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It’s Not Too Late to Regret It

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Chapter 1546: It’s Not Too Late to Regret It

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Zheng Yan’s whole body trembled and the following second, she suddenly dropped to her knees.

Every single person was appalled.

Including the elderly head.

His gaze narrowed slightly as he looked at Zheng Yan with a confused look.

Zheng Yan knelt down on the floor and seriously kowtowed to him.

“Old Master, I’m scared of you, I really am! I’m scared that you’ll object to me and Mo Yongheng being together, and that you’ll take my life for it. But, I like Mo Yongheng and he likes me too, although it might not be as much as my liking towards him… I’ll confess to you, elderly head. The reason we are together actually doesn’t have a lot to do with Mo Yongheng. It was me who seduced him and got him drunk. Although it didn’t work the first time… I tried another time… I don’t know how to put this either. Anyway, I don’t want to leave him. If you want to kill me, just do it. But, I promised Mo Yongheng that I’d be responsible for him. Even if you want to kill me, I can’t leave him!”

With her shaking hands wrapped around Mo Chengxian’s thighs, Zheng Yan barely managed to finish stuttering these words.

She had originally thought that upon hearing her words, the elderly head would explode in anger and have her pulled out to be beaten up to death.

It never occurred to her that he would just be stunned.

It was not just him. Everyone else in the room was stunned as well.

With his arm on his waist, Qi Yan had waited to watch Mo Yongheng become a joke but ended up seeing such a devoted confession with no regrets. His expression was of utter horror, as if he had just eaten a fly.


and throwing a tantrum, he went into Tan Bengbeng’s arms to complain.

“We were both slept with, why is it that this Mo Yongheng with facial paralysis has someone taking responsibility for him, but someone as handsome as me has none? Bengbeng, my heart is broken. Does your conscience not hurt at all?”

Tan Bengbeng couldn’t speak.

Idiot, stay away from me! 

“Don’t think that just because you said that… I’ll let you off… Do you believe that I’ll have your life taken away right now?” Mo Chengxian returned to his senses and muttered with a cold expression.

He spoke in a slow pace, which made his imposing manner even more evident.

Just the domineering aura of this long-time top leader was enough to make others shudder in fear.

Mo Yongheng was just about to speak up when he had already cast a glance over to warn him not to speak.

Then, he slowly looked down at Zheng Yan.

“Only the living have the right to talk about love… everything is lost when one’s dead… You are a clever child.”


Zheng Yan snapped into a daze for a moment and looked at the elderly head before turning to look at Mo Yongheng.

After hesitating for not more than three seconds, she stubbornly replied, “I’m not leaving. I promised Mo Yongheng to stay by his side this whole life!”

“Are you sure you won’t regret it?” Mo Chengxian’s gaze was slightly cold.

With a slight raise of his hand, bodyguards started walking in from outside.

Mo Yongheng instinctively tried to stop them from touching Zheng Yan, but before he could act, Mo Chengxian’s warning voice already sounded .

“This is the Mo Family, do you think that just you alone… can beat all of them?”

“Old Master!” Mo Yongheng’s expression changed as Mo Chengxian got his men to carry Zheng Yan out.

He was about to rush forward when a few bodyguards stood before him to stop him.

In the blink of an eye, Zheng Yan had been carried to the door and was about to be taken away…

“Wait a second!”

Mo Chengxian got his men to stop and wheeled himself forward, his gaze fixed on Zheng Yan who was shaking uncontrollably as he asked her again, “It’s not too late to regret it!”



Zheng Yan’s face turned absolutely pale and the obstinate look in her eyes did not fade away. She was just about to reply that she wouldn’t regret it when Nian Xiaomu’s voice sounded from behind her.


Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan had received news of this and hurriedly rushed over to Mo Chengliang’s villa.

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