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One Point

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Chapter 2533: One Point

That paste was black and obviously contained many impurities.

Compared to the Dragonbone Grass which Gu Mao refined, one look and the quality was far worse.

But it was still refined in the end!

Ye Yuan shook his head slightly and muttered to himself with a frown: “This is affinity? Indeed really difficult!”

During the process of refining, he felt like he was in a different world from the Dragonbone Grass.

This kind of refinement, it was still his first time encountering in his life.

The products in the rule world were indeed extraordinary!

Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven was a pure world, a world on a completely different level from a small chiliocosm.

A clear distinction from each other!

When refining the Dragonbone Grass, he clearly felt a repulsive force.

Ye Yuan was thinking deeply about this repulsive force the whole time and completely did not notice the other two people’s expressions.

The expressions on Gu Mao and Tang Yu’s faces were exactly the same, both eyes becoming round circles, their mouths opening wide, practically able to stuff a fist in.

It could be seen how shocked the two people were.

“Mn? Using this expression to look at me for what? I already said, his piddling fire controlling technique is simply paltry skills,” Ye Yuan finally came back to his senses and said coolly as he looked at the two people’s expressions.

“You … You refined the Dragonbone Grass in the past before?” Gu Mao said in amazement.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “No, this is my first time refining a heavenly medicine.”

“Impossible! As an ascender, you succeeded the first time you refined a heavenly medicine? You’re taking me to be a f*cking moron!” Gu Mao jumped straight up and burst out with foul language.

Ye Yuan looked at him like looking at an idiot and said, “This is also called succeeding? Do you heavenly alchemists all have such low requirements? Makes sense. Your standards are also just like that, I reckon that the quality of your pill refinement isn’t much either.”

Gu Mao nearly spat out a mouthful of old blood. This comment was invincible!

Being despised by an ascender who refined the Dragonbone Grass into a black paste, Gu Mao’s broke down inwardly.

But he was actually unable to refute!

Under the state where his affinity did not reach three points, Ye Yuan could actually refine the Dragonbone Grass successfully. This showed how solid his foundation was!

It could be said that apart from affinity, Ye Yuan’s alchemy path strength surpassed him all-round!

Gu Mao billowed his beard and said with a cold snort, “Brat, don’t you get cocky! Without affinity, even if you have heaven-defying talent, it’s impossible to refine a true heavenly pill too! Affinity is a heavenly chasm; a heavenly chasm that you’ll never be able to cross!”

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him and asked Tang Yu, “What on earth is affinity?”

Tang Yu shook his head hard and woke himself up from shock and said, “Heavenly medicines are born from heaven and earth, and they are pre-natal items. Humans are the smartest of all life forms but are post-natal creatures. Native Heavenly Stratum powerhouses are Heavenly Stratum when born. Although they belong to post-natal too, they are closer to pre-natal than ascenders. Therefore, heavenly medicines have a stronger affinity to us.

But, ascenders ascend from the Lower Realms and cultivate step by step, attaining Dao, belong to the post-natal of post-natal.”


“Furthermore … the lower the starting point, it shows the lesser the spirit of pre-natal that one is stained with when born, and the weaker the affinity too. Looking at Big Brother’s undulation just now, I’m afraid … your affinity for heavenly medicines is less than three points!”

Talking until the back, Tang Yu felt that it was a shame too.

With a heaven-defying talent like Ye Yuan, if his affinity was sufficient, he would absolutely be an incomparably powerful heavenly alchemist.

But it was a pity, just as Gu Mao said, affinity was a heavenly chasm, blocking all heavenly alchemists outside the door.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was especially so!

Ye Yuan was not too dejected, but asked curiously, “How much is … three points?”

Gu Mao sneered and said, “Affinity has 100 points, the closer to 100 points, the stronger one’s affinity! Of course, apart from the legendary pre-natal physique, it’s simply impossible to reach 100 points. Want to become a heavenly alchemist, the worst affinity has to reach 30 points too! This old man’s affinity reached 39 points! Ordinary ascenders, the worst affinity is also more than eight points. The high ones can even reach the threshold of 30 points, becoming heavenly alchemists! As for you … huhu.”

In the last two words, Gu Mao’s mocking intent was very thick.

Tang Yu smiled bitterly and followed up, “Judging from Big Brother’s fluctuations just now, it shouldn’t surpass … three points! Of course, as for the specifics of how much, it needs to be tested by the pre-natal cloud stone. Perhaps … there’s hope of surpassing three points.”

Talking until the back, even Tang Yu himself did not believe it.

This comforting act was so fake!

He changed the topic and said, “However, Big Brother, it’s also precisely because so that you’re really hair-raisingly awesome to actually be able to refine a paste of Dragonbone Grass just now! I really can’t imagine what level your strength will reach if your affinity can reach 30, no, even if it’s ten!”

Just now, he was really shocked!

Logically speaking, Ye Yuan’s paltry affinity, forget about 100 breaths, even if it was half a breath, he would not be able to hold on either.

But he forcibly refined a paste of Dragonbone Grass.

How much strength was needed to make up for this?


Of course, it was also precisely because of this that Tang Yu felt even more pity.

Affinity was innate, it was unable to be compensated for post-natal.

Ye Yuan’s bit of affinity, no matter how heaven-defying he was, it was also impossible to become a heavenly alchemist.

One had to know, refining the Dragonbone Grass was just the basic skill of heavenly alchemists.

The process of refining heavenly pills was a thousand times, ten thousand times more complicated than this!

Without the support of affinity, it was simply impossible to refine.

“Heh, this old man has a pre-natal cloud stone here, measure it and we’ll know! If this brat’s affinity can exceed three points, this old man will remove my head and let him kick as a ball!” Gu Mao said with a sneer.

Without affinity, Ye Yuan was a piece of trash.

He knew that it was impossible for Ye Yuan to save him, so there was no need to have any misgivings anymore.

Before long, Gu Mao fetched a pre-natal cloud stone.

Ye Yuan did not refuse it either. He was also curious about his own affinity.


The pre-natal cloud stone was a cloud-shaped stone. Densely packed scale markings were on it, it was clearly used to test affinity.

He placed his right palm on the pre-natal cloud stone. In the next second, Gu Mao and Tang Yu stared dumbfoundedly in amazement.

“Mn? Why isn’t there any reaction at all? Could it be that there’s something wrong with this pre-natal cloud stone?” Ye Yuan said in puzzlement.

He placed his hand on it for a long time, but the pre-natal cloud stone did not have any activities, which unwittingly made him doubt this thing.

“H-huhu, problem? Brat, looks like I overestimated you too much! Not that the pre-natal cloud stone has a problem, but that you have the problem! Your affinity doesn’t even reach one point! Can say that you’re a complete and utter trash on the path of heavenly pills! No matter how transcendent your fire controlling technique is, it’s also impossible to become a heavenly alchemist! Therefore, stop posturing in front of this old man in the future!” Gu Mao’s expression was peculiar to the extreme.

His words were half sarcasm and half surprise.

Ye Yuan was the first whose affinity did not even reach one point among the people that he had met!

How could this not surprise him?

Tang Yu was also transfixed and said with a bitter smile, “Big Brother, where on earth did you ascend from? Among ten million ascenders, there also wouldn’t be someone like you who doesn’t even reach one point!”

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