The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2321: Flaunting Wealth (5)

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Chapter 2321: Flaunting Wealth (5)

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Right now, Su Luo was looking at the Eighth Elder with a half smile, an enigmatic look in her eyes.

The Eighth Elder’s face turned furious in an instant.

“Nonsense!” The Eighth Elder angrily rebuked Li Luoming, “What proof is there? Bring it out.”

Li Luoming was dumbstruck. Could it be that the Eighth Elder wasn’t here to kick Su Luo while she was down? Looking at him, it seemed like he was helping her?

Su Luo smiled coldly: “That’s right, Li Luoming. You should bring out any proof you have, anyone can make empty promises.”

Li Luoming snorted: “A hundred Apothecaries saw it firsthand on the Pill Refining Tower, is there a need for proof?”

Li Luoming had spoken for all the poor, unwitting people of the Pill Refining Tower.

The Eighth Elder furrowed his eyebrows, and passed his gaze over Su Luo. Su Luo hadn’t been counting on the Eighth Elder to help her resolve this, she had only dragged him to seize the commotion.

Right now, Su Luo was smiling again: “Wow, to think that so many people saw me steal your pill prescription, then how could you not see or feel it? Are you an idiot?”

Li Luoming: “…”

Su Luo asked with a grin: “You’re saying that I stole your Elite Grade Marrow-cleansing Pill prescription, right?”

“Of course!”

“You’re certain that it’s only an Elite Marrow-cleansing pill prescription, not a Master pill, a Grandmaster pill, or

even an Emperor pill prescription?” Su Luo grinned, like a cunning little fox.

“Pfft!” Li Luoming burst out laughing. “Master Marrow-cleansing Pill? Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill? Emperor Marrow-cleansing Pill? Su Luo, could you possibly not joke any more? Not even my Master had any Grandmaster and Emperor Marrow-cleansing pill prescriptions, how could you have stolen them?”

Very well said. Su Luo stared at him with a smile, then seriously nodded her head: “Remember what you had said.”

Li Luoming’s scalp trembled under Su Luo’s fixed gaze. He felt that he was neglecting something very important, but for the life of him, he couldn’t think of just what could it be…

At this moment, Su Luo had already decided. Since the Fifth Elder was so concerned about the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Falling Cloud Flower she had, then, if there wasn’t success the first time, another attempt should be made. The saying goes: there are only being thieves for a thousand days, and never preventing thieves for a thousand 1.

So, she wanted to announce her status as a Grandmaster Apothecary in a clear and dignified manner!! To earn the protection from the higher-ups in the Genius Training Camp! This way, the Fifth Elder would no longer have the guts to frame her so brazenly!

“Alright, I’ll go with you.” Su Luo smiled, “The Eighth Elder will come too.”

Right now, Su Luo needed someone who could support her to make her appear stronger, Senior Brother Luo was the most suitable for this, but now there was only the Eighth Elder to choose.

The Eighth Elder had no objections.

Thus, the group of people headed for the Pill Refining Tower.


Inside the Pill Refining Tower, the first three floors had long since been packed with people. At this moment, almost all of them came out.

“She’s here, she’s here! That girl who stole the pill prescription is here!”

“What a pretty little miss, to think that she would be a petty thief!”

“How is she merely a petty thief? She is a pillager, okay? That was an Elite Marrow-cleansing Pill!”

Su Luo had just arrived, and those people were accusing and framing her one after another.

The Fifth Elder sat comfortably on a high-ranking wooden armchair, holding a fragrant tea in one hand, drinking it sip by sip, his posture carefree yet pleasant, and seemed to be listless.

Once Su Luo arrived, she was immediately surrounded.

The Fifth Elder, who had a relaxed smile, was stunned for a moment after seeing the Eighth Elder.

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