The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 1878: Chapter 1878

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Early the next morning, Kehr sent Shen Yanxiao a Deathfire Academy mentor uniform.

Shen Yanxiao's stature was pet.i.te. Although Kehr had already given Shen Yanxiao the smallest size, when Shen Yanxiao wore it, it was still a little big on her body.

Having dressed, Shen Yanxiao went to the area where she was going to teach during the afternoon.

It was a small martial arts arena. Shen Yanxiao's first batch of students was about fifty in number. Those students had arrived to the martial arts arena early and talked to each other in groups.

"I heard that the mentor who will teach us today is a low undead." An undead teenager gathered around his companions.

"It's not true, is it? Isn't the dean crazy to actually find a low undead as a mentor to teach us?" Another teenager had an astonished expression on his face. There was not a resurrected undead among the mentors in the whole Deathfire Academy. Although the Deathfire Academy had a section for resurrected undead, the number of students there was very small, and they were also being taught by high undead.

A low undead as a mentor; not to mention their Deathfire Academy, no other school had done it in the whole Howling


"It's said that the low undead was recommended by Mentor Kehr; who knows what that low undead's background is."

"Mentor Kehr? Is it possible that it was someone resurrected by Mentor Kehr? Even so, that low undead is still a resurrected undead."

"What a joke. Finding a low undead to teach us purebred undead? What is that low undead going to teach us again? Physical arts? Who knows what that is."

"Forget it. Let's just watch the bustle. In any case, those low undead dare not even lift their heads when they see us usually. Letting that fellow teach us, it's already not bad if that fellow won't wet his pants in fear."

"That's right. Haha..."

A group of undead teenagers waited in the martial arts arena with a lively att.i.tude. They did not believe that a low undead was qualified to teach them. As the first group of students to receive an education in the physical arts, they were all here just to see the unique mentor. No one really wanted to learn whatever that thing was.

After waiting for a moment, a group of students lazily chatted on the sides.

A pet.i.te figure came in from the entrance of the martial arts arena, and all the students cast their scrutinizing gazes toward the entrance at the same time.

It was an extremely pet.i.te low undead. The black dress on his body looked too broad. The rolled-up sleeves exposed a pair of delicate wrists that you could not help but want to grasp. The small gray face had a pair of clear and steady eyes. He was not very tall; every student present was at least one head taller than him.

Such a small low undead, appearing in a group of purebred undead teenagers, looked particularly eye-catching.

Various pairs of eyes stared fixedly at the figure. Curious, amused, contemptuous; a lot of complicated eyes were looking at her.

"That's the one!" One undead youth poked at his companion beside him and raised his chin.

"No way, this little one? This fellow isn't fully grown yet, right?"

"You're so stupid! For a resurrected undead, how old they were when they were resurrected is how old they will always look. I guess this fellow was just a kid when he died."

"This kid is the one going to teach us physical arts? I heard that a physical art is a fighting style that doesn't make use of death energy? Can he even fight with those little arms and legs? I feel like I can break his wrist with one hand."

All the students present could not accept the appearance of such a small mentor.

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