Rise of the Demon God

1347: You'll Kill Me

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It not only made Long Chen suspicious about the true identity of the person but also made him wonder as to who that guy actually was. If he was actually so strong, then why was he just a thief. And if he was the Warlock Council member, then what was he going to do? 

Something didn't add up. 

"Are you stronger than me?" Gu Chen asked. 

"How many times do I have to repeat. I'll restrict my cultivation to your level."

"That's very interesting. Why didn't I know about a person like you here? If you're so strong, why didn't you take part in the Annual Competition last year? You could've easily become an Inner Prisoner?" Gu Chen asked. 

"I mean, I was defeated in the finals, but at least I got there. You could've reached the final and won too with a higher cultivation and strength. Then why didn't you?" he asked. 

Long Chen frowned. ' He could've won if he had participated? That means Gu Chen's cultivation was nearly at the top for a person in his league? That is pretty interesting.'

"I wouldn't have won. It's not that easy," Zia Uzhi answered. "I couldn't have won, so I didn't take part."

"What was your rank in the Dark Tower trials?" Gu Chen inquired. 

"Not even in the thousands," Zia Uzhi smiled as he answered. "So it wasn't nothing."

"Only that much?" Gu Chen asked, amused. "That doesn't make sense. Even mine was in the top five hundred. But then again, maybe all you have is your cultivation. There's probably nothing more to you other than that. I can understand why you didn't take part. You lack fighting skills."

"That's pretty much it. But it doesn't matter. I'm restricting my cultivation. Get ready," Zia Uzhi said, smiling. 

Their conversation also made it clear to Long Chen why this guy didn't take part. He had high cultivation, but he didn't have the fighting skills as he lived his life as a thief. 

"Good. I'm prepared. You can take the first turn."

"Don't if I do," Zia Uzhi let out as he disappeared, appearing behind Gu Chen to land a spinning kick on his ribs. 

Gu Chen flew like a broken doll, sliding on the group before ultimately being able to stand firm, gaining his control. 

"That wasn't ba-"


Gu Chen started speaking after gaining his ground, but before he could finish,

another kick landed on his chest, making him fly back again. 

"He is fast. It's almost as if he could teleport, but that should be impossible. No one can use Laws here. Could it be a skill that doesn't use space law? That looks to be impossible. All Spatial skills use that in one form or another.' Long Chen thought.

He saw the figure of the man flickering from place to place, attacking Gu Chen without giving him a chance to stand back. 


The booming sounds kept resounding all around. Gu Chen was clearly at a disadvantage. Looking at the performance of Zia Uzhi, it was clear that this man was certainly capable of winning battles. 


Finally, Gu Chen seemed to have enough. As another kick came towards his face, he jumped in the air, grabbing the hair of Zia Uzhi.

 He landed behind him and used the hair of the going kid to toss him away.


Finally receiving a chance to relax, he breathed a sigh of relief. In the constant barrage of attacks, he wasn't getting an opportunity to attack. 

Throughout the battle, only Zia Uzhi was showing his skills, mostly because he gained the initial advantage and he didn't give it up. However, now he was getting an opportunity to take it up with them.

Now that Gu Chen had a chance to stand and think, he was prepared for what was to come. He didn't chase Zia Uzhi to attack. Instead, he stood on his brought. 

Zia Uzhi stood up and patted his clothes. "Targeting hair in the battle? I didn't expect someone like you to use that."

"I don't think that was something bad. Your body is just so small that I could only get a hold of them," Gu Chen replied. "In any case, I must give you credit. You really surprised me. You're pretty good. I wonder why you didn't get a good rank in the Dark Tower. What was your trial?"

Zia Uzhi glanced at Long Chen. "He still hasn't taken part in the Dark Tower."

"Ah, I understand. You can tell me later in that case."

Gu Chen stood calmly, waiting for Gu Chen to attack him. The attack he was waiting for did come as well. Zia Uzhi appeared behind Gu Chen as he kicked again. 

This time Gu Chen didn't let the attack land on him. He was prepared for the attack. A golden palm appeared behind him like a shield that caught the foot of Zia Uzhi. 

As soon as the golden palm touched the foot of Zia Uzhi, his body temporarily froze in place. Gu Chen turned around, smiling. 

"Now it's my turn to show off," Gu Chen said. 


Zhu Chang was gripping the neck of the Heavenly Warrior as he flew South. 

"So, young man. Are you going to tell me what I ask, or should I crush your neck instead?" Long Chen asked Zia Uzhi.

"W-what do you want?"

It was finally the time when the Heavenly Warrior changed his question. From the identity of Zhu Chang, he switched the question to what he wanted. 

"What I want is really simple. I want the location of the Heavenly Prison. And I want you to lead me to it if you want to live."

"The Heavenly P-prison? Why do you want to go there? You can't even enter that place even if you reach there."

"Oh? And why is that?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"Because the Heavenly Emperor personally cast a powerful barrier around the Heavenly Prison. You can't step inside through that."

"Don't worry about that. I'll have a way. Anyway, I do want to ask you. What's the way that Heavenly Warriors use to get inside then?"

"I don't know. I don't work in the Heavenly Prison. I haven't watched them. I haven't even met one prison guard in all my life."

"So you're that useless," Zhu Chang muttered, shaking his head. "It's not as if I expected anything else. Just tell me the directions. That's enough."

"I-i can do that. But you'll kill me after you get there. So why should I?"

"Why would I kill you there? There are two Heavenly Prisons. I would need someone to take me to the Second Heavenly Prison as well. So keep the location of the second to yourself and just tell the first.. How's that?" Blood Dragon Emperor chimed in the negotiations to make things easier. 

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