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Chapter 38: Charm

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Chapter 38: Charm

F**k, is he teasing me?

Zhao Tiezhu was crushed. This isn’t some Elephant Swallowing Technique, it’s a prank!

Many of the warrior preparation camp members had already began digging their throats with their fingers, hoping to vomit out the Guanyin clay and wood they had just eaten.

However, it was useless. The Guanyin clay was extremely sticky. The moment it reached the stomach, it sank and coagulated. Vomiting this final block would prove difficult.

Even though the men from the warrior preparation camp had vomited out their gastric juices, only a few wood splinters came out. The Guanyin clay was still bound tightly in their stomachs.

Momentarily, the men all froze up.

“Lord Zhang, please stop joking. I couldn’t even see your movements!” said the men who were close to tears.

“How could anyone learn such a movement?”

Hearing the complaints of the warrior preparation camp members, Zhang Yuxian was indifferent. He did the twelve moves of the Elephant Swallowing Technique again. However, this time, he did it at a slower speed, allowing the people from the warrior preparation camp to see better.

But Yi Yun realized that when Zhang Yuxian lowered his speed, there was a charm lacking in his set of moves!

And it was this charm that was the crux of this set of moves!

“Let me try!” At this time, Lian Chengyu stood forward.

Lian Chengyu had already eaten quite a bit of Guanyin clay and wood.

Lian Chengyu had some perceptive ability afterall. He barely demonstrated the movements Zhang Yuxian had done. But in fact, his movements were far from correct.

Of course, only Yi Yun could tell. As for Zhao Tiezhu and company, they were full of admiration.

“Young master Lian is a man of God!”

“Wow, how could you do those moves?” Zhao Tiezhu and company began to suck up. They were truly full of admiration for Lian Chengyu. It was so astounding of Lian Chengyu.

But Zhang Yuxian looked at Lian Chengyu and said lightly, “That barely counts.”

Given this evaluation made Lian Chengyu feel a sense of defeat. The moves were too hard, and he felt it was quite impressive that he was able to mimic it.

But Zhang Yuxian only rated it as “barely counts”. His standards were too high.

Lian Chengyu always had confidence in his talent. He felt that it was not because he failed to do well, but it was Zhang Yuxian’s standard that was overly strict. Zhang Yuxian was also not generous with his praises.

At this moment, Lian Chengyu noticed that Zhang Yuxian’s gaze was focused on Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had closed his eyes as if in a daze.

Lian Chengyu sneered, having eaten so much wood and Guanyin clay, the kid’s stomach must be hurting right now.

This Elephant Swallowing Technique was so difficult, the set of movements was full of mystery. How could a twelve year

old child like him learn it? It was best that he died a painful death from a ruptured stomach!

Due to Zhang Yuxian’s high praise for Yi Yun, Lian Chengyu treated Yi Yun with great animosity.

Yi Yun was fully immersed in his own world.

Yi Yun could not be bothered watching Lian Chengyu’s movements after a while. It was because Lian Chengyu could only barely match a few of the moves. And it was those moves that Yi Yun realized lacked a certain charm!

From this point, Yi Yun realized something. He closed his eyes and began pondering.

In Yi Yun’s mind, Zhang Yuxian’s movements were repeated again and again like a movie.


After breaking through to the Meridian realm, Yi Yun’s five senses were extremely keen. Although Zhang Yuxian’s movements were quick, Yi Yun still managed to gain some insight.

Also having lived two lives, he had very high perceptivity. His eyes had been nourished by both the Purple Crystal and his meridians, making his mind’s movements of Zhang Yuxian even clearer. The outer form first came together, and slowly each move began to emit that charm.

Yi Yun realized that the Elephant Swallowing Technique was extremely mysterious.

First one had to eat hard-to-digest and impossible to excrete food. Next, they had to use this set of mysterious moves to train their stomach and intestines.

These moves, if one paid attention to the poses, would have their charm reduced.

If one wanted to reflect the charm, then the poses would no longer be accurate.

It was a mysterious set of mystic techniques!

Yi Yun began to have such a thought. He felt that the Elephant Swallowing Technique was more mystical than the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”. But why would a cornerstone skill of the Jin Long Wei be widely spread among the grassroots?

It wasn’t time to think about this. Yi Yun began to reach out his hands according to his memories.

Suddenly, Yi Yun began to move. With his eyes slightly closed, and without any sense of direction, he began to demonstrate the movements of Zhang Yuxian using the mysterious feelings in his memories.

One by one, Yi Yun’s train of thought became clearer, and his speed increased.

People who were looking at Yi Yun only saw a blur shadow of Yi Yun!

Zhang Yuxian’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Yi Yun managed to simulate a trace of the charm of the Elephant Swallowing Technique in his first practice! This had nothing to do with one’s practice or physique. Only a person’s perceptivity mattered.

The difficulty of the Elephant Swallowing Technique was its comprehension. It took Zhang Yuxian a long while to understand the charms behind the Elephant Swallowing Technique. He too had suffered eating the Guanyin clay during that period.

This kid, Yi Yun had an exceptionally perceptive mind!

As for the men from the warrior preparation camp, they were all shocked at Yi Yun’s movements. They did not understand the mystery behind the Elephant Swallowing Technique, but no matter how dumb they were, they knew that Yi Yun wasn’t doing it haphazardly. Because they too perceived an incomprehensible illusion from Yi Yun’s movements!

“This…This kid…” The men were stunned. They did not need to judge if Yi Yun’s moves were accurate. From Zhang Yuxian’s eyes, they knew they had to accept a more frustrating reality. Yi Yun could perform the Elephant Swallowing Technique!

“How could this be. This little slave born from a low caste managed to learn Lord Zhang’s movements after he demonstrated twice?” Zhao Tiezhu and company did not know how many times Zhang Yuxian had demonstrated the moves. They only saw his movements blur twice, hence they had concluded he had done it twice.

“He actually learned such a difficult move?” The members of the warrior preparation camp could not accept it. They had always been condescending, and deep down, they felt they were the ruling class of the Lian tribal clan.

But today, an inferior plebeian had climbed over their heads, suppressing them greatly.

The lifting of stone rollers, which they were proud of was worthless in the eyes of Zhang Yuxian, but they could not learn a thing Zhang Yuxian taught them.


Even the bright star of the clan, Lian Chengyu was suppressed by Yi Yun!

Lian Chengyu clenched his fists. A deep sense of anger and frustration burned in his eyes. This sense of frustration slowly turned into cold killing intent!

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