Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 847

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Chapter 847 Xiao Bai

Bo Jinghang sat beside Old Master, his forehead covered in cold sweat. The muscles on his face twitched uncontrollably!

This was called “inept”?

She didn’t even know how to play chess. She didn’t even know how to walk the fields and couldn’t cross the river. How could she say that she wasn’t good?

It was simply impossible!


Where did her confidence come from?!

“Sister-in-law… When did you start playing chess?”

Bo Jinghang couldn’t help but complain. He covered his eyes, not daring to look at the messy chessboard.

“Just now, I saw your brother playing a game… with the Old Master.”

When they first arrived, Bo Jinchuan had taken half of Bo Jinhang’s plate.

“Then why did you say that you couldn’t finish it?!

“Yes, I think I understand,” said Shen Fanxing solemnly.


The surrounding air seemed to have frozen.

It felt like it was piercing her lungs.

Bo Jinghang didn’t dare to look at his brother’s face. He felt that with just one look, he would die without a burial place.

Even if you knew a little, this kind of thing could not be forgiven, let alone knowing nothing at all!

There was no suspense in the first round. In less than five minutes, Shen Fanxing was completely defeated…

This was probably the fastest Old Master had ever played chess.

Looking at the frowning and stern Shen Fanxing, Old Master Bo felt refreshed.

Her brows relaxed and she smiled happily.

Indeed, it felt good to torture someone.

Especially when she saw Shen Fanxing’s defeated expression, she felt even happier.

“Don’t be discouraged. Keep up the good work. There are still two rounds left!”




How could he comfort her?

However, it was more appropriate to say that she was gloating

Upon hearing Old Master Bo’s words, Shen Fanxing’s face darkened.

Old Master Bo was even happier.

After setting up the chess set, Shen Fanxing took a deep breath. “The second round.”

She thought that she could win the second round easily.

However, the second round started well. Not long after, Old Master Bo slowed down and the smug expression on his face gradually became serious.

The expressions of the two onlookers changed.

Bo Jinghang leaned closer to the chessboard. Previously, he couldn’t bear to look at it, but now, he was staring at the chessboard and thinking seriously.

Although Bo Jinchuan’s expression hadn’t improved, there was a hint of anticipation on his face. He stared at the chessboard, his dark eyes turning serious.

The old man slowed down. Halfway down, he looked up at Shen Fanxing and saw her serious face.

Pursing his lips, his expression turned solemn and he treated Shen Fanxing as an opponent.

In the end, Shen Fanxing won the game with difficulty.


She had blocked the old man’s move!

Bo Jinhang and Bo Jinchuan couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

They had won!

He had actually won! Shen Fanxing finally smiled at the last step. Bo Jinghang was on the verge of tears.

To be honest, the old man’s skills were not


He and his brother’s skills were all trained by him.

Moreover, she had years of experience in chess.

Although she was still crushed by the two brothers, they were too smart.

Even though he really wanted to complain that his old master’s skills were inferior and he didn’t want them to give in to him, he was still anxious after losing.

But they were smart because they were really smart!

To be able to win against the Old Master, one had to undergo continuous training!

In the end…

In the end, Sister-in-law, who knew nothing, actually watched a round… Uh, one and a half rounds. After playing another round, she won the second round!

Most importantly, it was a headwind situation at the start. They even made a few mistakes before turning the tables. What exactly had she gone through?

Sister-in-law’s intelligence was simply heaven-defying!

“Sister… Sister-in-law, are you sure you’re not lying to us?”


“You’re a chess expert to begin with, and now you’re pretending to be ignorant?”

Shen Fanxing played with the two pawns in her hand. Hearing Bo Jinhang’s question, she smiled and asked, “Do you think I’m giving in to Grandpa in the first round?”.

Bo Jinghang frowned and thought for a while before shaking his head slowly. “I don’t think


Shen Fanxing raised an eyebrow and smiled lightly. She looked at Old Master Bo, who had an ugly expression on his face because he had lost the game. She asked calmly, “Old Master, you have so much experience. Do you think I’m pretending?”

The old man frowned even more. If she was faking it, he would still have some dignity after losing. If she wasn’t faking it, it would be a huge humiliation for him to lose to a “Xiao Bai” after all these years.

However, he was the most sensitive when others asked him to play chess. She didn’t seem to be pretending. Shen Fanxing could tell that he was conflicted and said with a faint smile, “All in all, it’s all thanks to Old Master. As the saying goes, listening to a gentleman’s words is better than studying for ten years. Similarly, competing with Old Master has indeed benefited me. If I were to compete with someone else today, I might still not be able to get in.”

His tone was calm and there was no hint of flattery.

Her expression was open and natural. She looked like a person who couldn’t be more upright and didn’t know how to sweet-talk. Therefore, all these words sounded real.

She had benefited greatly from playing chess with him, but she didn’t even enter his house!

Didn’t she say that his superb chess skills allowed her to comprehend many things, which was why she improved so quickly?


The dark expression on his face gradually turned proud as he snorted arrogantly.

“Your comprehension is not bad.”

To prevent herself from laughing out loud, Shen Fanxing pressed her lips tightly.

“Thank you for your praise.” Bo Jinghang looked at Shen Fanxing with sparkling eyes.

Bo Jinchuan turned to look at Shen Fanxing. His lips twitched slightly before his face darkened.

“No! Let’s see if you’ve really learned it or if you’re just lucky!”

Bo Jinghang pursed his lips and gave an excuse.

However, he refused to admit defeat and pestered others to play chess with him!

Shen Fanxing raised an eyebrow and said, “Sure, but you have to be prepared to lose. I’m fearless!”

Old Master Bo snorted heavily. “You’re so arrogant at such a young age!”

Shen Fanxing shrugged and placed the two pieces back on the chessboard.

“Come on.”

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