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Chapter 46: Cleared Meridians, Dragon Pulse

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Chapter 46: Cleared Meridians, Dragon Pulse

In a haze, Yi Yun saw the girl inches away from him clearly.

Her pale white skin, clear eyes, a fresh feeling emitted by her body, and a weak scholarly aura made her seem like a daughter of a big tribe.

But her clothes were not made of extremely expensive silk, but it was white linen. It was washed clean, without a spot marring it.

In the vast wilderness, this clothes were what the poor wore.

A rich kid would only wear linen clothes when an elderly relative had passed away. This was to indicate an impoverished state, also known as putting on mourning apparel.

The girl in front of him did not look like a poor kids in terms of temperament or looks; yet, she wore linen clothes.

And with her slim figure and jade like skin; after wearing the linen clothes, it gave an impression of a fairy having descended to the mortal world, hiding in the mountains.

“You…You are…” Yi Yun had doubts, this girl was definitely not from the Lian tribal clan, could she be an outsider?

Yi Yun looked at the sky and it was already late in the morning. When he entered the water, it was in the middle of the night. Did he stay in the water for a whole night?

Suddenly, Yi Yun realized something with a great shock!

He had stayed underwater for an entire night, which was beyond the capabilities of a normal person.

Although Yi Yun had been in a trance like state, but he knew that the Purple Crystal’s cool energy flow had maintained his bodily functions, allowing him to not die of asphyxiation.

The Purple Crystal was his biggest secret.

Why would this girl be at the plunge basin at this time? Did she know how long he had been in the water for?

Thankfully, the girl’s next words dispelled his worries.

“Why were you floating on the water? Were you drowning?”

Floating on the water?

It seems like when the girl appeared, he was already floating.

Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief, and cupped his fists saying, “Thank you for Miss’ saving, eh…”

Yi Yun then realized that there was a fat elder behind this girl. The elder’s head was full of silvery white hair, and did not look young. However, his skin was extremely fresh and bright. Not only did he lack wrinkles, it was ruddy.

Yi Yun thought of a phrase “red amidst white, exceptional in might” out of nowhere.

Yi Yun felt a chill. This phrase was used to describe beautiful girls, but using it to describe an old man was ridiculous.

Yi Yun realized the old man was looking at him cheekily, as if he was very interested in him.

His eyes were originally small, and his face was plump. This laugh had nearly caused his eyes to disappear, but that pair of eyes seemed to be able to see through Yi Yun.

Yi Yun suddenly had a feeling of having nowhere to hide, and that feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

Was he…able to see the Purple Crystal in my heart!

But at the next moment, Yi Yun realized he had overly worried. The fat elder’s gaze did not stay at his heart, but said with deep meaning, “Young lad, you may be young, but you have many deep thoughts!”

“Oh?” Yi Yun shivered. What did the old man mean by that?

“You were not drowning, yet you thanked us. We didn’t even save you, but you still took advantage of the situation for your benefit. Are you hiding something? Your expression seemed

to be in a panic just a while ago.”

Having said that, the fat elder smirked as if he had caught on to something.


Yi Yun’s heart skipped a beat!

At this time, the fat elder’s hand had already rested on Yi Yun’s shoulders. This made Yi Yun worried. F**k, I hate it when people pat me on the shoulders! It nearly cost him his life the last time Lian Chengyu did it!

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m not interested in the little secret your body has.” The fat elder said jovially. What a joke, as an elder of esteemed status, why would I harbor thoughts of the secret a ten plus year old child residing in a small tribal clan in the vast wilderness would have? A dysphemism would be like an emperor snatching the belongings of a small beggar.

How could that happen!

Of course, these were the thoughts of the fat elder, but in the eyes of Yi Yun, he felt the elder’s smile was…extremely wretched.

“I’m just curious…you seem to be…oh…” The fat elder’s expression changed, “You can actually reach such a level?”

The fat elder’s words gave Yi Yun a slight treble.

Things had happened to suddenly. Yi Yun had just floated up from the water only to meet this old and young duo, and had not been able to check his own physical condition. After checking, he realized his cultivation was…huh? Why is it still at the fourth level of mortal blood, Meridian realm?

His cultivation had not improved, but deep down, something was different.

“What is going on. Previously I had absorbed herbal essence from a huge pile of herbs, and with a tiny amount of desolate bones energy, I could go from a weakling to the realm of opening up my Ren Du Er Mai. Last night I had sucked dry all the desolate bones essence, and succeeded in completely digesting it. I thought I would be able to surge into the legendary Purple Blood realm, but even if I did not reach it, I should be at the peak of Qi Gatherer, but why am I stuck at the Meridians realm?”

Having finished an entire piece of desolate bone, it’s too disappointing to be still at the fourth level of Mortal Blood! This was the energy Lian Chengyu needed to break through into the Purple Blood realm.

Could my natural talent be that bad? But…what did the fat elder’s words mean, saying “actually” reach such a level?

Was breaking through to the Meridians realm an unbelievable feat for a warrior from a small tribe?

The fat elder looked with uncertainty at Yi Yun, mumbling, “Cleared Meridians, Dragon Pulse, Tempered Body, Bone Blood as One. It can’t be. This kid is born from the Cloud Wilderness, and should be from the Lian tribal clan, it would be impossible to have a Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse?”

The fat elder looked at the dull clothes and torn old shoes Yi Yun wore, and guessed his background. Even if a disciple of a big tribe had came to the Cloud Wilderness for training, they would wear linen clothes, but it would be new; it would be different from Yi Yun, who had clearly worn those for years.

“Cleared Meridians, Dragon Pulse, Tempered Body, Bone Blood as One?”

Yi Yun did not know the meaning to the fat elder’s words, but he could tell it was something good!

It seemed he had unknowingly obtained a great benefit?

“Master, you say this lad has a Tempered Body?” said the surprised young girl upon hearing the fat elder’s words.

It seemed like this assessment was something out of the ordinary!

“Yeah…if it was an elite from a family with long heritage, it is of no surprise accomplishing it. But for a young poor child in the vast wilderness to accomplish a Tempered Body is very rare!”


The fat elder could tell that Yi Yun did not know the meaning of such a state, and explained to him, “Although there are five levels to Mortal Blood, only the first four levels have anything to do with training the body. The fifth level, Qi Gatherer is an intermediary stage between Mortal Blood and Purple Blood.

“Reaching the fourth level isn’t hard, but to train to the extreme, such that every inch of body reaches the state of Tempered Body is not easy. Such a person not only has cleared all his meridians, their meridians are also stronger than a normal warrior’s. They would have a strong life force, as if there was a dragon dancing within his body! And when the tempering of the body is complete, the bones, flesh and blood are perfectly one. A strike would cause the bones and blood to shout out as one!”

The fat elder’s explanation enlightened Yi Yun. No wonder even after finishing more than half the desolate bones’ energy, he had still no improvement. All the energy was used to reach this Tempered Body state!

His improvements in his training had been fast, and Yi Yun knew the principle of haste makes waste, so having risen through the levels at those speeds might not have been a good thing!

But having accidentally gone into deep sleep underwater, he had removed any latent problems!

“Ai, your constitution is extremely normal,” said the old man as he squinted his eyes. Compared to Zhang Yuxian, his ability was much higher.

The method Zhang Yuxian had used to test Yi Yun’s talent had obtained the “talent” of the Purple Crystal.

As for this old man, he could tell Yi Yun’s true talent with his bare eyes. Yi Yun was stunned, this fat man had clearly reached the realm of opening “Heaven’s Eye”!

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