The Reluctant Bride Book II

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

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‘I want to buy a dress for my mum,’ Gu Jiao Wu said.

Buy a dress? Zheng Jia Ju’s head spun. Why would someone rich like Gu Jiao Wu come to a small shop like hers to buy a dress for w.a.n.g Tu Ya? If customers were kings and queens, who was she to refuse kings and queens from buying a dress?

‘Executive Gu, do you know what style of dresses your mother likes and her dress size?’ Zheng Jia Ju asked.

‘Any style and a small dress size will do,’ Gu Jiao Wu said. He didn’t know anything about dresses, they all look the same to him. ‘I’ll leave it up to you to decide.’

‘Yes Executive Gu,’ Zheng Jia Ju said.

Zheng Jia Ju selected two of her best dresses and showed them to Gu Jiao Wu. ‘Executive Gu, what do you think about these dresses?’

‘Good, wrap both of them up,’ Gu Jiao Wu said.

Zheng Jia Ju wished all her sales were as smooth.

Zheng Jia Ju wrapped the dresses in boxes and gave it to Gu Jiao Wu.

‘How much?’ Gu Jiao Wu asked.

‘The two dresses together is 1,500,’ Zheng Jia Ju said. ‘But I’ll give you a discount. 1,200 is enough.’

‘Um,’ Gu Jiao Wu said.

Gu Jiao Wu gave the money to Zheng Jia Ju, but he didn’t leave the shop immediately.

‘Executive Gu, do you need something else?’ Zheng Jia Ju asked.

Gu Jiao Wu looked awkwardly around the small shop then he looked at Zheng Jia Ju’s stomach.

‘Are you struggling?’ Gu Jiao Wu asked.

‘What?’ Zheng Jia Ju asked. She was surprised about Gu Jiao Wu’s sudden question. ‘No, no, I’m not struggling.’

‘If you’re struggling, you can tell me and I’ll help you,’ Gu Jiao Wu said awkwardly.

Zheng Jia Ju thought about why Gu Jiao Wu would care about her welfare. Was he that free to run around and look for charity cases?

‘I’m not struggling, Executive Gu, thank you for your concern,’ Zheng Jia Ju said.

Gu Jiao Wu looked at Zheng Jia Ju’s stomach again. Zheng Jia Ju’s stomach looked as big as Tan Pan Ting’s stomach. He thought Gu Jiao Wen and the elders of the Gu Household served Tan Pan Ting like Tan Pan Ting was a G.o.ddess. In contrast, Zheng Jia Ju looked like she was a struggling pregnant woman on her own.

‘I’m leaving,’ Gu Jiao Wu said. He smiled politely and held out a business card in front of

Zheng Jia Ju. ‘If… you encounter any struggles, call this number.’

Zheng Jia Ju saw Gu Jiao Wu suddenly smile and thought he had ulterior motives. But she accepted the business card and understood.

‘Oh… Executive Gu, did Tan Pan Ting asked you to come here?’ Zheng Jia Ju asked.

Zheng Jia Ju recognised it was Tan Pan Ting’s number. Tan Pan Ting worried about her and called her often, but she didn’t talk to Tan Pan Ting about her struggles.

Gu Jiao Wu nodded his head. ‘Um, she sent me here to see if you’re OK.’

‘I’m OK,’ Zheng Jia Ju said. She didn’t want to involve Tan Pan Ting. ‘Executive Gu, tell Tan Pan Ting not to worry about me.’

Gu Jiao Wu nodded and left the shop.

In the shop, Zheng Jia Ju sighed in relief. It was a shock to have someone like Gu Jiao Wu buy dresses from her small shop. Later she was going to call Tan Pan Ting, and ask Tan Pan Ting not to send scary rich people to check up on her.

The following day, Gu Jiao Wu was driving to a work meeting. He stopped the car after he saw someone familiar standing on the side of the road, the person’s car was broken down.

‘Gu Jiao Wu?’ Li Lam asked. She pointed to her car. ‘The engine’s dead. I want to call road service, but my phone battery died too. It’s good you’re here. Can I borrow your phone?’

Gu Jiao Wu let Li Lam call road service. He was about to drive off when Li Lam ran to his car.

‘Can you drive me to my work place?’ Li Lam asked.

Gu Jiao Wu looked at Li Lam’s broken car and nodded.

‘Thank you,’ Li Lam said and sat in the front pa.s.senger seat.

‘I’m sorry for inconveniencing you,’ Li Lam said.

‘It’s nothing, what’s the address?’ Gu Jiao Wu said.

Li Lam told Gu Jiao Wu the address. ‘Before many cars past by without helping. Thank you for stopping your car and helping me.’

‘It’s nothing,’ Gu Jiao Wu said.

Gu Jiao Wu drove without looking at Li Lam. She popped a candy in her mouth and chewed. The chewing sound annoyed him.

‘I eat candy when I’m nervous,’ Li Lam said. ‘Do you want a candy?’

Li Lam offered Gu Jiao Wu the candy, he glanced at it and thought of Chu Da, four years ago…

‘Jiao Wu, I like eating candy when I’m feeling down,’ Chu Da said. ‘I feel better after eating candy. Do you want a candy?’

Gu Jiao Wu hated sweets. But he loved stealing candy from Chu Da’s mouth.

‘It’s sweet,’ Gu Jiao Wu said.

‘You’re hateful,’ Chu Da said.

Four years later, Gu Jiao Wu never got to steal candy from Chu Da’s mouth again.

‘Gu Jiao Wu…’ Li Lam called.

Gu Jiao Wu glanced at Li Lam. His heart knew Li Lam wasn’t Chu Da. Even after four years, Chu Da was still in his heart.

Gu Jiao Wu stopped the car in front of Li Lam’s work place. She got out of the car and he drove off without looking at her.

A while later, Gu Jiao Wu parked the car and noticed a candy on the pa.s.senger seat. Li Lam’s candy? What was her agenda?

Inside the building, Qiao Tan Yuan signed a contract and pa.s.sed it to the secretary. She looked at the clock on the wall, it was nearly midday. No wonder she was hungry. She stood and walked to the elevator.

The elevator doors opened, Qiao Tan Yuan entered the elevator and thought she was seeing things. Gu Jiao Wu? He wore a cream s.h.i.+rt and black pants. She didn’t know if she should walk out of the elevator or endure.

Gu Jiao Wu looked calmly at Qiao Tan Yuan. ‘Level One?’

‘What?’ Qiao Tan Yuan asked. ‘Oh… yes.’

Gu Jiao Wu pressed the level one b.u.t.ton and the elevator doors closed.

End of Chapter Eleven

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