is because my grandma found out my brother have been using my laptop past 9 p.m. it got taken, I can't just lash out right?

But because of that I manage to investigate, what have changed in me ever since I 'created' Sui, first of all, this is vert important, every emotion I felt is amplified if it's regarding Sui and in return every emotion I felt toward other things decreased but the decrease is ever slightly that I didn't notice until I investigated it real close, this amplification is very, very noticeable when it's related betrayal or something similar or at least things I consider betrayal; Secondly, when I tried to think how I would think around a year ago about Anna and I found out based on me at that time, I would have recklessly accepted it and get into the nine heavens from bliss but this is maybe the effect of the first fact but I felt less attraction to opposite member of s.e.x, especially after I lost my virginity, is this a normal thing for men?.

I only discover this with Sui's cooperation and when she discovered this, she apologized but after a while her remorse is completely gone and she used that to tease me.

Perhaps I am really affected by the change Sui brough because even after discovering this I immediately thought, it's fine as long as Sui is with me, and that is not normal at all but meh.

Although it's annoying, I have been enjoying my holiday for a week before she comes, all the sudden while I was peacefully reading novels on my room, my grandma comes in with a grim look on her old face.

"Michael, come with me." Then she grabbed my hand in another second and dragged me out.

You know no matter how much people said there is a striking similarity between

me and my grandpa, it's just we are born in different era, because every time he got off work he locked himself in his room watching Chinese drama series there while I lock my self in my room at the end of cla.s.s and watch anime, similar right, but for that same reason, he became a little mysterious to all of us so we are kind of afraid going to his room but my grandma is precisely dragging me there.

The moment I entered there, I saw there is another old man sitting beside, in Grandpa's room there is a set of two chairs and table arranged in traditional Chinese way, the chairs facing forward and there is an table between them.

But then my eyes found itself staring at the young woman who Is smiling at me behind the unknown old man and I just want to cry at my pre-determined fate at this moment.

At this moment, when I entered and dragged behind my Grandpa, he spoke "Michael, do you have anything to say?"

"I don't know she was a virgin!" I blurted out before realizing my mistake after being stared by my Grandpa and the old man who most likely Anna's grandpa.

My Grandpa sighed and he said to the Anna's grandpa, "Mr. Wong, I agree to engage my grandchild, Michael Li to your daughter Anna Wong, and they will marry as soon both of them reached 19 years old."

I knew it!!... Well it's partially my fault, Wait! Daughter he is he father, I looked at the old man who seems to be at the same age as my Grandpa before I looked back at Sui who gave a thumbs up that is invisible to Anna who for some reason gave a thumbs up to me, impossible she can see Sui!

"Now, go, go interact more, you two." my Grandpa kicked the both of us out of the room.

"It's good right, Dear, now your family have agreed, your mother have agreed too, she said you have to take the responsibility." Anna gave me another thumb up.

So it was for me, i looked at her before grabbing my head and commenting, she is already calling me, Dear, what would she call me when we got married, Baby, My Love, just imagining it send a s.h.i.+ver through my body, I looked at her wide smile and I looked at Sui who is rolling in the air because she saw my imagination, really I want to see them see each other face to face sometimes.

Looking at her smile again, I think she did this purposefully, maybe she is an S like Sui. I brough her to my room and then my brothers burst forth.

"Big Bro, is she your friend?" "Or perhaps your girlfriend?"

You know they dare to tease me like this because my youngest brother who is just at elementary school already got a girlfriend and based on what I know she is pretty popular at his school and my mom, brothers teased me about it, a 18 years old man who didn't even have a girlfriend when his 10 years old brother already did.

"She is my wife to be, she is my fiancé, you could say." I said.

Their responses were awesome, maybe because they have become half-otaku under my influence, wait, what the heck is half-otaku? Well they looked at each other briefly because slapping each other simultaneously.

After that they looked at each other feeling the pain, before shooting me a look "You don't have to lie, Big Bro, I won't tease you again" but they would. "What would you do if you scare your friend with your lie." I swear after this I am going to bully those two even more.

The whole time, Anna and Sui is just watching with a smile on their face, chuckling lightly at the show and their resemblance is uncanny. You could say Anna is my most ideal woman in real world that exist and I know off.

"He is telling the truth, my dear younger brother-in-law." Anna said with a smile on her face that seems very gentle, like a one-san that go Ara Ara.

Then my brothers looked at each other again before saying at the same time ""This must be a dream that we are too deep in so much that my slap didn't woke you up."" And they bring their hand to each other shoulder and strode out from the room leaving me with a promise of bullying.

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