The Only Aura User In Magic World

Chapter 479: Arin's Side

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Chapter 479: Arin's Side

I was about to go to where Arin is, but I guess that was not necessary. It's because that Arin is being blown away to this location.

She stopped near my location, with her body laying on the ground. She's covered in blood. Her opponent must be a wind mohawk. I mean a wind element artificial master level mage.

Arin quickly stood up, and looked at me.

"He's stronger than I thought!" Arin said.

Though I didn't reply her. And it seems like this wind mage is more powerful than the previous fat mohawk I fought. Maybe I should help her.

"I'll take care of this myself. If I can't do this much, there's no point in me migrating to this world," Arin said.

Actually, there's a point for that. You helped us a lot and even willingly join us. You even gained Albert's trust, so you are very helpful. Though I didn't say that since I still pretend that I can't talk.

Wait, maybe I don't have to hide the fact that I'm not a Living Armor. The mohawks can tell that I'm just someone inside a monster. Though I won't help her much this time. She can fight however she wants.

But for now, I'll check the others first. I think the others might need my help even more. And she has some blood bag carried with her. if she lost too much blood, she can drink them.

For the vampires in this mission, we gave them the blood donated from our expert level mage so they can carry it with them. They are quite the delicacy for the vampires. So, they don't want to use them for this mission since we told them that they are free to use it however they want if they didn't drink the blood for the mission. I think they want to drink the blood later instead of during this tense situation. They prefer to savor it later.

Though after research and experiment, it's best to donate blood at most every two months. Our body needs time until we can completely recover from the loss of our blood. And that's why we need two months.

And the higher your magic level is, the faster your body can recover. So, expert level mages might only need to do it once a month or even less. But just to be safe, I still told them to just do it every two months. And I think we need to have more people to donate their blood.

As for how, we will think about it later. For now, the mission comes first.

Kayla and Jewel are fighting one mohawk. They keep attacking the mohawk to get him overuse his magic and get destroyed just like the mohawk girl I fought the first time. That's a good idea. When I asked if they need my help, they refused it and said that I need to help others who are in bigger trouble.

I looked outside a building, and see several agents, werewolves, and angels fighting two mohawks. There are no other expert level mages because they are busy with other mohawks. I need to help them.

And it's not just the mohawks who are the trouble. There are some other mages in this place. Most of them are expert level mages.

Even though our advanced level mages can hold them back, they are still troublesome since there are too many of them.

I thought that they should be going to Consenza already, but it seems like they are not going there. But if I think about it, there's a possibility that those who are going there will

be much stronger, and maybe have even more numbers than those staying behind here.

We need to be quick, so we can go back to rest before the tournament started.

When I arrive to help the werewolves fighting a mohawk, the werewolves become even more spirited. Their claws and fangs keep wounding the mohawk, until the mohawk finally die. After that, we quickly helped the angels and the agents to defeat the other mohawk. Though some of the werewolves prefer to fight the expert level mages instead. That's fine since I'm here to help.

With that, only the expert level mages remaining here. The werewolves, agents, and angels can take care of them. Though I think some of the agents died because I came too late. I shouldn't have watched the others fight, but I'm more worried about them than these agents. Sorry, but I'll make sure we complete this mission.

The other have stalled the mohawks for a long time. It seems they don't need my help, so I returned back to Arin whose head got sliced with Wind Slash on the forehead. Her brain is free for all to see.

"Tsk! I need to take the blood from the blood bag. I'm still far too weak," Arin said.

"Seems like the others have been defeated. But that's fine. I'm the strongest one left here. Once I'm done with you, I can take care of the others," the mohawk said.

There are too many mohawks here, so I can't keep calling them all mohawk or it will be difficult to differentiate. Good thing this one has a distinct feature.

This one is mohawk has unibrow. A unibrow mohawk. Unibrohawk.

Even after fighting Arin for a while, Unibrohawk is still calm. Seems like he can stay longer than the others.

Arin drank the blood from the blood bag after her head recovered. Maybe because of the quality of the blood, she seems stronger than before.

Arin shoot Blood Bullets from her finger toward the Unibrohawk. But they got blocked by his Wind Shield.

"You have gotten stronger than before. Is it the blood? But you're still not strong enough to defeat me," Unibrohawk said.

"Yeah. I need to drink more blood," Arin said. And this time, she's charging toward me.

She wants to drink my blood? Well, that's fine. She has drunk it once, just a little bit. And it makes her stronger.

Back then, when I fought the Vampire King, he also drank a drop of my blood. But it doesn't affect him much because it was too little. And Arin who drank more, received more power.

This Unibrohawk… if Arin got strength increase like the Vampire King, by drinking the blood of her fellow brethren, she can defeat him easily since she's much stronger than the Vampire King back when I defeated him. But there's no way that she would do it since she will lose her mind.

That's why, her other option is to drink my blood who is nearby. And I let Victoria to make a slight opening next to my neck so Arin can drink my blood from there.

"You're letting her drink your blood? What a kind master you are to let your tamed monster drink your blood," Unibrohawk said.

I'm not her master though. Arin is a wild vampire. Tamed by civilization of this world.

Unibrohawk just watched Arin sink her fangs inside my neck. I feel a slight pain, but it's nothing I can't endure. Just a little bit of blood. And as experimented, I can recover my loss blood faster than even expert level mage. Since the mission is about to end, I can relax after this. That's why it's fine for Arin to drink my blood.

If the mission still takes a while longer, I would refuse it and join the fight.


After drinking my blood, Arin let go of her fang and screamed. Her scream is filled with bloodthirst and I can see Unibrohawk is affected by it.

"Seems like your master's blood is different. You have become even stronger—huh?"

Before he could even notice, Arin already disappear from next to me. And she's already behind his back as she throws a punch toward him.

Unibrohawk couldn't use his magic on time to protect himself, but his body is still quick enough to block Arin's punch. But that's useless as his arms got broken from blocking her punch.

But Arin's attack is not over yet. She threw more and more punches. Her strength not just come from her body. She used the blood of me, an Aura user, to increase her attack.

And since I'm an expert at fighting close combat, her strength is much stronger than if she used the blood of the expert level mage to improve her strength. That's just our theory, but it seems like we're spot on.

Even though she became stronger when she used the blood of expert level mage, she's not a mage. She's still a close combat fighter. That's why the blood of an Aura user is much better in improving her strength than the blood from expert level mage.

"Ugh! This…"


Arin attacked the Unibrohawk with series of punches and she never stopped her attacks. It's simple, but very effective as Unibrohawk got damaged more and more without being able to cast any magic to defend himself.

Just like that, Arin won the fight.

"I won!"

"Don't be happy. If I'm not here, you won't be able to defeat him," I said.

"But I still won! How's the other?" Arin asked.

"They are… finishing their job. Seems like we managed to kill every single one of them. Let's return to where the others are."

Arin has potential to defeat artificial master level mage. But she still needs my blood for it. She has to get even stronger.. But I think she is motivated to get stronger now that she knows her strength is not enough to win against the cult.


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