Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband


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"It's our wedding anniversary," Lu Lijun replied.

It was totally unexpected for Jiang Yuyan. 'Wedding anniversary? What is he talking about?' 

It's the tenth wedding anniversary but this is the first one when we are together," Lu Lijun added. 

"Lu Lijun, you should stop this. I am going home now," saying she turned to leave but Lu Lijun held her hand, "You are again forgetting you said you will listen to me."

"I did till now but it's enough now."

"I have waited for this day for long. Don't ruin it. You can just accompany me thinking it's a normal outing."


"I can't…"

"If you don't think of me as your husband then what's there to bother about accompanying me or it is like you have started accepting me."

"Stop being delusional.. I won't…"

"It's a request. Stay here with me," Lu Lijun said politely, as he interrupted her.

Jiang Yuyan turned silent. She didn't know how to say no when he requested her like this. He was not the one to request anyone as he always preferred to do what he wanted and dominate others.

"But not for long," she said. 

"Hmm," Lu Lijun agreed. 

"And it's only a normal outing," Jiang Yuyan reminded him.

"Hmm," he again agreed and took her down the hill holding her hand where the arrangements were made. "Be careful!" he said as there was a mild slope.

Jiang Yuyan followed him quietly, letting him hold her hand.

Lu Lijun took her towards the table and chair arranged under the well-decorated place which lightened up with numerous decorative lights and candles. Before letting her sit on the chair, Lu Lijun let go of her hand and picked up the white trench coat, and stood behind her. 

She was surprised by it and heard him say, "It will be a bit colder soon."

She understood and was about to turn as she said, "I will do it," but Lu Lijun held her at the shoulders to stop from turning around and held the coat, "Hands."

Jiang Yuyan put her hands in the jacket and Lu Lijun turned her around again as he moved his hands to button up her coat. 

"I can do it." she tried to do it but Lu Lijun held her hand as he looked at her, "You should be happy that I am putting it on you and not

the other way round."

Jiang Yuyan quietly retreated her hands. In front of his bold words, she could only give up to not make him talk about anything bolder that ended up embarrassing her always.

Lu Lijun fixed the buttons, straightened the collar of her coat, and set her hair nicely which were moving along the light breeze just like those white clothes used for the decoration. He pulled out the chair for her to sit.

Jiang Yuyan sat in the chair and looked at the table in front which had two glasses but no liquor bottle. Those glasses seemed to have a normal juice or maybe a mocktail as they were decorated that way with a tiny paper umbrella and there was a small-sized pretty cake kept in the center along with the decorative candles. 

Lu Lijun cleared his throat and offered her one of the glasses as he said, "Alcohol is not good for you as you are still weak.

Jiang Yuyan smiled lightly hearing it and then raised her eyebrow questioningly as she gave him a mocking look, "Or is it like someone can't handle alcohol."

Lu Lijun quietly picked up his glass and said, "Well, I don't see anything special in drinking alcohol. I don't know why people are obsessed with it."


"It's special unless you don't pass out just after a small shot," Jiang Yuyan countered as she smiled teasingly. How can she let go of a chance to tease this guy who always troubled her? Finally, she found something to mock him.

Lu Lijun knew what she was doing and he was sure she was aware of everything related to him. "I can't just pass out on such an important day."

Jiang Yuyan looked at ease after she teased him and he said, "I have something for you."

Jiang Yuyan wanted to know but she didn't react as she was worried if he had something strange for her.

Lu Lijun stood up and went to the one side of the square base where one guitar was kept. He picked it up and came to his chair. 

She looked at the guitar and it surprised her. She wanted to know what is it but seeing guitar even the dumb person would understand. So he was going to sing, she concluded but when did he learn guitar. From what she knew about him, there was no mention of him learning guitar when he was in England? 

Lu Lijun pulled his chair back so that he could use the guitar comfortably and she could see him. 

"You can enjoy the drink," he instructed as he set the guitar.

She had a sip of juice and heard the guitar chords creating a light pleasant music as she heard him say, looking at her, "This is for us."

'Us?' she was not used to it. 

With the silent music, Lu Lijun started the song. (note- song "Never not" by Lauv)

[We were so beautiful]

[We were so tragic]

[No other magic] 

[Could ever compare] 

He sang so nicely that Jiang Yuyan kept looking at him and wanted to hear more. Lu Lijun, who was immersed in Guitar, finally looked at her with a meaningful gaze as he started singing next lines which were meant for her.

[There's a room]

[in my heart with the memories we made]

[Took'em down but they're still in their frames]

[There's no way I could ever forget]

[For as long as I live]

[And as long as I love]

[I will never not think about you]

[I will never not think about you]

Lu Lijun continued to sing and every word later seemed like coming from his heart and he meant it. 


Note - The song mentioned above is- "Never not" by Lauv

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