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Chapter 2855: Spirit?

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The whole process was incredibly weird and amazing. Han Sen watched Sky Vine Radish’s flesh and bones being rebuilt, bit by bit. After a while, the new Sky Vine Radish was done.

Compared to the shell before, the Sky Vine Radish with a god personality had a massively frightening lifeforce. That powerful feeling was like when Han Sen had first encountered King Jun. Although King Jun had given him this feeling, it was rather different.

“Huh?” God looked at the reborn Sky Vine Radish with surprise. It seemed as if he had discovered something quite interesting about it.

Han Sen turned and asked, “What is it?”

“Sky Vine Radish seems to have some sort of problem,” God said with a frown. He had been looking at Sky Vine Radish’s body.

“What is it?” Han Sen’s heart jumped. He seemed to have thought of something.

“Inside his body… His spirit is gone…” God stared at the reborn Sky Vine Radish. He sounded weird as he spoke.

“Spirit?” Han Sen asked. “Are you referring to the same sort of spirits that the Nine-Defense Palace xenogeneics are also missing?”

God nodded. “Yes, it’s the same. Previously, I told you that the spirit is an uncertain part of a creature’s gene. That description is not so accurate. In fact, I do not know how to describe what this is because the existence of a spirit is very abstract.”

“Let me give you an example,” God said. “A father and mother determine genetic genes. Even if the father and mother end up having twins, the genes of the two babies are not the same. As they grow up, their personalities and bodies develop and mature differently. That is the result of one’s spirit.”

Han Sen hesitated and said, “The genes of a twin are different. That is normal, right?” He did not understand what a spirit was.

God thought for a moment and said, “Perhaps that example was not appropriate. You should know gene duplicated creatures, right? In theory, gene duplicated creatures should be the same as the original gene creature. They would have the same personality. In fact, if you let those gene duplicated creatures grow freely and quickly, their shapes and bodies have different features. Even their personalities would. That depends on the spirit.”

Upon hearing that, Han Sen, looked like he understood it, but he did not understand it. This was not a question that could be answered through words. There were no standard words to describe it.

God knew full-well that Han Sen was still failing to understand. He pointed at the newly reborn Sky Vine Radish and said, “Just like Sky Vine Radish, the reborn Sky Vine Radish should have the same spirit as before. That means this reborn Sky Vine Radish is a continuous life hailing from the previous Sky Vine Radish. But now, the reborn Sky Vine Radish has no spirit. That means he is just a replica of Sky Vine Radish’s genes. The body is the same, but in some way, he is not the same Sky Vine Radish as before.”

“Is there a difference?”

Han Sen seemed to understand a little. His heart understood something.

“To you, the biggest difference should be the fact that he will not remember you were the one that murdered him before his rebirth here,” God said. “Even if he found out, he would not care. Without the last spirit, he will not know what happened to Sky Vine Radish in the past and associate events of the previous Sky Vine Radish with himself. He will not care.”

When Han Sen heard that, he was happy. “That means not having a spirit is good. Does that mean he will not have a spirit ever again?”

“What kind of god is one without a spirit? A creature should always have a spirit, but the spirit should not be the same as before. So, the spirit is different from the last one.” God looked at Sky Vine Radish as he spoke.

By now, the green light on the altar was gone. Sky Vine Radish had finished being reborn. He was like a god standing upon the altar. He was slowly opening his eyes.

Han Sen thought, “Even if Sky Vine Radish does not remember the past, he would not forgive some creature for entering his temple so boldly.” Unexpectedly Sky Vine Radish’s vision went right past Han Sen and landed on God.

Han Sen opened his mouth. He could not believe that had happened.

Sky Vine Radish had a giant-like body, yet he suddenly jumped better than a rabbit could. His giant body landed on the floor with outstretched hands. He was kneeling in profuse worship. He placed his head on the floor as he shivered and shook.

Han Sen was shocked. Although he thought God was stronger than Sky Vine Radish, he did not expect that only a glimpse of God was enough to make him behave so fearfully. He was more frightened than a mouse encountering a cat.

At least, if a mouse saw a cat, it could run. Now, Sky Vine Radish appeared as such. He could not even run. He had to kneel on the ground shaking.

“Let’s go. It is almost time. There are a few more matches I would like to watch.” God ignored Sky Vine Radish. He stretched and walked out of the temple.

Han Sen looked at the kneeling Sky Vine Radish, who did not dare raise his head. He left the Sky Vine Radish temple with God.

After exiting the temple, Han Sen looked back a few times. While he was still able to see the temple, he saw that Sky Vine Radish was still scared and unable to move. He did not get up.

When he walked the last stone step, Han Sen’s environment changed. He was back inside Nine-Defense Palace.

“I did what you wanted me to do. In the next round, you must win the fight. I have faith in you.” God smiled at Han Sen as he spoke.

“Yes, I have faith in myself too.” Han Sen rubbed his nose.

God went back to the garden. Han Sen stayed where he was, using the excuse that he was going to kill more xenogeneics. After watching God leave, Han Sen looked into his Sea of Soul. He examined Sky Vine Radish’s god spirit.

Han Sen thought, “Does this mean god spirits are the spirits God mentioned? Because the god spirit was taken, Sky Vine Radish spawned with no god spirit. So, will there be a new spirit getting born? In that case, are beast souls their spirits? Is it just the spirits of a low-level creature?”

“But hang on… God said the xenogeneics in Nine-Defense Palace had no spirits. Where did their spirits go? How did the kings of the Extreme King take their souls away? If beast souls really are their spirits, how are humans able to kill xenogeneics and take their spirits away? Even the god spirits were pulled away.” Han Sen thought of a lot. He had the willies just thinking about it.

Han Sen felt as if he had a hold on something, but he had too little information to figure it all out. It was like he had seen a shadow through paper, but he could not see the figure.

“It looks like everything must wait until I become true god class. I need to get into the geno hall to figure out everything.” Han Sen sighed. He shelved his thoughts on the matter. He knew over-thinking was not good for him. Increasing his power was the top priority.

“I wonder what power this Sky Vine Radish God Lance has.” Han Sen tried putting the Sky Radish Vine God Lance inside his Sea of Soul, and it worked. The lance was like a beast soul. Han Sen put it in his Sea of Soul. As Han Sen soon as thought of it, the Sky Vine Radish God Lance appeared in his hands.

“So, can god personality armaments be placed inside the Sea of Soul?” Han Sen’s expression looked complicated.

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